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Truck Wash

9 months ago
Janet Layden for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Breezewood, PA
Spectacular service. Had our RV & car washed & waxed. No waiting. Technicians were professional, pleasant and worked VERY hard.
11 months ago
Jason von Krebs Cintorino for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Breezewood, PA
Great group of people! They gave Melody a much-needed bath 🛁 I'm happy with the job, and attention to detail provided. 🙂
11 months ago
Larry Nicholls for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Breezewood, PA
I have been to this bussiness once a mo. for the past year and have great srvc., but last 3 times i purchased wheel cleaner and every time i had to redue wheels when i got home, last time was this last sat. morning about 3am,the worst job ever it took me 2hrs. to clean them. NO CHROME WAS brushed from bugs. Tottally not pleased will look for another.
With only 2 people working they did a quick and good wash.
11 months ago
JOSUE_ LENIN for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Breezewood, PA
They need more help probably better tools to reach the areas that they keep missing
a year ago
Arlander Sampson for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Amarillo East, TX
Recently got tractor wash. I could tell they are focused on providing the best service for truckers. Even if there's a line of trucks and trailers, they keep the customer service at a high level. Thanks guys and keep it up
Was pretty good. Left a bunch or bugs on my front end, had to get it washed again. Engine wash lacked for sure. Mgr told me that next time I'm in town he'll give me a free Engine wash. After redid front end, truck looked good.
It was great. Amarillo blue beacons are good. West Memphis blue beacon sucks. My hometown.
They always do a great job but man I feel bad for the employees that wash trucks and have to wear a mask. How dumb can you be to make your employees do that. Absolutely the stupidest thing I have witnessed.
a year ago
Walter Plessinger for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Breezewood, PA
The young men who work the Blue Beacons across the nation are in my opinion truly the best of the best this nation has to offer. I'm always impressed with their professionalism and performance. They are the BEST.👍👍👍