Blumberg & Associates - Phoenix Criminal Attorney

Blumberg & Associates - Phoenix Criminal Attorney

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3600 North 19th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ, 85015

+1 602-277-6180

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Ratings and Reviews for Blumberg & Associates - Phoenix Criminal Attorney



10 reviews

“Bruce Blumberg” I cannot express the gratitude I have for him and team. He is a lawyer that I would recommend in a heartbeat. I am forever in debt with Bruce. He has help me with my brother, husband and brother in-law and other family members. There are no words that can describe how professional, well knowledge and educated when it comes to Criminal law. Bruce is worth every penny, and I can vouch for it as he has help me and my family. In my brother’s case I let Bruce down and regret it every day. If I could bring back that time, I would make sure that he got what he deserved, but unfortunately when you are a family and others let you down, you cannot get out of the debt alone. I am embarrassed for the situation, but Bruce ended up and completing the case for my brother regardless of the situation we were in. I am very grateful for what he has done. Other lawyers would have dropped this case and Bruce with the kindness of his heart kept fighting for my brother til the end. My husband has been with Bruce since his teenage years. He has helped him in all his prior cases and is currently completing a case for him on a DUI charge. My husband had 9 counts and has ended up with 2. When your family is need of justice to be served Bruce will be the first person I would recommend. If anyone needs a lawyer “Bruce Blumberg” is the man that knows his laws. I love that when you’re explaining the situation, he is very calm. I always say he is calm because he knows his laws. Again, thank you Bruce for all you do in defending the rights of a person in the justice system. Josephine Angulo
Mr. Bloomberg was very kind and knowledgeable. A very decent man and an excellent professional.
BRUCE BLUMBERG MADE THIS HAPPEN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 35 YEARS Bruce is a highly educated and experience legal professional. Bruce did a fantastic job!! I was charged with 11 felonies of fraud that were dismissed and one felony for vulnerable adult abuse which was dismissed with prejudice ( which means I can never be charged with this again ). This was the first time in 35 years that a prosecutor had dismissed charges with prejudice before going to trial. Bruce is the attorney you need !! Rod Massengale
It took awhile to be able to write this as my head is still spinning because of the trial we just went through. I tried hard to find words that would do justice to Mister Bruce Blumberg professionalism, character, care , experience but it wouldn't describe it at it's true value. For 6 years Bruce Blumberg fought for me and my family when I wasn't even putting up a fight anymore. Not only that he protected us , but he made sure he protected our rights , our lives , our privacy , our peace of mind in times of chaos and uncertainty. It's impossible not to admire, adore and be humbled of his genuine care he has for every case. We thank God every day he put Bruce in our lives and he is forever in our prayers. There are other lawyers out there but you are mistaken if you think they can obtain the same result as Mister Bruce Blumberg or have the same results as him. Do some research and you will find that he is truly the best. Throughout our case he constantly amazed us with all the knowledge , calm and devotment for our best interest , which we couldn't be any more grateful .He constantly looked into our best interest! Always ! No matter how complicated your case is , no matter how hard it seems to navigate through it , leave it to Bruce to make it as smooth as it can be and know you are on good hands. If anyone can bring peace of mind that is Bruce Blumberg because you will just know and feel you are on the best hands possible. I am forever in debt to Bruce as I feel the outcome he has gotten for us is priceless. If anyone around me ever needs a lawyer ( God forbid ) I always send them to the best that is , Bruce Blumberg. Thank you Mister Bruce Blumberg for putting up with me for so long and for fighting for us so hard. We will continue to show our gratitude and appreciation through out the years.
Without a doubt Bruce Blumberg with his knowledge and expertise, proved my friend's innocents beyond what anyone could imagine. My girlfriend was completely innocent of a crime she did not commit and for 6 years Bruce stood by her with complete confidence and supported her through the hardest time of her life. I became very close to Bruce as well as he was able to assist me in understanding what was going on as my girlfriends second language was English and sometime language became a barrier. Bruce is truly a gift and I would highly recommend him to absolutely anyone. Since the trial has ended and I have returned to Canada, I have told everyone how remarkable this man is and I wish that we had more lawyers like this in our country that fought for the justice of the innocent. Thanks again Bruce for supporting my friend and standing beside her all the way. I look forward to watching her find herself again and begin to live.
Bruce Blumberg has been my lawyer for numerous cases.once at the end of a trial the sheriff that walked me from holding cell to courtroom told me when your lawyer raised his arms in the ending statement i thought lightning bolts where going to shoot out his arms we hung the jury 10 my side 2 there side. the AG droped the case
The best of the best! Used him 8 years ago and still send referrals his way, I guess word got out that I know the best lawyer in AZ. Not only is he great in and out of the courtroom but he knows all the right people. If your looking for the best lawyer stop looking you've found him. Read all the reviews. Check the 1 stars they are fake. He is 5 star A++. You will not find a better lawyer I can tell you that!
If you need an attorney for any reason, I highly recommend Mr. Blumberg.
2 years ago
Telsah-Marie Kaufmann for Blumberg & Associates - Phoenix Criminal Attorney
I’ve never felt more important and felt so taken care of before I’ve met Bruce and his team. During these times you tend to shut yourself down and feel lost, not once did I felt as if I was just a dollar in there pocket or another number. They’ve constantly shown how much they care about me and situations whether big or small. Bruce has not only shown me the great man he is however the amazing measures he would take to protect his clients. I can’t thank him enough for the countless hours he’s invested in making sure I’m okay. Thank you again Bruce!
Let me tell you from the beginning of the case tell the end of their case I was well informed. Bruce was one of the most professional attorneys I've ever worked With. If you're looking for quality and professionalism and the best you've got it right here in Bruce Blumberg.

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