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Truck Wash

Exceptional service. Good work ethics and awesome team.
7 months ago
Michael Harlow for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Haw River, NC
Easy access very quick ser is, rained before I got to my destination though not their fault haha
7 months ago
Lokito Smith for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Haw River, NC
It was quick and well done. They do try to upsale you stuff, just stick with the basics. Got to watch out for the final bill of sale.
8 months ago
Cyndi Hoesch for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Haw River, NC
Only one bay and has been backed up out to the road. On the plus side, the guys who work there are Super friendly, nice and courteous! Thorough too.
Nice quiet place, Good grill and reasonable prices. Wash out was good too
As a Member of "Ol' Schoolers" Car Club me and the fella's Like to take a little cruise to see Larry and have Breakfast on Fridays in the summer. He is an Out-Standing Cook. His omelets are Hugh, will feed two. We highly recommend the "Lunch Room".
Absolutely amazing food and huge portions! Highly recommend this place!
9 months ago
Vanessa Marie for Champions Car & Truck Wash
This place looks like a decent car wash. Too bad that I had such a bad experience. Vacuum didn’t suck, at all. After I used my credit card and found out they would put a fifteen dollar hold on it, and left without my car getting vacuumed. I couldn’t find any employees, to help either:(
9 months ago
james samples for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Ft Wayne, IN
Very friendly and very professional. 100% better than Indianapolis blue beacon!
9 months ago
Ineyo Ambessa for Blue Beacon Truck Wash of Atlanta, GA
Left my trailer door open trailer door open. Rushed ne out the place so I forgot to check. Always check because they dont. If my load lock flew out and hit someone smh. This place made me decide I will check all future beacons for nails on the ground and inspect the washouts.