In order to start working with the parking module in our system, first of all you will need to add a parking location to the system, for this in the Parking module, in the Locations section, click on the Add new parking button, the form for adding a parking location will open.

At the first step of the form, you will need to indicate the address of the location, as well as the name of the parking location.

In the second step of adding parking, you need to specify what types of parking spaces are available in your parking lot, specify the number of parking spaces you plan to rent, and if the parking lot is divided into zones, specify the names of the parking zones.

In the third step, you need to add the rates for the parking spaces offered by your parking lot. After adding tariffs, you will be able to issue invoices to your customers, and there is also an option to mark the tariffs that will be available in your public profile, which will be automatically created after adding a location.

In the fourth step, you can add a description of your parking lot, specify the contact details of the person responsible for the parking lot, upload a photo of your location, specify the types of services that are provided at your parking lot, and also specify what facilities can be used by the customers of your parking lot.

You can also specify the hours of operation, the types of payments that can be used at this location, the languages in which your company's employees communicate, as well as the dealer networks with which you cooperate. 

After filling in all the necessary data, you need to save the form by clicking on the Save button. Your parking location will be created in the Locations section.

In addition, a public profile of your parking lot will be created on our resource, through which potential customers of your parking lot will be able to leave parking requests for you.

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