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12 days ago
Constructive Critique for ABE8 Amazon Distribution Center
Do yourself a favor and schedule your appointments at night! The two people working the driveway tonight are a breath of fresh air compared to the two rude women who yell at everyone during the day! The people in the guard shack actually seem to care about expediting at night too! I was only online for about 15 minutes tonight and I'm loaded up already in less than an hour! I'll never come here during the day again!

16 days ago
J Ramirez for ABE8 Amazon Distribution Center
Getting better every day, keep up the great work. Please lets make it a good experience for everyone, come on time at ur app schedule, Slow in due to long lines during busy hours, and waiting for a door from So 4 sometimes for hours, other times fast check in and fast out. I dont like going to the offsite’s In Pa, pay extra toll and so on. The future is looking bright here if things keep moving smooth. Florence I believe in you!!! Dont turn me around. -Truck Driver diary P.S. Follow me in youtube for more content Life with W and J, and subscribe we are a Dominican and Haitian young beautiful couple locally in NJ. Jersey is our new home and we want to explore it together. Honk if you see me!!!

17 days ago
Тимур Усманов for ABE8 Amazon Distribution Center
Worst amazon in the world. Fire all guardshock workers and hire new ones. Each truck 10 minutes, always big lane. Don't take loads to this place. If you wanna loose you time come here!

21 days ago
Gloria gonzalez for Pacific Logistics
It was ok , fast under one hr loading, just don't get in lunchtime, no 🚻.

Checked in at gate with frozen delivery at 0530 for 0630 delivery. Gate sends you to receiving with gate pass. Got dock assignment, backed in with doors shut and tandems back. At 8am got a text saying we could leave when our light was green. Since our light was already green we slid our tandems forward again and left. Gave guard pass back and he checked inside trailer. We've been here around six times, this is the first time they've checked back of trailer. People seemed friendly enough.

28 days ago
Laylan Logistics for Interstate Warehousing
3 minutes check in at the office given a door right away, 30 minutes full truck unloaded. Great place great people. Will like to come back here. BUT… nearest truck stop is 41 miles away and it’s almost 1 hr drive.

29 days ago
4ever ukrainian for Reinhart Foodservice L.L.C.
Booked a load from Lyons IL to Mount Pleasant PA (to this facility) 8 hours of unloading time. These guys are working per hour, no rush, relaxing, on chill. You need to be very patient trying not to say some bad words to them. Be safe, try to avoid this place and you will save your nerves and be more healthful.

29 days ago
PERRO BULILO for Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate
TO THE TRUCK OPERATOR; 🚛 YES I give it a 3 star , ⭐ not To be that Bad They Take 4ever to give you a Door They like to waste truckers Time I have Enough hours but wasting it Here just waiting for a Door and this supposed be a Same day Delivery No overnight parking Bay Space are Medium size wide Space between Bay clean Floors on parking

a month ago
Abdirahman Afrah for Target Food Distribution Center (FDC) T3895
This facility takes to unloaded you 10hrs don’t west your time here and also bad network never coming back this target

a month ago
Adi Peter for Amazon MEM6
Rude guard shack, refuses to check-in trucks at SAT, stated that the SAT does not matter to them or the fact that your Amazon performance score will be affected. Will only check you in 30 minutes prior to SDT. Very disappointed with personnel training at this site. Our company notified the regional manager and ROC regarding this matter.

a month ago
Michael Hoffman for Ardent Mills
Same old same day in and day out making bread. I'm just a roll off driver that picks up there waste product once a week.

a month ago
Stephanie Phelps for Amazon DAL3
I have a part time job here, in the pack department. It's pretty fast paced, but I like it, and my coworkers are pretty cool.

a month ago
John Newman for Wakefern food Corp/Americold
Had a 3am appointment time, Showed up early around 8:30pm they have a parking staging area with all the trucks there I thought this is going to be bad… they called to give me a door at 1:30am and was unloaded and paid my lumper fee and had my paperwork back by 4am Good good experience here or maybe I just got Lucky

a month ago
Carl Hamilton for Brentwood Nursery Inc.
We needed some black mulch for our flower bed which apparently is the most expensive type of mulch to buy. Not only were they cheaper than the big box stores but they brought over a forklift of fresh mulch and loaded it in our truck. I’d recommend them to anyone!

a month ago
Tarasha Golden for Amazon DAL3
I have been getting steroid shots for sometime, had an interview and I would of been awesome. Fast learner, easy to get along with, dependable. But nope I came up with a false positive and they said byyeeee. Won't shop or talk to Amazon again.

a month ago
nxlxn for Costco Distribution Center
Echoing what a lot of other happy drivers have already said. The people here are very kind, and they'll even stage you in a dock on the evening prior, if you have an early morning delivery. Really great staff. Thank you to them.

a month ago
robert bailey for Amazon MEM6
ordered a tenpoint crossbow off of amazon from this place package got delivered today and it was 2 boxes of toilet paper in the amazon box was even a cheap brand called presto so I wouldn't order anything if it comes from this place now I have to go through a bunch of phone calls to get this resolved would of gave 0 stars if this was an option

a month ago
Robert Garcia for Amazon DAL3
This place has been good to me so far.the hiring process was a breeze.the stow is easy.just got my blue badge..overtime .get it get it get ☕️ all day ..people are friendly staff is awesome.it what u make it..dal3..

a month ago
Anjum Zia for Wakefern food Corp/Americold
ZERO STAR. First they denied of my confirmed appointment. The shipper and broker were insisting on confirmation of appointment made with this site but these people completely denied of my delivery appointment. I had to wait one day before my broker could get another appointment for next day. Again they changed the stated appt time at their own will and convenience. I lost my next trip (and income) because of this. FUNCTIONALITY: Most pathetic place for delivery of all the places in my experience. Totally unprofessional people starting from security shack to shipping/receiving dept and lumper jumpers. Bad attitude seems to be their motto. Lumper fees are phenomenally high including some vague charges which cannot be observed, verified or challenged. Long off loading time and paperwork take ages to complete. CONCLUSION: Its a place which I would dread visiting again.

a month ago
Alondra Salinas for Jetro/Restaurant Depot
I visit this store frequently. Some visits are better than others. I appreciate the staff members David Hector y Jerónimo who are always very helpful. Some cashiers are friendly but most are not. Overall I like the store most of the times it has what I need