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2 days ago
Christina N. for D A A LOGISTICS INC
Good company!
5 days ago
Danny cook hauling. Please re route the driver's from using Wagstaff Rd fuquay varina. The drivers carrying heavy large loads leaving your facility are driving over the speed limit (35mph). This stretch of road is a high volume residential roadways with a community park along this road. We having many children that use this road to commute to and from the park. If they could use the next street over from wagstaff to 401 is Judd parkway. It is a larger roadway with (45mph) speed limit. We have already had a vehicle carrying large load of gravel that flipped over onto my neighbors front lawn. If another vehicle or pedestrian had been in it's way it would have been fatal. Please stop using Wagstaff Rd the residents are complaining and want it stop stop. They will be pushing further to stop this. Contacting (dcontrol Corp) along with insurance company's that carry these companies for hauling and supplying. Want to reach out so others are aware of the interruption using residential roadways for construction/vehicles. Thank you for your cooperation.
5 days ago
Full of broken promises, Gibco is not 100% transparent with the load pay they the broker agreed on. Gibco is very stingy and cheap when it comes to getting fuel, I often run out of fuel on the side of the road not only because they get stinger and cheap when it comes to fuel but also because then fuel gauge is not accurate, which they said they was gonna have it fixed a couple months ago but never happened. Just like they promised me they will install an inverter, microwave, refrigerator and toll tags and still waiting on that to happen till this day. I’m very unhappy here. Gibco is a Nigerian company and can barely speak English. I’m a current employee soon to be resigned. Not to mention Gibco Global is very cheap and neglectful when it comes keeping the maintenance on their equipment in order for it to function properly and sadly on the road
13 days ago
Steven Clark for Amazon MCO1
My experience with Amazon has been beyond inconvenient. The hiring process has been a nightmare because of their communication about if things are canceled or no longer available. My first shift and pre hire I signed up for was canceled due to not filling out the entire app despite doing all the steps sent to my email. It wasn’t til later I realized you must do all the step through their website. And finally after completed everything just before I’m to get info on starting etc. I reached out to them for information and they said the shift was no longer available and that there was no opening at all. All this without any correspondence from them. If did everything and y’all have my info why aren’t y’all contacting me? All this coming from a company that supposedly does right by theirs. Also, this place has zero directions for new hires to find where they are going. The parking lot is blocked off at every turn.
21 days ago
Danny Gonzalez for Interstate 10 Rest Area 30050 East/West
A good place to stop and relax during the long trips. It was safe and the bathrooms were clean considering the amount of traffic in that area. They have vending machines with snacks and drinks. People were walking their dogs and stretching. I'll return!
23 days ago
GREAT FURNITURE AND PRICES !! Service was great thank you Jesse and itzel
Rest area is a Little dated, but clean, and stocked. Has lots of vending area, and There is also plenty of room with picnic tables. The road park could use some modifications and updating, but it's far better than the closed rest stop's along 10!
24 days ago
Lance Schurr for San Antonio Thermo King
They seemed to be good people... they pm serviced my Apu.
24 days ago
Tracy Phillips for Nextran Truck Centers
Friendly and knowledgeable. Squeaky clean state of the art facility. Superb staff
24 days ago
Ted Ch for Sapp Bros.
Clean and roomy gas islands. Truck, car separation. Excellent coffee options.
24 days ago
ALL FOR-ALL Remodeling for Nextran Truck Centers
Parts dep. very helpful. Service check in is a big question how to rate them. No rate I can found here half a star ⛅
24 days ago
Sunshine_ingot for Nextran Truck Centers
25 days ago
Alexander Navarro for ELAYSHA TRANSPORT LLC
Very well manners individual has come to our location a few time Always on time very reliable carrier.
26 days ago
Pushkar M. Singh, Esq. for Nextran Truck Centers
Great place !
27 days ago
Muyoo H for Westfall O'Dell Truck Sales
Brought my truck here on 5/17/21 at 2pm i was there untill 5/18/21 till 8pm , they had my truck in the shop this whole time and they couldn’t find out what’s wrong with it i payd $2600. Next day I took it back home to GATR Volvo in Des Moines,IA and they found the problem in 2 hours and got the truck fixed in 3 hours with labor and parts it was $1400 .And also no one will let you know the progress or whats going on they just keep racking up hours on your truck to hit you with a big bill , i don’t mind paying for it but not when it hasn’t been fixed , So Thanks for nothing. 👎 wasted my time and money.
