Driver module

After the dispatcher has created a trip and assigned it to the driver, it appears in the driver interface:

When the driver clicks on the trip assigned to him - a window will open where he can read detailed information on the trip.

Just below the trip in the driver interface there are three command buttons:

  • Funds Requests
  • Messages
  • Swap Trailer

If the driver needs funds, he can click on the Funds Requests button.

In this window you can choose what funds are needed, specify the amount and click "Submit request".

The request will be sent to the user's email or phone, which were specified in the company settings on the Notifications tab.

The driver also has the opportunity to write a message to the dispatcher, for this he needs to click on the Messages button and in the window that opens write a message to the dispatcher.

By clicking on the Swap trailer button, the driver can replace the trailer by selecting the desired trailer from the list.

Clicking on Completed trips will open a page displaying a list of completed Trips (Status - Completed)

After reading the information, the driver presses the "Start Trip" button, the status of the trip changes from planned to enroute and the dispatcher sees in his interface that the driver started the trip.

The next window that the driver will see will be the window of the next stop with all the necessary data - location, appointment date and time, as well as pickup or delivery instructions, if they were added when creating the load.

Arriving at the location, the driver must press the Arrived button - the system will automatically record the date and time of arrival of the driver at the stop.

If necessary, the driver can change the date and time by clicking the Update button.

After the driver has pressed the Arrive button, the Stop complete button appears, which the driver must press when the stop is completed.

Also on each stop there is a menu of command buttons with which you can:

Funds request - make a request for funds

Messages - write a message to the manager

Swap trailer - change the trailer

Upload files - upload the necessary files to this stop

Drop trailer - unhook the trailer.

When the driver completes the stop and clicks Stop Complete, the time and date when the driver completed the stop will be recorded and a window will open with the next stop for the driver.

All stops completed by the driver will be immediately displayed in green in the dispatcher interface and the dispatcher will be able to easily control the transport process.

Then on all subsequent stops the action will be repeated until the last stop, in the last step, when the driver completes the stop, he presses the "Trip End" button.

The window closes, the trip receives the status Completed

At this stage, the load transportation process is completed.

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