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Tri-State Thermo King, Inc., Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis

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1420 Stonebrook Avenue ,
Memphis, TN, 38116

+1 901-332-7344

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Hours Monday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
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Latitude: 35.0660865 Longitude: -90.0162988

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Ratings and Reviews for Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis



10 reviews

They got me in and out pretty quick for an APU service, which was great. The cost for the APU service was around $340 to $400 for an oil and filter(3 filters I think..oil, air, cabin filter)change. The price can vary based on the labor charge, the amount of time charged. Also,this seems to be the going rate for Thermo King locations in my area.
3 months ago
Predrag Susa for Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis
My brand new unit broke down in KS. I went to Thermo King shop and they told me I have to be unloaded to inspect from inside and they can't help me. It was 5pm and seem like they just wanna go home. I drove all the way to Memphis, TN to get unload. Came to this shop and they told me that since I'm unload there is 53 trailers in front of me. I ask to speak to a manager and Keith came. I understood the hell I went through. Managed to squeeze me in and fix my trailer and APU unit that wasn't even urgent. I didn't experience in this business this kind of empathy yet. This is beyond mechanic experience. This is like Ritz-Carlton service. Thank you
3 months ago
Michael Chason for Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis
Can't beat the young new guy. He is 28 but very intelligent and great worker. His name is Montana. He repaired the APU quickly and a few other problems that were overlooked from prior trip there. Had to go back today because first repair on APU only lasted 3 days. Thermo King corrected their error at no charge. I was in at 8 am and moving at 10 am.Matt at the desk when checking in on phone and in person is a professional
4 months ago
Smitty Son for Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis
Wish I could leave more stars for this group of professionals. Called at 330pm to let them know i was getting a “communication failure lost control connection” error, and system itself wouldn’t stay on. Keith told me they would be happy to look at it and I was there 30mins later. They pulled me directly into a bay and started troubleshooting system. 3-4 people all came together and finally found an old issue that someone had bypassed previously. I was fully expecting this to be a long costly repair, and to potentially lose the load i was currently on. But again the team came through. 20mins later system was working and holding temp. They handled paperwork with my office and I was back on the road. Keep up the great work guys, and thanks again for saving my Tuesday!
11 months ago
kharchenkodemon for Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis
Very bad!! I can’t believe that it possible! I came to replace a/c compressor. I told and showed them what I need. They took it off and put it back because they don't have it in the store. Good. But why did you decide to charge me (without doing anything) in an labor hour for diagnosing(!!!), if I knew so that the compressor needed to be changed! I told you that by myself, personally ! He left them without the slightest help.I had to call everyone around in search this part. So they also broke my bolt on an oil pan(did you heard anything about WD-40???) . The wire was trimmed, everything was disconnected, it's just a nightmare! I came to replace the compressor, and left with the words "getta f… off from here and never come again" and with half of the broken equipment! . Also, service manager gave me a wrong part number! Crazy!! Unprofessional!! Horrible and terrible service! I lost a lot of money, because you are absolutely amazing unprofessional!!!!!!
2 years ago
John Williams for Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis
I had an alternator code on my apu. I was in and out in less then two hours! Best service I ever had at a Thermo King shop. Service department was very helpful and the tech who worked on my apu did a great job!
2 years ago
CrAzY-ai_ for Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis
Been to this location multiple times came in cause I had a loose sensor and some pm work 1 day later my apu is bad again was told I needed a new alternator new air compressor and receiver 2 days later apu still not working.someone stole my tv they didn’t do much into looking into it told me he checked a couple days of footage in about 10minutes which isn’t really possible. they also leave your truck unlocked when they are done with it knowing they have people from trailer park that come and try to steal stuff as one of the employees said .
2 years ago
Wesley Northcutt for Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis
I had an issue with my cooler not working the service manager walked me through how to properly re-prime system to get me back going again lifesaver. Awesome help I’ll definitely be going back for any future issues with my system
2 years ago
Алексей Тарасов for Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis
This guys is not "hunting your money" place. They diagnosed my APU a/c compressor problem, but since didn't have all needed parts in stock and couldn't fix it right away (because I got to go) - they didn't charge me a penny! Even though my truck spent almost an hour in a shop. Very professional. Would recommend everyone to go here!
4 years ago
Kntry 4life for Tri-State Thermo King - Memphis
Good place, good people, and fast service!!

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