27 days ago
Troy Clark for Sapp Bros.
Everything you need in a quick stop. The family bathroom is wonderful and I hope this idea catches on everywhere. Always friendly and helpful staff at Sapp Brothers.
28 days ago
Awesome the people are very nice the bus rides are the best
29 days ago
Adam Herring for Amazon Fulfillment Center - BHM1
I love working here Amazon really takes care of their employees.
29 days ago
Joshua Carlton for Sapp Bros
Was told that 2 Ethiopian chicken legs was $5.79. Everything was EXTREMELY HIGH PRICED. Won't be stopping here again anytime soon. The only thing that was decent bout this place was the janitor, he was a complete joy to associate with
29 days ago
Tevis Palmer for Sapp Bros Café
Sapp Bros is an excellent place to go for fuel and for eating out. Great place. Keep it up.
We have fleet insurance with nitic and find their customer service to be very pleasant. If we ever have a question they are always available or return our call quickly. Their rates are very good also.
30 days ago
O R N Logistics Inc. for Nextran Truck Centers
Thank you for giving us great roadside service! We were broke down along I75 north in Florida. We just left the rest area to start our drive for the day and bam the truck quit! Called these guys, your service department is wonderful and very helpful in getting us what we needed to fix the issue. The tech got there as soon as he could. Hooked it up to the computer and was able to diagnose the problem with fixing it and now back on the road....oh, and the cost was quite doable! The tech was fantastic! Very pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable! Thank you for getting us back on the road so we could make our delivery.
a month ago
I love my dining set! Great customer service
a month ago
They have a great selection of kid beds in stock. I found the perfect bunkbed for my kids. Thanks Elite!
a month ago
a month ago
I finally found the right sectional for my house at this new furniture store in lemon grove. They delivered at the time I needed it, great service!
a month ago
Denis Atkinson for Nextran Truck Centers
Nice business got my parts fast friendly service clean and neat terminal
a month ago
Kathleen Shoopman for Sapp Bros Travel Center
Cool bathrooms! Nice clean store! The restaurant needs help though. I ordered two eggs scrambled and an English muffin. I received two over easy eggs and a dry barely toasted muffin. I tried to get the waitress attention to no avail. I ate the eggs in the interest of time. I asked her for jam and after the third time asking her, she brought out one package of grape. Then the kicker was she charged me $7.99 for a two egg combo! Won't eat here again!
a month ago
Roberto Lopez for Sapp Bros Travel Center
Stopped in for cigs and cashier made my day by asking for my license. Bathrooms were clean and well stocked. Store was overall clean and organized.
a month ago
Deb Lorance for Sapp Bros Travel Center
Love this store and fuel station. The woman's bathrooms are incredible. Always clean. Has a bidet/heated seat. Get everything at one stop. We had their chicken sandwiches that was very good. You won't be disappointed if you stop here! A+++ Friendly and helpful staff.
a month ago
Val A for Nextran Truck Centers
Great Service, perfect communication , reasonable price , fear and correct diagnostic and people !!! HQ of Volvo North America, spouse do some specials for the dealer like this guys, because, some of the Volvo truck dealers in USA, like the dealer in Denver,CO, working hard on up-side .... Against Volvo North America. Nextran make me to start thinking about to buy Volvo again . HQ of Volvo spouse to say THANK YOU to you too... Special Regards for David Rios from service department !!! Thank you!
a month ago
Irresponsible and unprofessional. Will easily lose a carrier to save a couple $ on a well earned TONU or layover. Not only do they not have afterhours support, but there's no help you can count on during regular business hours either. Steve Gardner apparently went on a week long vacation the moment he clicked *send* on a load, leaving no one in charge. What we have to show for working with them is a damaged trailer and a day wasted, and looking at all the reviews, seems we should have expected exactly that.
a month ago
Avoid doing buisness with those guys, very rude and unproffesional, we took the load and our truck was at the shipper, and it turned out that the load is gone...Of course that they didn't pay for TONU...
a month ago
Jaime Soto for Nextran Truck Centers
Growing business here in Tallahassee. Getting better as time goes in.
