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Cat Scales

2 months ago
Brenda Carr for Iowa 80 TA
I think all truck drivers should spend some down time here if you can get a parking place. There is a lot of memorabilia and interesting displays similar to a mini museum. Great showers, shopping and food make this the perfect place for a quick stop or reset your hours. Highly recommend.
4 months ago
Nelson Martir for Iowa 80 TA
This is really the biggest truck stop i ever seen. It like a Mall for truckers
4 months ago
Sheri Cardin for Iowa 80 TA
It is a must if your ever in 1-80 near Davenport, Iowa!!!
4 months ago
John Crowley for Iowa 80 TA
Who cannot like a place like this? This is Disneyland for Truckers
4 months ago
Dewitall Crafts for Iowa 80 TA
This place is Huge! Food, Souvenirs, Museum.
6 months ago
Cold Winds for Cat Scale
Scale is open, just pull up and press the button or use the app. Google is wrong about it being closed.
6 months ago
magnetic 100 for Rosenberg Travel Plaza
Plenty of truck parking! The restrooms not that clean but it has closed in stalls for privacy. Good spot to do your 10.
6 months ago
thunder snyper for CAT Scale
This place is just wonderful a cat scale in down town los Angeles is just great I was happy to find them I will always go back especially with that older gentleman who works there ar night thanks sir. God bless!
6 months ago
Melissa Robles for Joplin 44 Petro
You can order custom lettering on anything right then and there " it was cheap and fun came out neat
6 months ago
Erik Thomason for Cat Scale
I saw a guy there scaling a magic carpet