Lineage Logistics

Lineage Logistics

Preferred Freezer Services, Lineage Logistics


2357 South Wood Street ,
Chicago, IL, 60608

+1 (773) 268-3400

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Hours Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Latitude: 41.8490156 Longitude: -87.6692961

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Ratings and Reviews for Lineage Logistics



23 reviews

a month ago
Old Man for Lineage Logistics
It can be a little tight in the lot,but they’re good people and they’ll get you loaded and on your way. I was there on 2/9/23 at 1100 for a 1700 loading appointment and was loading and out of there by 1400.

4 months ago
Mark D for Lineage Logistics
Arrived at noon for a 6pm appointment. Didn’t get a dock until 2am and was loaded at 6am. 18hrs in this dump. Hard to rest with trucks and reefers noise all around u in and out.

4 months ago
amarjit singh for Lineage Logistics
Should be out of business, they are problems for road safety, they makes drivers very late for loading. Which causes driving rush to be on time for delivery.

6 months ago
Nypudy for Lineage Logistics
Arrived 10 am for 11:00 am appt, checked out 19:30 pm. It’s sad, because it was facilities fault they overloaded me with 52000 lbs, handed me my paperwork at 14:00 pm saying you’re all set. I started to counting my weight, because it was 20 different pages. Ended up with 52k. Than waited till 18:00 pm till they unload me. Funny and tragic. So if you want to lose another day, be ready to get your delivery rescheduled and be on hold with broker all day. Joe the supervisor was nice, he gave estimate of an hour of unloading me, but it took three. I guess all of them there can’t count

8 months ago
David Fendley for Lineage Logistics
One of the fastest places ive been to. They took me an hour early. Simple delivery. Load paid good. Friendly Bears fans. I didnt tell em Im a steelers fan..🤣🤣might have been here all day....tha bearz...🤣👍🏻💯👍🏻oh and once your done go to the back and you can chill on the road till you get set to roll out.

a year ago
Patryk Rzeszotko for Lineage Logistics
Bad place! I had to wait 6 hours !? IN THE OFFICE SAID THAT I HAVE TO WAITING 1-3H because printer shut down! This place is awful! NOBODY DOING ANYTHING!

a year ago
Grzegorz Rz for Lineage Logistics
Bad place ! I waiting a few hours. Nobody is doing anything!

2 years ago
AndriiAndrii for Lineage Logistics
fast loading ))) frendly workers

2 years ago
Wilfredo Estrada for Lineage Logistics
Good place look responsible. Very quick access considerong the snow. Just Rodd it two of there bathroom floor drains.

2 years ago
Jason sidler for Lineage Logistics
Almost no yard spots. If you have multiple po's be prepared to enter ALL OF THEM in fact you have to.

2 years ago
JOEY A for Lineage Logistics
Fast pick up..less than an hour 1/2

2 years ago
Corey Smith for Lineage Logistics
Best cold storage facility in the US!! Fast loading no problem extremely clean bathrooms and a very professional staff

2 years ago
James Barnett for Lineage Logistics
Drivers check in by computer, they get you in and out at a reasonable.

2 years ago
Jeka EF for Lineage Logistics
03.04.20 Pickup Parking Yes little parking space, but a lot of space between the trucks at the docks Appointment 18:00 Check in 16:00 Door. 20:00 Out time 00:30 💩👎(my delivery 1:00am with 1h 10 min driving) ........................... 05.28.20 Pickup Appointment 17:00 Check in 11:45 Door 17:03 Start working 18:21👎 Out time 19:33

3 years ago
Robert C. Russell for Lineage Logistics
Arrived at 14:00, appointment time was for 18:00. Sat till 22:40 waiting for a door. Finished loading at 00:15, got paperwork at 00:25, Pathetic! There is absolutely no reason why I had to wait so long after my appointment time!!!

3 years ago
Petru Onica for Preferred Freezer Services
Make sure they secure your load!cause they didnt secure mine! It was 2 load bars inside of my triler! I didn’t now about if they secure my load or not cause they open the door inside and they are closing them also from inside and they put a seal!

3 years ago
Macy Bybee for Preferred Freezer Services
I had an appointment at 1400, got there at 1326, was put into the dock at 1547, the green dock light turned red indicating that they had started unloading me at 1943, they had me unloaded and the green dock light back on by 2036 and was being called to come get the paperwork at 2055. So the good thing is I only had to wait 30 minutes for an 8/2 split and I didn’t have to fool with rush hour traffic in Chicago. They have friendly staff and nice facilities available to drivers.

3 years ago
grawolf71 popit for Preferred Freezer Services
Be careful here just got loaded competed right at closing. Put on 39000 19 pallets. they don't know how to load a truck steer axel 12600, drives 38770, trailer 25780. Tandems slid all the way forward.

3 years ago
James Roberson for Preferred Freezer Services
Perfect love coming here, staff very helpful and polite. Christian helped me a lot. Tell him thanks. Hope to come back soon.

3 years ago
Manuel Martinez Lopez for Preferred Freezer Services
Is a good place, the people is friendly they help truck drivers whith any cuestion. Is good .

3 years ago
salah abdallah for Preferred Freezer Services
Very nice and professional staff. Clean restrooms and drivers lounge is clean with a variety of vending machines. Christian was also extremely professional and made the wait delighted, also kept me informed of the time lines. Thank you for the great work Christian.

3 years ago
OTR Trucker for Preferred Freezer Services
There are a bunch of frozen and refrigerated warehouses in this neighborhood in Chicago just south of Blue Island. Most are older and are built on the street with no parking, limited staging and a very tricky back into the docks. This one, however, looks like they tore down a chunk of old neighborhood and built a new modern warehouse. They have a medium sized parking and staging area and a pretty easy back into the docks. Took about three hours to get me unloaded.

4 years ago
Bassel Khatib for Lineage Logistics
It's not bad no overnight parking there is a gate


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