The Home Depot

The Home Depot


751 Horsham Road ,
Lansdale, PA, 19446

+1 (215) 393-8180

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Business details for The Home Depot

Hours Monday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
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Latitude: 40.2472656 Longitude: -75.2397963

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Ratings and Reviews for The Home Depot


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10 reviews

11 months ago
ঘুরি ফিরি খাই দাই (Local Guide) for The Home Depot
Bought several items. The delivery man make my dryer a big scratch. And my Fridge is loud noise every half hour. The wheel was broken when they delivered so technician has to come and fix it but he couldn’t fix loud noise. In 48 hours I made complaint for exchange now they are playing. Best return and exchange I will suggest best buy or Costco. If you buy something with this guys if it is not good you have to keep it. And this is my last time purchasing from home depot. One time business be happy

a year ago
Sam Bower for The Home Depot
I do prefer home depot but the app is not in sync with the store and items are not where they say they should be!

a year ago
Diann Tyler for The Home Depot
I had placed an order for curbside pick-up. I arrived and entered my information and parking space, etc. After a little while, a gentleman who is an employee was walking to his car at the end of his shift and asked if I was waiting for my order. He said he wasn't sure they'd heard it and he turned around, went back into the store, and came out with a cart with my order!!! I am sure he would have rather gone straight home after his shift, but he took the time to provide exemplary customer service. His name was John at the Montgomeryville store; they are so lucky to have him on their team! He ensured that I'll be a loyal Home Depot customer!

a year ago
Paul Costanzo for The Home Depot
This is the worst Home Depot store. Staff don't know the Store Maganer's name, don't know if he/she is in the store, don't know store policies, and the Building Dept has no idea what they are talking about and no idea how to order building supplies. Use any other Home Depot if you want customer service and reliability.

a year ago
Shakeeta Purdie for The Home Depot
My husband is a contractor. He frequently shops this Home Depot for supplies as well. I also wish I could give this store higher marks. Generally he has no complaints. I was on the phone with him as the below unfolded. Awkward to say the least. Today he encountered a very rude and unprofessional cashier. She negatively processed a return, and told my husband that what he was returning was not found in the store (basically accusing him of trying to return another store merchandise to Home Depot.) he had to correct her and identify the item was sold in the store isle 31 and they had 13 of the exact some item in stock. Of course a person knows where they purchased an item from. She then proceeded to rescan and process the return. She said Oh’ and proceeded to process the return. This was today at around 8:45am. Great customer service should be the minimum you expect. Hoping no one else has the same negative experience he had.

2 years ago
Dr. Allen Conrad for The Home Depot
Good staff. People go out of way to help you at this location which is great. Some other spots you have to walk around for ten minutes until you can find someone to ask a question. Was able to find what I was looking for and they had it in stock which was great also. Recommend this ovation due to the helpful staff!

2 years ago
Gregory Baker for The Home Depot
It's like any other home depot. It's definitely cleaner then the one by my house. Stocking levels are always good. Finding an employee... Well it's a 50/50 shot. That's normal and expected however.

2 years ago
Dean King for The Home Depot
Kevin from Customer Service was AMAZING he was the most helpful Customer service guy ever. Home depot needs to hire more people like him. I can not say enough good things about him. Thank you Kevin!!

3 years ago
Nathanael Bowen for The Home Depot
After dealing with the miserable excuse for a store at my local HD, I chose to come all the way out to this one for my tool rental. I'm glad I did, because their customer service went above and beyond. The day after I returned my rental, Brian called me up to let me know I had dropped my car registration in the store. It must have fell out of my wallet when I handed over my driver's license. This means that he not only found it, he must have taken the time to look through the paperwork from the previous day to figure out how to contact me. The people at my local location, if they had found it at all, probably would have used it to commit some kind of insurance fraud in my name or something. Other employees walking around the store were super helpful, and the place is huge. 10/10

3 years ago
Casey Doran for The Home Depot
Hey everyone! We have been doing a lot of home improvements in the past couple years. Home Depot always had all of the supplies we needed! All of the workers were so friendly, and were always there to help! From Christmas lights to wood, they’ll always have whatever you need. I’ve never had a bad experience here! Would totally recommend for anyone doing any home improvements this year!


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