2 months ago
Travis Mostoller for Chevron The Yellow Hammer
11/12 @ 0210. Graveyard shift worker tried to double dip a card swipe on a sale $6 purchase of chocolate milk and a Reeses cup. Swiped card. She said I had to sign for it. Went for the pen, it was approved. Then she says "You have to swipe your card again." No Fling way. Trucker taking time to stop and buy something at this "truck stop" and then get ripped off by some poorly trained, lowest common denominator circling the drain trying to scam the folks keeping the lights on at this location. Never again. Give the Yellowhammer a skip Drivers!!!
2 months ago
James Crowe for Chevron The Yellow Hammer
My first time stopping here, I'm a truck driver and this place is really nice. Clean rest rooms, food was good, people are friendly. Best of all the truck parking is plentiful and free. I'll definitely be back when I'm in this area. A nice change from the big chain truckstops.
4 months ago
PAUL RITZ for Chevron The Yellow Hammer
A really good convenience store right off of I-65. All the typical C-Store items like drinks and candy, and they also have a hot food selection during most of the day. Not many tables for dining, but normally I would eat in car anyway. Although I am in a car, they appear to have lots of truck parking in a mostly dirt lot. If you are wondering, a Yellow Hammer is a bird, the one on the sign.
4 months ago
Katie Autry for Chevron The Yellow Hammer
Pulled in around 10:30pm. Lotsa truck parking. Bathroom was okay. No prices listed on the shelves, and the only “hot” food left was a half wrapped (literally half wrapped in foil, part hanging out for people to touch) bbq sandwich and a pizza that looked about a day old. No delivery options and Subway across the street isn’t 24hr. Make sure you have your own food if you wanna eat.
5 months ago
JohnnyAndAshley Haynes for Chevron The Yellow Hammer
Hot food, baby changing station, plenty of space for truckers to park. Nice, clean place. Truckers lounge and showers. Great service. Little bit of everything sold here.