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11 days ago
Jennifer Hanna for NON-STOP MOVING INC
Non-stop moving is a sub-contractor for American Plus moving and storage. When American Plus originally has you sign a contract they quoted us 3-10 days for delivery. When Non-stop moving came to pick out items up not only did they upcharge us for packing materials, they packed items that we specifically asked needed to be packed or not. They specifically told us not to pack my husband's weight set, but then on pick up day told us it needed to be packed and charged us an extra $300 for packing materials. They also failed to mention that there was an extra charge for a "long carry" which is anything over 50 feet distance. When we originally signed the contract there was NO mention. We told them we had our stuff in storage, we told them what floors that units were on and they mentioned nothing about an upcharge. It is now day 10 from the pick up day and our items are still in Chicago. Both companies blame it on the other with zero resolution. Eli from non-stop is saying that I need to contact american plus because they promise a date of 21 days after the date that delivery would be available. They never informed us of any such date. There was zero communication with non-stop movers. Non-stop blames the misinformation on American Plus and American Plus blames is on Non-stop. No one can give me a straight answer as to why I was given misinformation. Both companies seem like total scam companies.
12 days ago
Best service
14 days ago
D washington for Law Office of Jonathan James LLC
I would recommend Jonathan to ANYONE that has a situation that requires legal representation. He is professional, polite, knowledgeable, and his office staff exemplified great customer service/knowledge of the industry. He is very knowledgeable of the legal system and has a great reputation with the county. If you need legal representation, hire this guy in a heart beat. He is the best in the business. Not to mention that his office has a 24/7 staff support. Call him ASAP if you need help.
14 days ago
Claudia Stevens for Traffic Ticket Team
I was satisfied with the overall service provided and the cooperation of the representative who I was in touch with. I received timely and adequate correspondence and the process was clearly explained to me. I felt as if the company had my best interest at heart and would do their best to get the best outcome for me. I also felt the fee was reasonable and I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the case
14 days ago
Akesha Samadhi for
He changed my ticket to non-moving violation, no points, well worth the cost. Attorney was fast and efficient. Best money I ever spent with an attorney. He seems caring and very dedicated, no nonsense get it done. He can give referrals for other matters - if you need an attorney call today. Very highly recommended.
14 days ago
Dylan suarez for Fienman Defense LLC
I had a few issues in the past with my license, Mike was so great
14 days ago
Ryan Fordyce for Your Traffic Ticket Lawyer, LLC
I can't say enough great things about working with Trevor. His group is timely, professional and very responsive. Instead of paying all of my tickets at once Trevor was able to handle them in a strategic manner which resulted in a lower fine total to me. If you are looking for top notch service at a reasonable price Trevor is your guy.
Felony drug charges have controlled my life for 24 years. Yesterday that all changed thank to Michael Risley and his team. I went in from of the pardon and parole board and received approval for my pardon. Now, im just waiting on the governor to sign it. I cannot thank Michael, Michelle, and Caitlin enough for all the hard work they have done over the last year. If you are tired of being controlled by your past, i urge you to contact Michael Risleys team. They let you know ahead of time that it is a long process, but its well work the time. Thank you Michael Risley for changing my life.
I was going through a difficult traffic violation which then led me into finding Ed. Ed is wonderful! He has been super helpful and responsive throughout my case. Although traffic violations may seem like a minor offense, he was patient throughout my entire ordeal. He even answered all my dramatic and probably won't happen, worst-case-scenarios questions. As I am not familiar with law terminology, I especially appreciate him explaining what the legal terms meant and its relation to current PA laws. Ed definitely earned my trust with this case. If I ever get into a pinch again, without a doubt, he will be the first person I will be contacting. If anyone out there is going through a sticky or similar situation like mine, I strongly and highly recommend Ed to represent you! Thank you again Ed for all your help!
