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Grover Cleveland Service Area

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12 reviews

8 days ago
Jeffrey Brozoskie for Grover Cleveland Service Area
Good place to stop for a quick bite to eat. Very nice and very clean and staff is very nice and polite you can also get fuel for your vehicles they have all types including diesel. Keep up the good work five stars all the way.
25 days ago
eunjoo park for Grover Cleveland Service Area
Newly updated few years ago, still in great condition and well maintained!
2 months ago
John B for Grover Cleveland Service Area
I want to give credit where it is due. The custodian maintaining the bathrooms there is awesome. He was trying to be helpful and the bathrooms were spotless. I appreciate his hard work!
3 months ago
Nehal Ahmed for Grover Cleveland Service Area
It's one of the smaller service areas on the NJ Turnpike, just before Exit 12. It's neat and clean, bathrooms are also well maintained. There's a Popeye, a Pizza store, Starbucks and a convenient inside the building. Compared to other service areas, I found this one relatively less crowded.
4 months ago
nic bocci for Grover Cleveland Service Area
first time in a very long time and clearly they renovated and making you pay for it in pricing; so ridiculously overpriced. and the only lottery was machine. if you don't have right amount of cash for the lottery machine the staff cannot help you make change unless you buy something. it wasn't worth it to buy an overpriced item just to play $2 lottery. i left and played lottery elsewhere. other than that it was clean although i dk about bathrooms, didn't use them.
5 months ago
Nicole M for Grover Cleveland Service Area
Clean and spacious. The Starbucks is good with competent crew members. Bathrooms are kept up nicely. More healthy-ish food items than many rest areas and a good selection of beverages to grab and go.
5 months ago
Ethan Silver for Grover Cleveland Service Area
When I usually come to NYC from Atlantic county I usually stop at cheesequake on the parkway and that is a big mistake. Cleveland is much bigger, nicer and most importantly CLEANER! Smaller food selection then some service areas I have seen but not bad either. I am deducting a star because of the smaller food selection. I would like to have seen another restaurant like Sbarro or Pret.
a year ago
Angela Thomas for Grover Cleveland Service Area
The place was okay and the service was good BUT the Popeye’s chicken was cold and we’d already pulled off before realizing it.
a year ago
Christopher Priebe for Grover Cleveland Service Area
You pay for the convenience of staying on the turnpike. If you were expecting spotless bathrooms and white glove service perhaps you should seek the help of a psychiatric professional.
a year ago
George Trapp for Grover Cleveland Service Area
Convenient for where it is, only. Tourist trap prices, though. Aplus store had no change of a $20 bill, buying a drink that was a dollar and change domestically was over 2 dollars, went to the middle kiosk for same drink from the place that could break a $20, it was more than 3 dollars. Familiar chain takeout restaurants also overpriced. 2 pretzel dogs at Auntie Anne's came to $9 and change. Only thing that wasn't gouging was the fuel.
a year ago
PAUL RITZ for Grover Cleveland Service Area
Easy access from the Turnpike. The food, fuel, and sundries are convenient here. It's my fuel stop for rental car return to EWR. Close to airport so fuel gauge stays on the Full mark to rental car return.
a year ago
cosmin badalau for Grover Cleveland Service Area
I am coming here every other day... bathroom is always dirty... in the parking always smells like pee... when they built it I was hoping for better... I am coming only cos I can do diesel easy... the rest is trash

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