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Belleville Rest Area

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Belleville, MI, 48111

+1 517-373-2090

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Latitude: 42.2201421 Longitude: -83.5195707

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Ratings and Reviews for Belleville Rest Area



10 reviews

a month ago
Kay Shain for Belleville Rest Area
It's a 50/50 chance if this rest area is clean. I have been here on my trips back and forth from where I live to doing and visiting things and people from the area of where I use to. This is a stop (lol) before I make that couple hour drive home and I have seen it clean and I have seen it where I rather find a place in the woods to go. The sign on the door that reads no pets allowed should read enter at your own risk. To be far though when it is clean it is nice. So hopefully when you stop you are stopping on a good day! I wish you luck, happy and safe travels !

3 months ago
Elizabeth Hotham for Belleville Rest Area
Most definitely approached by a creep while I was standing near the picnic table smoking and stretching my legs. When asked for the second time "Are you sure you're ok? You have everything you need?" I made it clear that I was not interested in his proposition and I continued minding my own business. He went to his vehicle (gold colored GMC Envoy type of vehicle, roughly about 10-15 years old) but he did not leave. I did not leave, he had not had a chance to see my license plate and I wasn't giving him the chance. He sat in his vehicle staring at me, so I started taking pictures of him. I headed to get pictures of his license plate, as I was taking pictures he got out of his vehicle and came back over to me. This time asking "how many lumens?" I replied "it's a camera, not a flashlight" we exchange a few words. I made him aware I was taking his picture because he was creeping me out. He quickly walked back to his vehicle and drove away. I did not pull off immediately, as I needed to gather my bearings and again I was not giving this creep a chance to get behind me if he decided to pull on the shoulder of the freeway. A gentleman across the road approached me asking what was going on and if I was ok? I told him about the entire exchange. He said this guy has been targeting this rest stop however he was known for approaching men. I was also told her drives a burgundy colored SUV from time to time. I'm going to try to attach a few pics I have. From behind, I could understand his confusion however once he saw my face and heard my voice, there's no denying I'm a female. I intentionally dress a certain way when I'm working alone at night.

4 months ago
Laurie Bartlett for Belleville Rest Area
Nice and clean. There was a guy in a neon yellow shirt hanging out near the entrance facing the parking lot. Sitting in the bushes pretty much. We thought it was strange

4 months ago
John Alexander for Belleville Rest Area
Stop at this rest area about 3 times a week, in the mornings. It has been nice and clean every time. Sometimes the parking is full, but that is rare. Thank you for the cleanliness. God is good!

5 months ago
Ravi Gill for Belleville Rest Area
Nice rest area

2 years ago
Kristopher Lowes for Belleville Rest Area
So disappointing that during the middle of this Covid pandemic when we are told to wash our hands with soap regularly by medical and state officials, that Michigan rest areas never have working or full soap dispensers. I just used the south men's washroom and 1 out of 4 soap dispensers worked, and that's even being generous to say it worked. Disguising.

2 years ago
Steve Dealy for Belleville Rest Area
I stopped, I peed, I left. No zombies, dinosaurs or space aliens. Makes for a perfect Rest Area. PS Please wash your hands after.

2 years ago
Lyle Mulholland for Belleville Rest Area
If your looking for a place to rest than this place is as good as any. Toilet paper is a little thin

2 years ago
C. Anderson for Belleville Rest Area
Seemed to be well kept. Vending was stocked and the grounds were spacious enough to get out of the truck and take my 4 legged friend to the pet section to get some fresh air and exercise. Be sure to pick up after you pets it helps everyone. Thank you

2 years ago
Judi Hunter-Roberts for Belleville Rest Area
It was probably the cleanest I've seen the rest area in decades. A bit warm and people were not wearing masks however; the sign posted was not visible on the opened door.


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