Sapp Brothers
Sapp Brothers

Weight Stations Truck Repair Shops

1913 Lacy Drive ,
Junction City, KS, 66441

+1 785-238-1600


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Hours Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Categories gas_station

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10 reviews

a month ago
Juanita Hernandez for Sapp Brothers
Lots of gas pumps. Friendly service. Their bathroom is very interesting. It has a Binet. I have never seen one or used one. Photos Included in this review! It washes and dries and has a seat warmer. Lol. They have an A&W inside their stop. Have some minor shopping with some cool stuff. Magenta. Trinkets. Charging necessities. Shirts. Homemade jellies. It’s always more fun to stop at these kinds of places versus regular gas stations. Currently waiting on our root beer floats as we head to Iowa for work!
a month ago
Claire Gager for Sapp Brothers
Amazing customer service and nice clean place. Was feeding baby in aw root beer place and they delayed cleaning because they didn’t want the baby to be exposed to the sprays. So sweet! The bathrooms are very cleaned and well stocked! The cheese curds are amazing 🤩
2 months ago
Mrs. “Bae” A for Sapp Brothers
Nice truck stop. It's very clean and nice customer service. They have a nice amount of food to pick from. As far as the hot food go. That's another story. Don't get the chicken if it didn't just come up. Hard as a brick. But there sausage on the stick was pretty dang good. With the choice of regular or jalapeno and cheese. I know it's a gas station. But there is a such thing as to much food cook at once and holding time's on the food. And Im pretty sure they went over both.
2 months ago
Jason Smith for Sapp Brothers
Nice clean warm showers. The shop was really good as well. Will stop in again for sure. Only down fall is that it's small.
4 months ago
Duncan G. Clark for Sapp Brothers
A pleasant island to visit while driving cross the state. Clean and quick, happy employees!
a year ago
Samantha Pineo for Sapp Brothers
Hands down the best car wash in town! The gentleman that prepped my car was very kind and did an excellent job 👍🏻
a year ago
JCMotoGp for Sapp Brothers
Always good experience and friendly staff. Has the cleanest bathrooms around. Also affordable power inverters 3000 watts
a year ago
Courtney Smith for Sapp Brothers
Stopped in to use the restroom and was genuinely blown away! Incredibly clean...They had a bidet system 😳 and all the small touches like a foot hook to open the door after washing your hands, full length doors and a button to push if cleanliness wasn’t up to standard. Plus the sweet lady cleaning opened the door for me! What a surprise! Cleanest gas station bathroom I’m ever been in!
a year ago
Tim Raper for Sapp Brothers
Great coffee 5 stars. Immaculate bathrooms
a year ago
Mark A Cherpak for Sapp Brothers
Clean place. Adequate parking. Interior nice and clean. Friendly staff. I recommend parking and resting here.

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