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Amazon MCO1


12340 Boggy Creek Road ,
Orlando, FL, 32824


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Hours Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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Latitude: 28.3842104 Longitude: -81.3164285

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10 reviews

13 days ago
Steven Clark for Amazon MCO1
My experience with Amazon has been beyond inconvenient. The hiring process has been a nightmare because of their communication about if things are canceled or no longer available. My first shift and pre hire I signed up for was canceled due to not filling out the entire app despite doing all the steps sent to my email. It wasn’t til later I realized you must do all the step through their website. And finally after completed everything just before I’m to get info on starting etc. I reached out to them for information and they said the shift was no longer available and that there was no opening at all. All this without any correspondence from them. If did everything and y’all have my info why aren’t y’all contacting me? All this coming from a company that supposedly does right by theirs. Also, this place has zero directions for new hires to find where they are going. The parking lot is blocked off at every turn.
2 months ago
Pam Mulligan for Amazon MCO1
Amazon Prime is now offering 1/2 price memberships to: people receiving food stamps! And in addition to having FREE shipping on ANYTHING ordered...they can order food on line as well. While a senior receiving Medicaid assistance is NOT QUALIFIED for a half price prime membership. I spoke to Chole, her supervisor Kim; then Rebecca who verified with her supervisor Patrick. Go figure!! Yay Amazon!! Go for the food bucks!
4 months ago
All About Orlando Real Estate for Amazon MCO1
Unable to deliver packages in a Timely manner! Will be discontinue my Amazon account effective mediately!
9 months ago
Marta Escobar for Amazon MCO1
is my workplace
10 months ago
Atabey “AtabeyMedia” Media for Amazon MCO1
Good place to deliver but now with construction you will have to find your way to this facility it’s tricky but could be done hope they finish what ever they are doing in this area with the road construction.
a year ago
Chill sB for Amazon MCO1
As a vendor here's my experience, Cons: 1) Its easier to sneak liquids in the airport than it is here. 2) If you work for TSA you're automatically hired as security. 3) 33rd is less strict compare to here. 4) Rather wait in line in the middle of July for 2 hours for a ride in Disney than waiting to start working here. 5) To get to the front entrance you must complete a rat maze then find your way out. Pros: 1) Best Mario Cart Map 2) Good food truck
a year ago
Jasur Shermatov for Amazon MCO1
Assalamu alaykum to all my brothers. Very slow people’s work here.
a year ago
Savij_Jedi for Amazon MCO1
Good place to work for and very good benefits! I was an employee at a certain point of time. If you like fast pacing work and Long hours with three days off this is the place for you. Very good place to grow also there’s tons of opportunities
2 years ago
John Myers for Amazon MCO1
Amazon is a great place to work and I am proud to have worked with them since 2014 across multiple sites. After working for multiple employers over the years (both Logistics and other), some barriers will always ring true. However, what sets Amazon apart is their commitment to the safety of their associates, their dedication to their customers, and their ability to take input, learn from their mistakes, and constantly improve. Most companies talk-the-talk but cannot walk-the-walk. Amazon does. As of this review, MCO1 is still a new site but it is on the right track.
3 years ago
V. Amatore for Amazon MCO1
And it's BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait till it opens...

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