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Levittown, PA, 19057
+1 (267) 248-8143
Dcontrol  commercial truck repair shop directory is a valuable resource for truck drivers and fleet owners seeking reliable and high-quality repair services for their vehicles. These directories provide a comprehensive list of truck repair facilities located throughout the country, along with information on the services and amenities offered by each shop.

Truck repair shops specialize in repairing and maintaining commercial trucks and other large vehicles. Services may include engine repairs, brake system repairs, suspension repairs, electrical repairs, and more. Some facilities may also offer additional services such as towing, roadside assistance, and preventative maintenance.

Truck repair shop directories can help truck drivers and fleet owners find a convenient and reliable facility for regular truck maintenance and repairs. These directories typically include user reviews and ratings, allowing drivers to make informed decisions about where to take their trucks for repairs.

Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential for keeping commercial trucks in safe and efficient operating condition. A commercial truck repair shop directory can help truck drivers and fleet owners find the right repair services to keep their trucks running smoothly and minimize downtime on the road.

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170 Fresh Meadow Road
West Haven, CT, 06516
+1 (203) 933-7271
1801 Trinity Boulevard ,
Texarkana, AR, 71854

+1 (870) 779-4100
520 Pittsburgh Road
Uniontown, PA, 15401
+1 (724) 437-4201
330 South Fairbank Street
Addison, IL, 60101
+1 (630) 332-2010
435 Allwood Road ,
Clifton, NJ, 07012

+1 (973) 261-2875

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5183 Duff Drive
, OH, 45246
+1 (513) 748-4670
1200 28th Street ,
Manistee, MI, 49660

+1 (231) 887-4650
210 Frontage Road ,
Slidell, LA, 70458

+1 (985) 641-4000
4328 Hilltop Road ,
Longmont, CO, 80504

+1 (970) 535-4550
2002 South Benton Avenue
Searcy, AR, 72143
+1 (501) 388-4884
7250 East 56th Avenue ,
Commerce City, CO, 80022

+1 (303) 289-4707
J's has completed several repairs for me and the service was fantastic.

3 months ago
Priscilla Komlofske for Flores-Komlofske Transportation Inc.
Excellent service provided by Patrick Orneales, hesitant at first but overall friendly.

3 months ago
Priscilla Komlofske
Thank you! He strives for making everyone else happy!
3 months ago
Valerie Hardy for Burroughs Diesel Inc - Heavy Duty Towing
This company is the worst! One of their trucks w/ a trailer was driving in front of me when here comes a rock to my mother's brand new car windshield. I followed the truck to get information. The driver told me there was nothing I could do it's just road hazard. I called the company right away and the receptionist told me the same thing and chuckled at me. I didn't find anything funny about this situation. My mother passed away three months ago and the car was all I had left. I was devastated and extremely upset. I couldn't believe that company truck caused damage to my vehicle and that there was nothing I can do. My deductible is $1000 which I don't have. I was just beside myself that now I have to come up with $1000 and this company pays nothing. And also they thought the whole situation was funny. And maybe legally nothing can be done but morally they should have fixed my windshield.

Wonderful guy, Ronnie went above and beyond to help me. Reasonable price too.

Very polite and great customer service. I'll tell people to go here to have their vehicles fixed.

4 months ago
Anita LaSalle for Grand Lake Truck Repair And Towing
Their driver picked up my Chevy pick up with a truck camper in the bed of our truck. It also had 5 totes on top. He loaded us up, started driving. One of our propane tanks on top hit the first bridge overpass he went under. The second bridge destroyed all the totes on top of the camper and tore off the luggage rack. Sent our stuff all over the highway. He stopped, said he was sorry for destroying our stuff. Then took off. Now he’s telling our insurance company that they never moved our truck. But the driver’s name is Jackob Minor. He wrote a note that they were going to send out another truck and that he would take pictures. Then he just took off. No other truck from their company came. At least the next company that came out helped us retrieve some of our belongings. Jackob never even offered to help us pick up anything. These guys are a piece of work. They deserve zero stars for poor service and then lying about what happened.

4 months ago
Jack Shen for Mike's Heavy Duty Towing
Do yourself the favor and DO NOT CALL OR DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PLACE. They do not seem to be the smartest to involve your business with. After giving them my credit card information over the phone, they made me wait 2 hours and 15 minutes just for nobody to show up! From 10PM to midnight, my family and I were under the impression the guy had send a tow or flatbed over to us. I called consecutively every 15-30 mins just to get the same answer of 10mins and that we had to wait. The guy on the phone was so indecent and unpleasant to speak with, even telling me that he would drop the call on me on our last conversation. We waited 2 and a half HOURS just to call a cab and go home, leaving our car on the side of the road with a dead batt.Where we could have just called a different company and probably would have been home an hour less. Ruined our night more than the car's battery dying. Please save you and your family the trouble and just don't even look at this place! Or so called "company." 0 STARS. Still don't know if they're a scam or not. **UPDATE in Response: "Mike's Heavy Duty TOWING" and yet they respond with... we do not tow cars. Shame. I reiterate to whoever may come across this review, do not become victim to them. Call elsewhere. 2/5 stars on Google and I have no idea how they got those many.

