In order to reserve parking on the public profile page, you need to click the Make a reservation button, the parking reservation form will open.

In the first section of the form, you must indicate the type of parking space you plan to reserve, the period for which you plan to reserve the space, indicate the number of spaces and also specify the date from which the parking space reservation will be started.

In the second section, the personal data you provided when creating an account will be listed. If you did not create a company, but only a personal account, then the reservation form will display First name and Last name, as well as email and cell phone fields. If you have added your company to your personal account, the name of your company will be indicated in the reservation form.

In the third section of the reservation form, you need to enter data about the vehicles for which you are reserving parking. If you have previously added your vehicles to the system in the My garage section, it will be enough for you to select them from the list, if not, you will need to click on Add new vehicle in the selection and fill out the vehicle addition form.

After you have filled out the form, you need to click on the Send request button. Data about your parking request will be sent to the company that owns the parking lot. The request you created will be displayed in the My parking section, Requests subsection.

You will see the status of your request. In general, the request has three statuses:

new - when your request is in the process of processing

approved - your request has been approved and a parking permit has been created for you

rejected - when your request was rejected for one reason or another.

After confirmation of your request by the owner of the parking lot, a permit will be created for you to access the parking lot. The permit will be available in the My parking subsection Permits.

By clicking on the permit field, you will be able to view detailed information on it, such as the status, the start date from which the permit becomes valid, the cost of renting a parking space, as well as information about the vehicle. Command buttons will also be available:

Copy QR Link - you can copy a link with a QR code and, for example, send it to the driver of your company so that he has access to the parking lot. After clicking on this link, a page with a QR code will open, as well as additional information on the permit, thanks to which the driver will be able to access the parking lot by opening it on his gadget.

Print QR - you will be able to print a QR code that provides access to the parking lot.

You will also receive a confirmation of the creation of a permit to your e-mail address, with a link to the page with information on the permit. A pdf file with a QR code for access to the parking lot will be attached to the letter.

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