Truck Repair Shops

Solid group of guys from the office to the shop. Never had an issue on getting anything fixed. Highly recommend this place of business 👌
24 days ago
Sam Taylor for TLG Peterbilt - Mid-America
Called to get a oil filter only to be told that parts cannot look up what filter I need. Literally couldn't have seemed more like they just wanted to get off the phone. Don't worry I won't make the mistake of calling again.
a month ago
Kevin jarvis for TLG Peterbilt - Mid-America
I love this location. They get you in & out. No holding you hostage just to charge you by the hr for your repairs. Great staff and work ! 👏
a month ago
Roger smith for TLG Peterbilt - Mid-America
Hunter is amazing! This guy goes above and beyond the call of duty to insure your truck is taken care of ! He is definitely hands on and makes sure you're satisfied with the service performed! Go there and ask for Hunter!
My Freigjtliner Century Class 2006 had a power issue for a long time. Whenever going up to hill, there was some loosing power and heavy black smoke. Previous owner and I tried to fix the issue with a couple of mechanics and repair shop, but anybody couldn’t fix it. However, Matt & his team diagnosed & fixed the problem last July. My truck has been powerful but no any black smoke until now. I highly recommend Matt's Heavy Duty Mobile Diagnostics and Truck Repair. *** professional workers *** affordable cost *** clean & convenient facility
a month ago
Donnie Hagen for TLG Peterbilt - Mid-America
Not alot of room to move around yard very full
Matt and his team are wonderful! We had them come out to take a look at a camper van from the 70s. They were able to fix the joint and wheel issues and got it running and moving once again! The repair man even road tested it and made our customer a very happy person! Thank you Matt and team!! you guys are great, and I will continue to send people your way!
2 months ago
A M for TLG Peterbilt - Mid-America
Called after noon today & the service department did not answer,after the receptionist kindly transferred my call. I left a voicemail with my phone # and said I needed a minor repair or 2 done,I repeated it twice on the voicemail. Nobody called me back. Now if I get a call back tomorrow it’s to late. If you don’t have good customer service in your service department,I darn sure will not trust you with my truck. Especially a Peterbilt truck. Customer service is everything people,it tells almost everything about your business & how it’s ran.
3 months ago
Jay Fortner for TLG Peterbilt - Mid-America
Got me back up and going. Thanks guys!
This place is awesome. Yes it took longer than I expected but at least it was done correctly. Friendly people too.
I received email saying truck is ready and when I arrived my truck had parts left under the hood, the bumper was not secured (bumper had 0 issues before), and the truck was still leaking oil from the same place we took it in for. We were quoted and paid for repairs that didn’t contribute to the oil leak. We know this because we ran the truck on the parking lot and the truck leaked in the same manner as before. It was obvious that the tech didn’t check the truck because we ran the truck for a short period and oil was everywhere. Once I reported this to service desk, they had no response to why this happened and made no efforts to rectify the situation. They got the truck back in the shop about 8hrs later when a 2nd shift mechanic who we spoke to earlier in the week saw us there and asked what was going on. If it weren’t for him, we would probably still be there. The 2nd shift mechanic took over the job and fixed the oil leak and we were charged again. Overall, the service was terrible and I’ll never stop there again.
3 months ago
Craig w Kiss for TLG Peterbilt - Mid-America
I was treated like family,and would recommend people to get service and repairs done there
3 months ago
Jimmy King for Heavy Hitters Commercial Truck Repair
They are very good at what they do
Matt and his team are rad! I called everywhere to get my 26’ box truck corner cap repaired. Everyone else either couldn’t do the job or were over priced by far! Matt was fast, professional, and fair. The work was estimated to be completed in a couple days and Matt delivered in just 1 day. Thanks Matt and team, they're my go to for sure…Highly recommended!
3 months ago
Isaiah Smith for C.C.L Heavy Truck Repair
I took my 2014 freightliner cascade for a oil change. Asked the guy how much it would be he said he wasn't sure until he sees what all filters I needed. Long story short they ROBBED ME!!! They done the oil change and charged me $1,040. Smh said my filters was expensive ill NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!!!
3 months ago
Robert Cate Sr for C.C.L Heavy Truck Repair
Kevin and his family have worked on my cars many times. Each time I found their work was far superior than any I've experienced from anyone else in my life. Also their cost for repairs is superior to others. I strongly recommend C.C.L to anyone in need , not only for cars but also large diesel trucks. For service you can trust your best choice will be C.C.L a family owned and operated business . For me and my referrals there is only one choice the right choice is C.C.L
4 months ago
Michael Lopez for Heavy Hitters Commercial Truck Repair
They got me right in. They were quick. They were nice. Thank you guys
I highly recommend this place! Their customer service is extremely excellent. Jeff was attentive and very professional, and knowledgeable. If need be, I would definitely do business with Birmingham Freightliner and I will refer family and friends as well! -Cortez
4 months ago
Dean Moore for TAG Truck Center Springfield
Very helpful folks, great trucks too...
They know what they are doing, are professional & get the job done in a very timely manner. Edit:(Almost forgot!) Security for your truck and personal items are top notch while it is here, at this business.