How to add a new location

To add a new Location to the system, you need to go to the Locations section in the left menu

When you click on the Locations section in the menu, a list with all the added Locations of your company will open, if you do not have any added Locations yet, click on the button - Add new location

The Location addition form opens.

You can try to find the location address using google or add it yourself by clicking the Add manual button below

Clicking on the Add manual button will open the following form:

In the Name field you need to specify the location name, in the address field - the location address and if necessary you can select the location type and contact information.

After filling in all the required fields, click the Save button. The form will close, the location will be created.

All added locations will be displayed by States. Next to the State name, a counter will be displayed for the number of added locations in this State .

Clicking on the State name will open a table with all the added locations in this State.

By clicking on the location field, a form with detailed information about location will expand.

You can upload files or photos of this location to the files tab.

The "History" tab shows all the actions that were taken with this location, as well as which user performed these actions.

In the "Notes" tab, you can leave a note for this location.

In the "Calendar" tab, you can assign a specific event to a specific date, for example, you can specify when is the day off at this location, and so on.

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