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Truck Stops

6 days ago
KC Stitcher 83 for Casey's
The lady doing the pizza is very rude! Yesterday my husband who is a trucker and has slim pickings for where he can eat and loves this pizza got out right ignored and had to go hungry. Today he goes in and asks to order a pizza and is told she has more important things to do before making his pizza. You’re not the only Casey’s in Chillicothe. This is how you lose paying customers and he’s been there a lot since driving with the company he’s with.
9 days ago
Christina Hutchinson for Cash's Truck Plaza
Great experience , very nice waiters & cooks , I would definitely go back . Thank y'all !!!
9 days ago
Bill Brown for C Mart
Because it's close to my 🏠.
12 days ago
Deborah Garrity for Angola Travel Plaza
Moe's was good just needed to stop at text stop a few miles away for picnic table and shade, worth the change from a burger,!
12 days ago
Jessica Miscio for Antrim Truck Stop
I love their food. We make a point to stop in every time we pass by. The lemon squares melt in your mouth. I'll be returning time and time again!
18 days ago
Rose Kennedy for Antrim Truck Stop
The baked goods are fabulous and great tasting. Once the restaurant opens back up the food is great. Fabulous place to eat and the service is great
19 days ago
Ian Scheil for Angola Service Area
This stop has seen way better days. It needs a full refurb. The bathrooms are gross now, the interior is beyond dated, and the bridges are rusting.
20 days ago
Kerri Mine for Angola Service Area
Pretty cool area! You walk across the sky bridge from one side of the turnpike to the other, pretty clean. Lots of food choices
20 days ago
Erik Gossar for Angola Travel Plaza
I can say this is a unique setup, both directions of travel are serviced by access bridges from the rest stop on each side. Clean facility very many options for food as well.. Pa should catch on with the monopoly of the pa turnpike
26 days ago
Steve Necaster for Angola Service Area
While normally a hoppin' place, mid-day on a Thursday, this service plaza was as quiet as a grave.