TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis

Peterbilt of St. Louis, TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis

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2350 Sauget Industrial Parkway ,
Sauget, IL, 62206

+1 618-337-4000

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Hours Monday: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: 12:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM
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Latitude: 38.5691183 Longitude: -90.1319968

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Ratings and Reviews for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis



10 reviews

7 days ago
Timothy Hunt for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
Great place to get your electronics stolen .I had my GPS and radar detection in my laundry bag full of clothes and they went through everything and took the electronics
18 days ago
Tan Hollywood for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
After consulting with my dearest friend & family about my review I have concluded my business acumen and reputation is far more precious than my employment experience here. However, I am entitled to speak of my experience truthfully and noone can tell it better than myself. It is unfortunate that one employee can be so condescending, pretentious and toxic energy. The 100% facts are I ignored the Monday mornings blues and every other day of the week don't speak pettiness from this employee. However, when I heard her on more than one occasion say to someone loudly on her cell phone that she has to train someone new for my position It concerned me as I felt threatened with my job. (It's like she intended for me to hear her) Therefore, I called the recruiter immediately to express my concerns about her comments & behaviors. The recruiter was super positive and encouraged me to hang in there because she was informed I was doing a great job which is the same thing I was told. Allow me to add this is the same person who approached me and said, ' Only If she likes the person they get to stay as a worker, same person who asked me how much I make hourly (which is a question you never ask anyone) the same person who said she doesn't like the general manager niece cause she never comes to work and gets to do what she wants to do (I never knew they were even related) the same person who said the general manager doesn't like women in authoritative positions. Here is the KICKER, I heard her tell the general manager he could bring the scanner back into her office if I was going to earn wages close to her earnings. I was called into a meeting with the new manager over the admin team as the general manager sat in. I was offered a position to stay, I requested a few dollars more but made it very clear if Corporate doesn't accept it I'm OK with that. Keep in mind this meeting was "AFTER" I heard her say she has to train someone for my position. Goes back to the comment no one gets to stay at Peterbilt if she doesn't like them. Reviews are not always due to a disgruntled former worker. Employers need to know this stuff. The "Code of Conduct issue with this person needs to be addressed. (She needs to watch a video asap) funny how the new admin manager & this person in topic shares the same office. No telling what else was said....experienced people must speak up. Besides accounting, accounts payable, marketing & customer service is a walk thru the park for me. KUDOS to the brand of Peterbilt itself, Robert, Billy, Steve, Randy, Jordan and Brad (cool dudes). I'm not a fake person and being away from this toxic person is what's best. The new admin manager IS A JOKE!
2 months ago
Lisa Sammons for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
Lazy mechanics on 3rd shift. I was told I needed a sensor at midnight. Mechanic puts it in 1.5 hours later. At 3am, they are gonna Regen my tractor. They didn't do a Regen til 5am. They hid in the parts room all night. 2nd shift works the same pace. Part 2 A boss called me yelled at me for giving their shop ⭐. He yelled at me to change it. Then He confessed they rigged up a connection because they didn't have the part. Your mechanic gets 5 starts for his talent of getting a 12 volt charger plug stuck behind a dash panel. He could at least got it back out.
3 months ago
Bryan Farmer (DIESEL) for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
Not impressed with this place, sat here 7.5 hrs to get 6 inch cut off exhaust stack, then dropped truck off to have ac checked hadbtruck for 2 days and didn't even touch it.. whats the use in having a appointment if they can keep it.. hoping their O'Fallon MO. Location is better
4 months ago
Polar Trucking for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
Had an anti-freeze leak 20 miles away. Everyone was great from the lady on the phone who helped us decide if we could do roadside or drive it in. We ended up being able to drive there. Professional and efficient. Like the system which emails you the status of your work order. We used the driver's lounge with our dogs and they had an area to walk dogs in nice grass. They have a washer and dryer (got 2 loads done). They also had showers which we didn't use but they looked clean. From the time of the issue until we were on our way again, about six hours. Considering everything, very happy with time frame and cost.
2 years ago
Kenneth Thomas III for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
All your parts and service in the STL area.
2 years ago
allan schwarzkopf for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
Just like any dealer. Wait 3hrs n cost outrageous for something as easy an airbag. Only plus, was a mile from where I unloaded
2 years ago
Tim Rutledge for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
Awesome shop. Nice driver's lounge clean showers.
2 years ago
Alim Ilyazov for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
I ordered Legacy seat from them, they finally called me after 30 days saying ur seat is here and I asked well can I bring my Brand New 2020 original Peterbilt seat that have newer been used to get credit for the new seat and was told Yes just bring it in out Manager will have to look at it and give you a price So when I came in to the store their parts manager didn’t even came out of his office and instead told his co worker go look at it and tell him will give him $200 for it This Peterbilt seat in their store $950 plus got to be special ordered And also the seat I ordered wasn’t in the box it was in their display where anyone can try it out Bad experience I DID NOT buy the seat I’ll take my business somewhere else where they care about their customers
2 years ago
Alexander Supertramp for TLG Peterbilt - St. Louis
Awesome place. Very trucker friendly and accommodating.

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