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Weigh Station

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Marietta, OK, 73448

+1 405-521-2965


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Hours Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
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Latitude: 33.9052897 Longitude: -97.1332859

Ratings and Reviews for Weigh Station



11 reviews

a month ago
Shawn Gomez for Weigh Station
Being a straight truck and making sure everything is working right. I never have to worry about scales
4 months ago
Steven Schaak for Weigh Station
Was really tired and running out of hours. Stayed overnight in their parking lot, was nice and quiet and they had porta johns
4 months ago
Eric Cline for Weigh Station
Officers were nice didn't give any hassle
5 months ago
James Slusher for Weigh Station
A clean facility, friendly officer. As long as you got your stuff together and know your trucking career and the safety of your vehicle it's really a nice place.
9 months ago
Dmitry T for Weigh Station
Very unpleasant experience. Officer J. Perkins Did his job waking around the truck going inside the cab with the flash light looking for anything that can put you out of service. Ways to pull you over is tires flapping. They give this excuse every other driver to bring them to the scale house for inspection. Be sure bring them nice attitude when you walk in and they will possibly let you go telling you to check your tires. Not in my situation. Officer went intimidating me about the seat belt not tight enough. Instead of two violations he discovered nine, with minor - like reflective tape behind tractor. You can notice his command voice intimidation and almost losing his temper when you trying to prove something. He goes more for your personality and where you from. Looks like the accent of your language makes him hate you already. I’m facing loosing job at this company, small violations will make my company let me go. Thanks officer for your great job! All violations were fixed there could be few violations and not nine! How every one life’s is not in danger!
10 months ago
Suave Pitts for Weigh Station
Overweight on the tandems, small bond. Can't be too mad. Officers very knowledgeable and respectful. It's crazy how you can be fined and feel good about it, if people deal with you okay.
a year ago
Joe O'Riordan for Weigh Station
They pulled me in for a level 1 inspection because their scale can detect a low tire, courteous staff, quick in-and-out
a year ago
Ray Lee for Weigh Station
I was called into the station to show paperwork and to be informed of a tire with low air pressure (it had a screw in it was leaking air.) The technology of this weigh station is very impressive and the officers were very friendly. Thank you for keeping all of us safe.
a year ago
Marcus S for Weigh Station
Okay, as far as weigh stations go it's not bad. It's clean and troopers are pleasant. However, it's not some place I care to visit often.
a year ago
Micah Morgan for Weigh Station
We were asked to come in for inspection due to plate location on truck. Officers were polite, respectful and informative. Explained to us what we needed to have addressed by our company and sent us on our way with a good luck and safe travels message.
2 years ago
Frosty for Weigh Station
Friendly folks

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