15 days ago
Meri Degroft for DeBruin Law PLLC
We found out through our insurance company that SOS was revoking my husbands license in 6 days. We never heard from SOS, no letter or anything until 3 days before the suspension. The suspension was from an accident he had 10 years ago in a different state. We were floored because he had already done a restricted license 10 years ago as part of the ruling. Tiffany answered our call at 6pm on a Thursday. She emailed a contract to us that night. She had a motion filed at our county courthouse within 24 hours. Unfortunately his license was suspended for 3 months during the hearing process but Tiffany answered every email and call within minutes of reaching out to her wether it was 6am, 10pm, Monday or Sunday. She even hiked 2 miles a day on her vacation to get cell signal to check her emails and let us know as soon as the ruling was in. She constantly kept us up to date on the case and kept us reassured that we were a priority. She managed to get the ruling changed and my husband his license back without restrictions, like nothing happened. SOS was back logged and it took 10 years for them to find his folder, no statute of limitations but Tiffany made sure that they realized this was charged incorrectly as a reckless driving charge and it should be back dated. I hope we never have to hire her again, but would do so in a heartbeat! We can not thank her enough for all she did for us. Definitely recommend hiring Tiffany!!
16 days ago
Tressey King for Zuckerman Law Firm, LLC
Our son, who is from Illinois, was visiting the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for college when he was charged with an aggravated assault, strangulation and prohibited acts. Mr. Zuckerman listened to our situation, took his case and consistently kept in contact with us. Our son, who has a mental illness was looking at least seven years prison time and Mr. Zuckerman was able to get the best possible outcome of six months’ probation with anger management treatment and therapy. Mr. Zuckerman was there for us although we were 700 miles away!! If you need legal representation, we highly recommend Mr. Zuckerman. We are very grateful for him for helping our son in getting a second chance.
16 days ago
Jeffery Little for J & M TRANZPORT INC
The owner Kevin Powell was very disrespectful to my wife over the phone when we contacted him about work. I would never worry with this company they way he was rude to us
16 days ago
Garrett Glidewell for DeVoe Treadwell, Attorney at Law P.A.
Easy 10/10. Absolutely THE best lawyer in town. I was blown away with his performance, professionalism, communication, and end result. He offered tons of advice before I even had my court date and never tried to get money out of me for it. He did a stellar job dealing with the case. It could have been up to 90day license suspension, thousands of dollars, and even possibly jail time. You know what he managed to get mine down to?! $200 fine is it! I was absolutely blown away with his performance. He has been in the business a long time and it definitely shows. 200$ plus his costs, which were super reasonable and I had it all behind me. I was absolutely blown away by Mr. Treadwell and I would not recommend you go anywhere but to him. 10/10
16 days ago
Jennifer Tuley for Traffic Ticket Team
Traffic Ticket Team with the Law Offices of Jason A. Diamond, P.A. is the best team to choose. The staff is amazingly nice and they fight for you. I had a traffic ticket that I presented to them and they kept me in the loop with all the court activities and was able to get my ticket dismissed. I was referred to them by a friend and she told me just how great they are. Guess what? She was right. The best team and Law firm in the county! Thank you Traffic Ticket Team!
This is the best pardon and expundement firm and team in the state. Their case managers are outstanding and Mr. Risley and the other attys are outstanding. There is no other firm I want representing me for a pardon and expungement. They literally wrote the laws on pardons and expungements. I will always owe them a debt for all they have done for me.
With only 2 people working they did a quick and good wash.
17 days ago
Walid Azimi for Sullo & Sullo, LLP
Very nice people, behaving very good and responsive on time. I have my ticket to be done next month in the court. I will have another review and share the result here. Thanks Hi everyone I'm back to say my tickets dismissed yesterday it took longer than months due to covid but they could manage to dismiss my tickets. They are really professional and nice people. Thanks 😊
17 days ago
Olivia adams for Grabel & Associates
This is hands down the best law office to contact. I had the pleasure of working with Will Amadeo and he is a bulldog! These guys know how to get you the best possible outcome
To be totally honest, I live in Texas. When I got this ticket I was going home from a birthday celebration. I contacted a few lawyers here in Texas that might have a NM license, but I had no luck. Contacting Glenn Smith Valdez, was a shot in the dark. I provided details about my ticket, my location, and how I just couldn't go back and forth to court for this ticket. I was assured I was in good hands from the very beginning; communication between us was surprising, refreshing at that. A client has a different peace of mind when your lawyer, totally makes good on his set expectations; and on top of that to get a result in the client's favor much more quick than expected. I honestly truly appreciate the professionalism, the constant communication, and the end result, which was a complete dismissal!! I give many thanks to this entire office personnel!!! Thank you!!!
18 days ago
Ryan Miller for Denver Traffic Lawyer, LLC
So I didn't end up needing an attorney for my ticket but I did speak with Jake over here. Out of the 3 places I called they were the cheapest. On top of that he spent 30 minutes on the phone with me answering questions and explaining the process. He was extremely nice and informative. All the other places I called seemed like they were in a rush to get me off the phone. I have lots of experience with traffic attorneys in Los Angeles and was very impressed with how helpful Jake was. If I ever need these services this will definitely be my go to place.
