Molly Pitcher Service Area
Molly Pitcher Service Area

Service Area Plaza Company Rest Areas

New Jersey Turnpike ,
Cranbury Township, NJ, 08512

+1 609-655-4330


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Hours Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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Latitude: 40.3212159 Longitude: -74.4880283

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10 reviews

a month ago
Sean Cleary for Molly Pitcher Service Area
Mary Ludwig Hays was a woman who fought in the American War of Independence at the Battle of Monmouth. The woman behind the Molly Pitcher story is most often identified as Hays, but it is likely that the legend is an amalgam of more than one woman seen on the battlefield that day. Also, very clean restrooms.
2 months ago
Matt Archer for Molly Pitcher Service Area
It's a rest area in NJ. Not much can be said about it. A place to park and clean restrooms. Wish the people that worked at the food services were a bit nicer.
3 months ago
Anthony Futrell for Molly Pitcher Service Area
4 months ago
Leeta Law for Molly Pitcher Service Area
Standard service area. This one had a good handful of food options available and a couple shopping options. Bathrooms had plenty of stalls. Very crowded. Wished the doors were automatic so a million people a day didn't touch the same door handle. No green space really at all, a scant patch to let your dog pee in if need be.
4 months ago
Van Jones for Molly Pitcher Service Area
Just a rest stop
a year ago
Lydia Main for Molly Pitcher Service Area
Wide variety of vendors. It was crowded but the service was good and the food topical fare. Good to get out and walk.
a year ago
Meredith Wendt for Molly Pitcher Service Area
Always clean easy to get in and out with a quick bathroom break and then a snack! It's the "meeting" place between Philly and LI. Have been picking my nephews up there for 20 yrs since their parents divorce. Always a 1st stop on our road trips down south!
a year ago
Elana Stanger for Molly Pitcher Service Area
If you need to rest, stop here. Eat something. Chill out. Then, later, you may get back on the road when you are ready... as a happier and more fulfilled person!
a year ago
Rashmin Dave for Molly Pitcher Service Area
This service stop is on I-95 south and very convenient and close to exit. There is some road work going on so one side is closed right now. Service center is very clean and busy. It has lot of shops and restaurants and Starbucks. Restroom is big and clean. Seating are is outdoor and inside too. There is different space for bus parking and cars.
a year ago
Tabatha Kohler for Molly Pitcher Service Area
Great food, great service and such happy go lucky people when I visited. They even had a section of free pamphlets of places to visit in the area. So I grabbed one a year ago. I want to visit this location again. I rather enjoyed the people and the food.

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