How to add my company

Once you have created an account, you can add your company, for this you can go to the settings of your account by clicking on Personal Account in the upper right corner of the window and going to the menu tab Profile settings.

In the My companies tab you can add your company by clicking the Add company button

In the window that opens, you can add your company by specifying the authority number (MC Number or USDOT), if you enter one of the numbers above and click on the search button, information about your company, such as company name, address, phone or postal address, can be pulled up automatically.

If you want to add a trucking company that has valid authority numbers, it’s own trucks, trailers, and offers carrier services, you need to activate the check mark Carrier dispatch

You also need to check the box - I hereby certify that I am authorized to represent this company and click on the button:

<Claim and Verify this company>.

The company you added will appear in the list of your companies. A confirmation email will be sent to the official email of the company you added, and the company will be displayed in the status of Waiting for Verification, until you confirm via email address.

If you do not have an authority number you can add a company manually by clicking on the tab - I do not have an authority number and filling in the form fields manually

Once you have filled in the data, you need to click Next, the company will appear in the list of your companies. The company is added manually, without the use of authority numbers that does not require verification, it will immediately be in the status of verified.

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