18 days ago
Ashley Nicklis for Cotten Law Firm, PLLC
Unfortunately I needed the services of an attorney to help me with a speeding ticket. I'm writing to say that I would absolutely recommend the good folks at Cotten Law Firm. The price to resolve this was very affordable and most importantly, I made one phone call and several weeks later (on my court date), I received an email confirming all had been taken care of for me - no insurance points!! In today's world, I don't often see this level of customer service. So great value and very professional and pleasant staff!
18 days ago
JEFF E for The Davis Law Group, P.C.
I highly recommend the Davis Group. Brandon was excellent to work with and did a phenomenal job. Start to finish a true professional. I could not have been happier with the outcome of my case. If I am ever in need of an attorney for a traffic case again he will be my first call!!
18 days ago
jay tate for Langer Law Firm Ticket Defense
Gordon is the only guy you want going to court for you. Trust me.
18 days ago
J Burris for The Nick Carter Law Firm, P.C.
I definitely recommend the people here at The Nick Carter Law Firm. They helped me out with my unique situation and took care of everything within a timely matter! If you need representation definitely use them, their prices are the best I’ve found. Thanks again NCLF, I appreciate everything you did for me.
When I came into the establishment I was greeted with kindness and Mr. Meadow and his staff was very professional in handling my case, I am truly happy with the outcome because of his Responsive Action. Yes, I would recommend friends, I know he would stand by them. I am well satisfied with his commitment and truly Thankful.
John did a tremendous job on my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a understanding and very professional lawyer.
18 days ago
Anton Kriuchkov for Jason A. Wilkins, P.C. - Traffic Attorney
Awesome experience. No headache, Jason were keep me in touch all the time through the process. Positive experience. Definitely going to hire him in next time.
19 days ago
Robin Hainesworth for Shrager Defense Attorneys
I highly recommend Shelley, she is very knowledgeable, professional and quite brilliant in her profession. She saved me from a 2 1/2 year license suspension. She's awesome and thank you again Shelley. Oh, and I must add Erin and Frankie are awesome as well, thanks guys!
19 days ago
Dustin Michell for J & M TRANZPORT INC
Owner is disloyal and treated me like crap
19 days ago
Danny Walters for The Gogel Law Firm
Jeremy at Gogel Law Firm was most excellent in handling my traffic ticket issue. He and his staff were very courteous knowledgeable and polite. They resolve my issue most expediently and we're very cost-efficient and thorough!
19 days ago
Greg Davis II for Coontz Law
I was charged without knowledge for a crime that I did not commit without any police contact or any type of communication with the police. Charlotte was amazing, she not only took care of me turning myself in and not causing any arrest in public but she also got the charges DROPPED. She is awesome, the entire staff is great! Thank you guys again!
19 days ago
Anne Stengle for Traffic Counsel, LLC
Delighted with result and very thankful for their work. I highly recommend.
With a case with very unique circumstances lead me to needing the help of highly skilled attorney. After contacting a few attorneys I met with Lauren. I knew immediately she would be the one I would hire for this case as she understood the uniqueness of it and how I should address my case for the best possible outcome. She exceeded my expectations with her knowledge and her being personally present throughout my case. She is an amazing person and highly skilled intuitive attorney! Lauren, Thank you!
19 days ago
JB for Hunsucker Legal Group
From day 1 these guys were thorough, great communication, always answered my calls or emails very fast... Douglas was my attorney and was great. They always explained everything plainly before hand there were not any surprises and went beyond to help me out in my situation. Fee was very reasonable and up front no surprises there either. The results are exactly what I was hoping for. Very understanding, professional, and knowledgeable folks. This is who you want on your side for sure.
19 days ago
Quawn Armstrong for Coontz Law
Works diligently for the best possible outcome. Dustyn gives his all and also gives you and ur family a peace of mind as well. Would recommend to any and everyone. Secured a major W in a big criminal case.
19 days ago
Quinton Armstrong for Coontz Law
Great team of people ! Dustyn is an amazing lawyer and person. Very professional and passionate about what he does. Got to know and understand me as person. I am very happy with him and all he has done. I would recommend him to anyone.