I had a flat on the back rear tire on my dump truck, it was after hours and I googled truck tires near me. I called a bunch of people that were very expensive and weren’t able to come out for about two hours. Ceaser from 123 tires answered the phone immediately and was $130 cheaper than the other guy I spoke to. He arrived within 20 minutes. He also gave me a used tire that was in great condition. He did the job prompt and was very nice and easy to do business with. 100% will definitely be using for future needs.

My car broke down on a Saturday and wouldn't start while I was out of town, and Del's was recommended to me by a few people as being a fair, honest, reliable shop to go to. They were right! They diagnosed my car right away on Monday and fixed the issue the next day. While doing the oil change I also requested they identified another issue with my car and fixed it before it became a costly repair and possibly dangerous for me. This issue had been misdiagnosed by 2 other shops, and Del's explanation of what was wrong made perfect sense with what was going on with my car! Tha k you so much for taking care of my car quickly and reasonably!!

I would recommend this company to anyone. We lost a wheel on our fifth-wheel driving on I-75 after 6:00 pm. Someone was sent out to put it back on, but it was badly damaged and we needed a part that we couldn't get until the next day. The tow truck driver stayed behind us as we limped the camper 1.5 miles on the shoulder to the next exit and got it to a parking lot. Very professional and helpful. The next day they tracked down the part, drove 1 hr. both ways to pick it up, came to where we were parked and fixed it. We were surprised at how reasonable the price was to do all of this. Then to top it all off, they called later in the evening to make sure we made it home. We will keep their card in our truck if something happens again.

Del’s is the ONLY place that I take my vehicles to. I have used their services for many years and have yet to be disappointed. Fair, HONEST and friendly is the best way to describe the people at Del’s Sevice.

4 months ago
Hayden for TDI Repair & Towing
I cannot thank TDI enough for helping me out today! I had a screw lodged in my tire and the it was temporarily patched elsewhere. I received the replacement tire at home today and thankfully TDI was able to put the new tire on for me. Not only were they able to accommodate me last minute (which is greatly appreciated), but everybody there was so extremely kind and professional. I have already saved their contact info in my phone and will definitely be a repeat customer. THANK YOU!

We had a truck that was ran off road into a ditch, they came in record time and helped us out. And also the Dispatcher on the phone was one of the nicest persons I talked in recent memory

4 months ago
Shamus Taylor for Burroughs Diesel Inc - Heavy Duty Towing
Got stuck in soft grass was to heavy to to drive out. Called Burroughs Diesel. Shaun Lovett was dispatched out to me.. Shaun not only got me out of there and turned around he was a burst of great energy and conversation. He is a whistle while you work kind a guy.. on point and very professional never missed a beat.. And after all I been through be for this tire blowout on trailer day before got stuck that night but managed to get my self out then I got stuck again this time made the call to Burroughs. And got Shaun he made my night a smile 😁

4 months ago
Gradina Gradina for Southern Diesel Repair Greenville
After driving truck over 35 years finally I found good mechanics and good place to bring my truck. Very professional and very nice ppl They founded problems on my truck quick and price was reasonable. For work what they did Mechanic is with big knowledge very polite and he knows what is doing. Highly recommended this place Specially guy who works on front desk. His name is Mark. He explained me lot of things I didn’t know about truck Thanks !!

Dalton came out to my work when I got a flat tire on my lunch break! He was super fast and very helpful! I was able to get back on the road! Thank you Dalton! And thank you Hittle’s Wrecker service!

4 months ago
Mauro Gómez for Mike's Heavy Duty Towing
The man who works there says he's the manager, I don't know his name, he's a boy of maybe 36 or 37 years old, of a dark race, and I say it with all due respect, that person shouldn't work there, he's a very aggressive person, we entered the company with a colleague of mine to ask for information, and that man got very angry because we asked him several things, he told us that he did not work for us, that if we don't want anything we should leave there... That guy should be fired from his job, an aggressive person and a bad worker......

4 months ago
Richard Putrow for Hillbilly Truck Repair & Towing
Very prompt service and excellent follow through

4 months ago
Sean Hicks for Grand Lake Truck Repair And Towing
Semi tow and repair super friendly great service Woody and his Wife Kandi went above picking us up and dropping us off even brought us our dog food after we forgot in truck repairs were done fast would definitely recommend

4 months ago
Timothy Pittman for Burroughs Diesel Inc - Heavy Duty Towing
Wonderful service! We had a tire blowout on our motor home. Burroughs Diesel sent a wrecker quickly, we were connected and towed very professionally and safely. Sean was wonderful to work with.