11 days ago
Alex Semenovsky for American Nutrition Inc/VitaLine Products
Never take any loads from here or here. Its disgusting. One can get stuck in here for hours and even for more than 24 hours.
11 days ago
piotr gliwa for Wal-Mart Distribution Center #8851
Juan the person at the front gate--- the nicest person ever. He deserves a big raise $$$$ Others should learn from him how to be professional!!!!!
16 days ago
James Staaf for Sam's Club
We had a great shopping experience. We went in for just 2 items which where toilet paper and paper towels and ended with 3 shirts and blueberries and the Mrs got a pair of summer pants and a nice shirt and steak bites. Still all and all we escaped with a couple of dollars left, not too bad for a shopping trip. The bad side was I sure saw a few things I mite go back soon to purchase.
It takes 4-5 hour for DOCK , Then take 2:5 hours for loading, really I personally don’t prefer go again there ,
18 days ago
Lindsey “Pandamonium” Yoder for Save A Lot
No complaints, have everything I'm looking for at reasonable prices.
22 days ago
Jo Shua Lee for Sam's Club
The scan and go feature as well as the pick up option is wonderfully efficient. Without pulling out my wallet, using the app, I was able to pump gas, check out and pick up an order. Clean, great sales, excellent service. And get their sushi! Excellent!
25 days ago
Erni ken for Walmart Supercenter
It's great every time I go there.
28 days ago
Joey Kennally for C&S Car Company
By far one of the best experiences I have ever had. Not just at a car dealer. I found a car online that seemed perfect for me. I live an hour away and would get there less than 20 minutes before they closed. You would have thought I got there hours before they closed. They didn't rush me. They were amazing. They were so helpful and not pushy at all. Their prices were more than fair and I will always recommend them any chance I get. Cameron was especially helpful and great. Ray was also the best!
a month ago
Vicki Brunell for Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint
Super busy, line was long but only waited maybe 20 minutes. We all got something different and none of us were disappointed. Cold beer, family friendly, cool pic on the walls, good vibe. Live music started at 7, and the big doors behind the stage were open, so lots of fresh air.
a month ago
Brendan Rawlins for Martin's Super Market
It's a beautiful store. Ivan and Dana always make it a pleasure to visit! I recommend trying their made-in-house tortilla chips and potato chips. Also, the cranberry-almond chicken salad is to-die-for!
a month ago
David Johnson (Dave) for Save A Lot
Prices are awesome and they have different stuff than a regular grocery store
a month ago
Annette Parks (Munirah Brown) for ACME Markets
Great place.but had some problem when they took my number out of the system .and now for some strange reason it's back in there. System.they would make some of there employees uncomfortable when a person asking them a question concerning their phone number being in the system some employees will tell you the truth and some will deny they have a supervisor over there manager I know her name but I'm not going to mention her name cuz I respect people but she followed along with it at one time and now that's the number is being seen now she's agreeable with it sometime I'm confused I don't know what to say about that but that's not a good thing I lost a lot of money doing the pandemic when they were doing that when I knew I should have credit
a month ago
Bethynie Bridges for WinCo Foods
Winco is always fun. They have great prices and a generally fun group of customer service staff. Hands down my favorite grocery store for general home shopping.
a month ago
Baadaric Baadkitty for Walmart Supercenter
Good store. Clean with friendly and helpful associates.
a month ago
Ania Stacey for ACME Markets
This is my go to Acme (and I don’t usually shop at Acme!!!! )This location is pretty small but very well stocked. The deli generally moves slow. They always have stocked shelves. The store is clean and organized. They always have very nice plants in front of the store!!! The prices are comparable with other Acmes.
a month ago
Lisa Schnapp for Big Lots
Great bargains are to be found if you take your time and don't have an agenda!
a month ago
Victoria Bushnell for Save A Lot
The clerk at the register gave me a bag without even asking. Polite. Friendly. Thoughtful 😊
a month ago
cre8ted 2bgr8 for WinCo Foods
WinCo has food at decent prices. Their fresh food and prepared dinners are good. If you need a quick hearty lunch or a big loaded salad WinCo is perfect! They never disappoint!
a month ago
Misty Baker for Dollar Tree
It's a decent store. Could have a little more selection but it's good for what I need most times. Employees are friendly for the most part. All in all is good we have this option. I recommend.
a month ago
Latricia Hauer for Albertsons
Great store layout. Found everything to my liking. Visited Starbucks located inside store for baked goods & specialty drinks.