Web-based available anywhere

Web-based software is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. It can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser, reducing the need for expensive hardware and software. Additionally, automatic updates, collaborative features, and customizable and scalable design make it an attractive option for businesses and individuals. With the increasing availability of internet connectivity and web technologies, web-based software is likely to continue to grow in popularity in the future, providing flexible, convenient, and cost-effective software solutions for a wide range of users.

Web-based software is safer

Web-based software can be safer because it is typically hosted on secure, remote servers that are maintained and updated by the software provider. This allows for more efficient and effective implementation of security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security updates.Moreover, web-based software reduces the risk of local security breaches or data loss caused by hardware failures or disasters, as data is stored remotely and can be easily accessed and restored in case of an incident.

Continuous online data protection

Continuous online data protection is important because it provides a reliable backup and recovery solution for businesses and individuals. Online data can be vulnerable to various risks such as cyber attacks, hardware failures, natural disasters, and human errors. Without continuous protection, data can be lost, leading to significant financial and reputational damage. By continuously backing up data to a secure, remote server, online data protection ensures that data can be quickly and easily recovered in case of a data loss event. It also provides an added layer of security, protecting against cyber threats and other potential risks.

Find shipments and carriers

A free load board is an online platform that connects shippers and carriers, allowing them to exchange information about available loads and truck capacity. Shippers can post loads that need to be transported, and carriers can search for and bid on available loads that match their capacity and routing requirements. Free load boards are typically easy to use and offer a fast and efficient way for shippers to find carriers and for carriers to find loads, without the need for costly subscription fees or complicated software.


Web-based applications also enable real-time collaboration among users. With web-based applications, multiple users can work on the same document or project simultaneously, without the need for emailing files back and forth.

Free Transportation Management System

Dcontrol.com offers a free dispatching system that will help transport company owners simplify doing business and develop it successfully. It is possible to add the entire fleet and all employees to the system, create loads, assign them to drivers, as well as track the entire transportation process from the moment of loading the load to the final destination. It is also possible to save electronic documents and save all the necessary documents using the built-in file manager. Bookkeeping and invoicing customers using the built-in accounting module, as well as many other useful features. To learn more – press the button below.

Profiles directory

A complete list of all transportation companies in the United States, as well as other types of companies that are relevant to the transportation industry and can be useful at any time. All companies in our directory have the specified locations so it is very easy to find the right company in the right state or city.

VIN Decoder & Lookup

Planning to buy a used commercial vehicle – our free VIN decoder for commercial vehicles will come in handy. Find out if a vehicle has been in an accident, if it’s ever been recalled by its manufacturer, how often the car has been bought and sold.

License Plate Lookup

Try to find a report on the history of a commercial vehicle with a valid US license plate. Searching for license plates can be useful if there is no VIN-code of the vehicle. Find vehicle information, vehicle history report, vehicle description and other related public records.


Find the necessary goods or services, as well as create your ads for FREE in the region you need.We have on the marketplace a lot of ads for the sale of trucks, trailers, components and spare parts, as well as many other diverse products.

Report an Unsafe Truck Driver

If you observe an unsafe truck driver on the road, you can report them using our platform. Please provide a brief description of the incident, including the truck driver's license plate number or company name, the location of the incident, and any other relevant details such as the truck's make and model.

Online Document Management

Our online document management platform is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to efficiently manage their digital documents. With features such as secure storage, easy access, and collaborative editing, our platform streamlines the document management process and increases productivity. Whether you're working on a team project or simply need to organize your personal documents, our platform is the perfect solution.