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Truck Stops

a month ago
Heather Sturges for Ardsley Travel Plaza
It's nothing special with no special amenities. But it has a clean bathroom and a Starbucks which is all one could really need. It's not particularly pretty so I wouldn't reccomended for a longer stop to stretch your legs.
a month ago
Judy Hinshaw for Love's Travel Stop
This Loves had great gas prices with very clean facilities which is greatly appreciated.
a month ago
monique burnett for Travel Centers of America
Pretty clean. Such an important thing for all us truck drivers. We are trying so hard to not get sick.
a month ago
Abraham Ovie for TA
TA Oklahoma City at south Morgan road is a great place for truckers to chill and relax. Great customer service and they are friendly. The restroom and showers are clean and secure. Great relaxing and drivers lounge area.
a month ago
g Meister for Travel Centers of America
Is a very old place! Was kept clean, bathroom was clean until some "pig 🐖 " who cannot use a stool correctly messes it up for the next person! "Clean up afterwards 👌. " didn't your mother teach you anything, who yes into days society you call a family! With only one parent role.. people were nice 👌
a month ago
Timothy Leitch for Ardsley Travel Plaza
Typical Thruway stop. Clean bathrooms and lobby. Snacks, maps and fast food abound.
a month ago
Kenyetta Samilton for Workman's Travel Center
No star. This place is one of the worst truck stops I've been to. $15.00 to park COLD water to wash your face that will only stay on a whole 2 seconds and the nerve to blast spiritual music. Greedy devil.
a month ago
Gordon Welch for Travel Centers of America
Eye am a 🚚 driver. Eye lived in Florida most of my life and love the beach. Can't get enough. Now that Eye drive a 🚚 Eye mostly live in my 🚚. Travel Centers of America allowed me 2 drop my trailer during my stay and drive my Tractor to da BEACH and enjoy it 4 hours. Lots of 🚚 stops won't allow you 2 drop your trailer and go have fun. Thank You TA.
a month ago
Weibo Xie for TA
No points. Points exchange machine cannot be used
2 months ago
John Gray for Love's Travel Stop
This is a good clean TS with a very courteous staff that accommodates professional drivers delivering food goods and materials to America.