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4 hours ago
Janet Longway for Giant Food
Great store! I was having trouble finding a special kind of yogurt by chobani and a young man named Daniel asked if I needed help and he went right to the back and grabbed it for me. Very friendly store!
17 hours ago
Bass Hunter for GIANT Food Stores
Clean and we'll taken care of. Went in for bread and milk left with a few extras. Couldn't pass up fudge ice cream bars and onions and of course hamburger buns at $0.99 a pack. Only thing they didn't have in Turkey Hill ice cream was CHOCOLATE. STILL WORTH 5 STARS. THANKS
18 hours ago
Adam Stewart for Giant Farmers Market
This is a really great hidden gem in the area. Their fresh produce section large and much better than any of the large chain grocery stores in the area at a fraction of the cost.
19 hours ago
Amrita Kaur for Zoey's Deli
The best sandwiches in the North East - fresh bread, ingredients, and chips! A great lunch to enjoy in or pick up and take for a picnic at Hapgood Pond or the Equinox. Staff is super nice - New England comfort!
20 hours ago
S D for GIANT Food Stores
I'm always treated nice by staff. Good food products along with prepared food. Clean store. Good sales a bit more than Walmart but not as crowded and more items u want.
20 hours ago
Jihad Mohammad for ALDI
Nice place to shop and prices on most items. Great selections and fast customer service.
20 hours ago
David Little for ALDI
The staff are very friendly. The store was recently updated and looks like new. Most importantly the produce is VERY FRESH! Also the meat is spectacular. As you can see I am very happy with this store.
21 hours ago
Paula M for ALDI
I love this store. I love the reasoning behind the store and have been happy with most of the items available. Can't wait until the East Chase location is open as it's closer to my house. One my uncle frequented an Aldi in Florida and liked the savings you get and that's saying something. I can save money on my groceries and the prices are better than Walmart.
23 hours ago
Boundless adVANture for ALDI
Love these stores...decent selection and can't beat the prices l
a day ago
Diana W for ALDI
The prices!! Holy cow I spend 1/3 less at least than almost any other store in town! 90% of my purchases are the Simply Nature which is non-gmo &/or organic. Then there's the chocolate hummus! 😍😍
a day ago
Dan C for ALDI
Great prices, I save a lot of money on the items I buy there, albeit those are generic products. Their generic items are very good. The only downside is limited selection, no bags at check out(bring bags) and a quarter to use shopping cart.
a day ago
Gruia Matei for Lineage Logistics
Quick in/out times by appointment
a day ago
Lyle Seigel for Giant Food
Great food, low prices, excellent service and convenient to I-95!
a day ago
Enidza Maldonado-Arana for ALDI
Easy parking access, store was very clean, the shelves were pretty much stocked and the lines moved very quickly. We found everything and more of our shopping, will definitely go back.
a day ago
Shawn Johnston for Restaurant Depot
I don't have a true review yet just a question, are you still open to the public? If so will you remain open to the public always? My wife and I hope we can visit you this weekend. Thanks
a day ago
Antoinette rivera for Lineage Logistics
It's a great place to work the problem is that truck drivers complain about everything that is small day don't have time for anything. 1 I am a truck driver woman who understand people working there hard and day trying the best day can t ok take care of us drivers
a day ago
Lee Posniack for Giant Farmers Market
Great selection of fruits and vegetables as well as a host of other items - meat, fish, chicken, general merchandise, sushi and sandwiches too!
a day ago
Charles Arana for ALDI
It was a rainy day, so considering that,the store was clean. They had enough products. Pricing was good. And the lines moved quickly.
a day ago
Kenny Abreu for Restaurant Depot
Very good appointment at 9:30am got there at 9:15am out by 11am thanks good service
a day ago
Tiffany Kareem for Giant Food
Love this Giant. The workers are great and helpful and always let me know when something will be back in stock/ordered.
a day ago
Keith Fry for ALDI
Good store. Doesn't have dinnertime m somethings and brand names.
a day ago
DevonnaMichelle King for ALDI
Their food is disgusting! No matter how many other ingredients you add to make the meal not taste generic, it's a loss. I tried them over Walmart, and while I saved $20, it wasn't worth it. I'll stick to Food Lion and Walmart for cheap prices, and free bags.
a day ago
Duane Schroeder for ALDI
Strange labels but good food and best prices
a day ago
Robert Hill for Restaurant Depot
Terrible place to deliver, especially if you have a truck with a sleeper. Back into the lot at the loading dock entrance. The only way to get into the dock is to blindside back. There is no parking on the street. Difficult to get in & out in the morning time. It’s a cluster f___. Do not show up earlier than your scheduled appointment time. The young lady at the check in podium is very rude, and it’s apparent she hates her job.
