Truck Stops

2 months ago
Melissa Robles for Joplin 44 Petro
You can order custom lettering on anything right then and there " it was cheap and fun came out neat
They just have one shower but very clean shower..nice people
2 months ago
Leonard Dake for Iowa 80 TA
Good place to and get and feuded and check out all of the awesome toys and accessories for trucker's and truck's.
I frequently visit this store, usually in the morning or early afternoon around lunch time! The two ladies working around that time are always so sweet and friendly, no matter how busy it is, they’re always friendly and talkative and helpful! However I was in yesterday around 4-4:15 and the service was horrible! The lady working was so rude and not friendly at all! She was on her phone most of the time and it seemed to inconvenience her that she had to help anyone, she was so wrapped up in whatever it was on her phone! I was pretty disappointed seeings how I always and greeted and treated so kindly! I know to just stick to my normal times now, I won’t go back in there later in the day!
2 months ago
KC Stitcher 83 for Casey's
The lady doing the pizza is very rude! Yesterday my husband who is a trucker and has slim pickings for where he can eat and loves this pizza got out right ignored and had to go hungry. Today he goes in and asks to order a pizza and is told she has more important things to do before making his pizza. You’re not the only Casey’s in Chillicothe. This is how you lose paying customers and he’s been there a lot since driving with the company he’s with.