19 days ago
Nomi Rose for The Gogel Law Firm
One of the best lawyers I’ve ever had! Handled 4 of my cases with zero issues. Extremely professional. He is well acquainted with a lot of our local court systems and policies of each! I will use him every time!
19 days ago
Brittany Reeves for The Gogel Law Firm
Amazing lawyer! Very informative and helpful. Made my life so easy! He took care of everything with little work from me and great pricing!
20 days ago
Ciaara Riverah for Traffic Ticket Team
" I have nothing but great things to say, I have used Traffic Ticket Team on two occasions and recently recommended to my Mom. Traffic Ticket team is fast, reliable and gets the job done! I recommend to anyone seeking help. "
20 days ago
Jo Cloud for Traffic Ticket Team
The service I received was very helpful and I really appreciated it, this was my second time using them and I was satisfied both times. Prompt, Professional and Pleasant. I would suggest you give them a try. I recommend them to my family and friends. "
20 days ago
Sajith Padmaja for John Delmore
Hi John - I am extremely grateful for your services. I really appreciate your brilliance, experience and professionalism. Thank you very much!
If you want things done the right way and fast! Contact Albert Quirantes!! Right away! I’ve known Albert for about 7 years now and he has helped me, my family and friends with any situation! He treats everyone like family never gives up or pushes any case to the side! He is my friend and I am lucky to say he is MY LAWYER! who I trust with everything! Thank you for always helping me and my love ones!
20 days ago
sal palumbo for Collins Law Firm
Collins law firm is the best! Very professional and extremely effective. He was able to settle my case much quicker than expected giving me peace of mind which is something you cannot put a price on. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of an attorney. He will not disappoint. Would also like to say the women in the office were very kind and patient with all my questions. Do not hesitate to give them a call!
20 days ago
Samuel Pyers for Grabel & Associates
The amount of disrespectful and unprofessional behavior from Marcie is absolutely unacceptable. At one point saying she couldn't work with me, if my wife listens to what she was rudely saying to me. Sending me messages that were meant to go to her friend. Just beware and I hope to God you don't have to experience what I went through. Scott Grabel is a great owner (I did get my license back) so can't down grade Scott's practice he is very friendly and outgoing just the one lawyer he has I would watch out getting.
20 days ago
Cameron Reinoso for The Nick Carter Law Firm, P.C.
I am a young 23 year old adult that got caught up with Wyoming law in the worst way! I was completely confused and worried about everything that I had coming down the pipeline. Derek and the team took charge in reviewing everything to ensure I had the best possible outcomes for my case! I would trust this team with anything and I’m glad I picked up the phone! Honest and respectful!
20 days ago
Brett Crawford for The Gogel Law Firm
My brother and I had Mr Gogel work on a couple of different things for us. He was always very perfessional and very knowledgeable. He always communicated very well with both my brother and me. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know. And would use him again in the future.
20 days ago
Fatdad 412 for Shrager Defense Attorneys
I would like to thank The Shrager defense team for all the great things they accomplished for me!!! They made me feel like they actually cared and was by my side the whole way!!!! Their very understanding of every situation and they know What they are doing!!! I would highly recommend Shrager Defense if you are in any type of conflict…. I would like to thank, Mr. Shrager, Ms. Dana, Ms. Duff, and Mr. Lyol…. Sorry if I spelled the name wrong, for taking very good care of me….. I would also like to thank Ms. Erin for being so kind and caring, I appreciate all the support from the Shrager Defense Family!!!
20 days ago
Todd Bontecou for Freeburg Law, LLC
I've worked many civil and criminal cases with Freeburg Law over the years, some going to trial, many settling out of court. They do an outstanding job for their clients. They put in the time and resources needed to present the best possible case. Most important, they care. Easy to work with, top notch trial lawyers. I'd highly recommend them for any civil or criminal case. Todd Bontecou President Bontecou Investigative Services, Inc
20 days ago
renegade consulting for Law Office of Douglas E. Portnoy, PLLC
Excellent experience! Humble, honest and straight-forward are not words one can always associate with lawyers. In this case, you can say that and more for Attorney Portnoy. He is highly effective for very reasonable rates as other posters indicate. I managed to rack up speeding infractions in both Wake and Johnston Co, and he got them both reduced to next to nothing. No increased insurance costs for me! Definitely reach out to Doug if you find yourself in a similar situation, you will not regret it.
They need more help probably better tools to reach the areas that they keep missing