How to add a new Public Profile

To create a public profile, go to Profile Settings, select the My Public Profiles tab and click - Create New Profile.

In the window that opens, you must specify the address of your company. You can find your business using Google or add an address yourself by clicking Add manually and find your address using a Google address.

If you can't find your address with google, you can add it yourself by pressing Enter Address

If you've found your business on Google, you can change your profile name if necessary and click Next

In the next window, you need to specify the type of activity of your company. If your company has several activities, check the appropriate checkboxes and click Save.

If you have selected several activities at once, a window will open in which each activity will be displayed in a separate tab.

You will need to fill in the information for each activity separately.

At the top of the page you will see a block with the main information about the company, which you can edit if necessary - name, address, business activity, contact information, and you can make your address or phone number unavailable for public viewing by checking the appropriate checkboxes. (Hide address and Hide phone)

In the tab with the type of activity of the company you need to fill in the following sections:

About - you can add a brief description of this type of activity of your company.

Contacts - add information about the contact person of the company for this type of activity

Photo - you can upload a photo of your location

Services and Amenities - specify what services your company provides and what amenities you can use at this location.

You also need to specify your company's business hours.

Indicate what types of payments your company accepts.

You can also specify the languages of your company's business. To do this, select the required languages in the Business languages field.

And if necessary, you have the opportunity to specify the Dealer Network.

After filling in the data for each activity separately - you need to click Save

After you click Save, all data will be saved, a public profile will be created. To view the profile, you can click the View button at the top of the window.

In order to edit or delete a profile, you need to go to Profile settings, select the tab My public profiles.

On the created profile, click the three-dot menu and select the appropriate item - edit or remove.

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