Had to have my vehicle towed two times after the initial tow there, because it was not fixed. Adding up to three times my car was towed there. An employee even said that they work there and wouldn’t take their own vehicle there. I was Charged for the the last tow, which I shouldn’t have been because it was their job to fix the car. I told them to do whatever as long as the car will be fixed, and they failed. My car now runs, but not properly. Done trying with them. But will add, the towing guys are awesome!!! I appreciate them so much! They were nice & listened more to me about what was wrong with my car than anyone. Shoutout to the towing men!!
a month ago
Kirk Schrunk for Sapp Bros Travel Center
Kind of hard to get to. Not much to look at from outside. Really kind of cramped into the space they have. Pleasantly surprised by the inside really nice
a month ago
Laurel Hoog for Sapp Bros
Clean. Having bidets in bathrooms was strange. Helpful clerk. Gas prices high...not their fault of course.
a month ago
Todd Jackson for Sapp Bros Café
So today 5/16/2021 we decided to go to sap brothers after a long time of not going. I have to say this has been the worst customer service we have ever encountered here. We have a family of 5 who came in and sat down at a table and were there at least 5 minutes no waitress ever came over to talk to us. Then 3 other tables with 2 people each came in and sat around us. When the waitress Shauna finally came over she completely ignored our table and went and helped the 3 tables around us. After she came back to the tables a second time finally turned around and acknowledged us. She gave us 3 things of utensils and our menus and said she will be right back. I proceeded to watch her ignore us completely again for two more pass throughs with the other tables. So we decided to leave and all got up and left. This was the last chance we will give apple barrel ever again. Ridiculous
a month ago
Mark Connelly for Food Giant
Always have what I'm looking for. Check out clerks are always friendly and happy to be there.
a month ago
hector dejesus for Nextran Truck Centers
Love the retail store here I drop of a truck and went shopping lol
a month ago
Bitch Please for Sapp Bros Travel Center Mini Mart
Cashes checks 24/7 and a great selection of food. The women's bathroom has a boday and the people are always respectful
a month ago
Alexa Baby for GFY FREIGHT LLC
a month ago
David Jurss for San Antonio Thermo King
Came in with a warranty issue, and was taken care of right away and out the door in about 20 minutes. I always do my best to get all my parts from here, because of knowledgeable and friendly staff! Thanks guys!
a month ago
Ric Smith for Truck Safe Haven
Had port a John's for bathroom clean well lighted
a month ago
Hector Vazquez for Nextran Truck Centers
This is mu go to shop for my volvo. Ask for Emi Cruz, he is the best. Always pays attention to details and great customer service, bilingual and always helpful.
a month ago
Paul Casto for Sapp Bros.
If you got to stop and use the restroom somewhere these guys have the best cleanest restrooms you'll find anywhere amongst food and Sundry items for the road oh and let's not forget gas.
a month ago
Anita Jackson for Sapp Bros. Travel Center
Friendly greeting with smile, If you happen to stop in sometime in wee hours in the early morning quite, peaceful silence. Indoor environment has a real positive vibe to in serena. Great place for travel gifts, or Gift for relative, friend, neighbor. and
a month ago
Juanita Hernandez for Sapp Brothers
Lots of gas pumps. Friendly service. Their bathroom is very interesting. It has a Binet. I have never seen one or used one. Photos Included in this review! It washes and dries and has a seat warmer. Lol. They have an A&W inside their stop. Have some minor shopping with some cool stuff. Magenta. Trinkets. Charging necessities. Shirts. Homemade jellies. It’s always more fun to stop at these kinds of places versus regular gas stations. Currently waiting on our root beer floats as we head to Iowa for work!
a month ago
Dr Edward Risinger for CMV Weigh station
I give it. 001 stars. How much money did we tax payer put in to that #$%% up disaster. Just saying.. Not very well thought out. One pit ,really. Let me know what you ? about it.