Beaufort County Rest Area
Beaufort County Rest Area

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5514 U.S. 17 ,
Chocowinity, NC, 27817

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Hours Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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Latitude: 35.4903624 Longitude: -77.1059578

Ratings and Reviews for Beaufort County Rest Area



5 reviews
24 days ago
Deadeye for Beaufort County Rest Area
The place was clean but the employee had no business coming into the bathroom with us in it and then wanted argue when we said something about it. Unprofessional
a month ago
Javad Khalesi for Beaufort County Rest Area
I came from Florida, and here stop at 11 pm , there was only one other car! Clean , bright, and spacious! Thank you North Carolina!
3 months ago
Richard Right for Beaufort County Rest Area
The architecture of this rest stop is no accident. It was built with “hurry up and be on your way” in mind. The landscaping is beautiful as is the building itself. Not to much here, bathroom, a few vending machines, and places for your dog to stretch out. Napping for any length of time is impossible unless you are really really tired. There is absolutely NO shade during the day. All the trees planted are low growing and scattered about. Even the building and 2 covered picnic tables are designed and positioned in such a way they don’t cast shadows that far out from the position they stand in. Encouraging people to eat or relax for a while in a sunny sunny day is something they are obviously trying to avoid. The real genius is at night. They have low and high lamp posts. These posts are set in spots to create the feeling of daylight. It is very very bright. The thing you need to admire is the WAY they are placed. These lights were specifically put in such a way so that at night, with all the wonderful illumination, there is ABSOLUTELY no spot to get away from it. I tried. Used my best math skills to outwit them. No matter how you face your car, or where you park, (even in the truck lanes) can you escape it. I even tried covering up my windows, one side than the other. You would literally have to cover ALL the windows otherwise it seeps in brighter than sun light. What gets me is, don’t OUR tax dollars pay for this? Shouldn’t we be able to utilize the facility as OUR needs require? Within reason of course. Why spend all this to make such a grand rest area on a rarely used highway just to “get ‘em in and get ‘em out”. Let the people who paid for it use this beautiful park like area for a little more than a piss. It just scares me that persons in power would plan something so insignificant and all the while be thinking how to get people to use it as little as possible. Here’s your tax dollars at work folks!
7 months ago
Xenon Dominate for Beaufort County Rest Area
Oh. My. Goodness! They keep this place so nice, clean and friendly to visit on road trips! We usually stop every time either driving to or from Pawleys Island, SC! Thanks for keeping the place amazing! -Ethan
2 years ago
Michael J for Beaufort County Rest Area
Beautiful rest stop. Plenty of space here. Well maintained law and picnic tables. There are some vending machines. Clean bathrooms and separate family room. Water fountains.

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