Create a new trip

If you want to send a load, you need to create a Trip. You can create a trip by clicking on the Create trip button.

Or go to the Trips menu item and click Add new trip.

In the form that opens, you need to select the load that you want to add to the trip by clicking on the "plus" icon in the load field.

Load will be added to the trip.

After adding the necessary loads to the trip, you need to click Next

The second step of creating a trip will open

In this step you need to select the driver for whom the load will be assigned, as well as specify the truck and trailer

After filling in the required data, you need to click on the Next button to go to the next step.

In the third step, a list of stop routes is displayed, and the trip route is built on the map.

If you need to change the order of the stops, just hold down the mouse button on the stop and drag it to the desired location. The stops will be in the right order, the route on the map will be rebuilt automatically.

You can also specify the Start location - the location and time from which the driver must start the trip, usually the parking lot of the truck.

Well as End Location - indicates the place and time when the driver must leave the truck after the trip.

After filling in all the necessary data, click on Save, this completes the procedure for creating a trip.

The trip appears on the trip page. The driver will receive a notification by e-mail or telephone that a new trip has been attached to him.

In the driver interface there is a button to start a trip, as soon as the driver presses this button, the trip will change the status to Enroute

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