a day ago
LITTNEY WHITE for Restaurant Depot
Dontrell (god I hope I spelled it right) YOU DA MAN! Everyone was extremely helpful today but THIS guy is the real MVP. 30 - 35lb jugs of canola oil never loaded so easily, I really appreciate you!
a day ago
Tiff LovesButterflies for ALDI
Always love getting my produce here. Went early enough to avoid the lines and crowd. Racked up on my fruits and veggies. Am pleasantly happy to find keto/low carb products. Not many but enough to be excited about and hopefully they'll bring more! Always well lit and clean! Love browsing through the isle with regular products like pots and such. Can usually find something for the kitchen, kids, or gifts.
a day ago
Benita Agee for Giant Food
I live near Giant #0373, and I like the fact that it is clean and always well stocked. However the meat quality could use a major upgrade. I can only purchase meat that I plan on cooking the same day and it’s now have been three occasions where I have purchased and opened spoiled meat. If the meat is not spoiled, it’s close to it!!! You have to do better!! Not sure if it is due to the neighborhood it’s in or bad purchasing, but something needs to be done....
a day ago
Imran Hossain for Restaurant Depot
Cheap price good halal hot wings.
a day ago
Unicorn for ALDI
The lady that checked me out was awesome! With kids n tow I had everything already n boxes & she kept it simple for me. So I just had to walk out when she was done. Love this store every time i go to fargo I swing n there. Never any problems!!! Keep up the great work. Love the smiles & upbeat additude in there.
a day ago
mark cope for ALDI
Good experience and store. Will return many more times!!
a day ago
Deeann Fassett for O'Maddi's Deli & Cafe
O’Maddi’s fits a niche not available elsewhere in Central Vermont. Freshly made deli food, breakfast options, large menu, homemade baked goods and lots of drink options including alcohol. People are friendly, prices are fair, and they’re always busy so that’s a sure sign of quality!
a day ago
Ed Golla for Restaurant Depot
Got 50 lbs of very good popcorn last May when they were Open to the public during Corona Virus. Are you still Open to the public because of Corona Virus?
2 days ago
Anderson Corbin for ALDI
Store is clean well run. No issues from the parking lot to the check out line. Friendly staff.
2 days ago
Sam Ima for Restaurant Depot
Very clean .. But better to improve the parking in front of the exit .. it's little James.
2 days ago
David Wall for The Depot
Me and my Brother in Law Jacoby from Papa Roach just had a great dining experience at The Depot. He had the Corn Beef Hash that James our waiter recommended. He loved it and actually said it was the best breakfast he’d ever had. I had the Super Chief. It was really good too. The staff was very attentive and helpful. Mary (the boss) gave me a tour of the building and and was super kind. We got to meet Michael her husband and the kitchen staff to see where the magic happens. I know I’m leaving names out and hate it because they were all so nice and now feel like family. Mary and Michael thanks so much for following your dreams. Maybe I’ll be that brave one day. Great Experience and if I’m ever in town again I’ll be sure to come by to visit. Thanks David
2 days ago
Cecy Good for GIANT Food Stores
Good quality of their produce, it has everything and the place is very clean .... My kinda grocery store
2 days ago
Lynn Kruft for GIANT Food Stores
I love this Giant and their selection of meat is usually very good. However, this morning I purchased a Tyson pre-packaged roast with vegetables for crockpot cooking. I’ve purchased a similar product at a competitor which was very good. I just knew Giant’s would be better. Not so! The Chuck roast was very thin and fatty and the onions, carrots and celery were slimy and looked as if they had been frozen. I threw them away. I won’t buy this product at Giant again.
2 days ago
Elle Richard for Restaurant Depot
Restaurant Depot is off dah chain, can't touch it, overwhelm'n cas I was totally SPEECHLESS👅!!!
2 days ago
Jeff Levesque for O'Maddi's Deli & Cafe
Nice place. The owner was super friendly and willing to accommodate my Keto diet. Great scrambled eggs with cheddar and the bacon and sausage were perfectly cooked as well. Definately worth a visit.
2 days ago
Ariana Hinton for ALDI
My experience was great until I encountered the cashier William. Extremely rude and passive aggressive. Made several rude comments. I asked him the price of an item and he responded by saying it’s right on the product, my total was$123.10 I initially gave him $125 but then said I have a dime. His response was “too late I already punched in the original amount you handed me” and slammed the drawer. If I gave bad customer service like him I would be terminated from my job immediately.
2 days ago
Tonia Terry for Restaurant Depot
The depot in South Philadelphia is always junkie, unorganized and empty. The depot on Fox Street, is just the opposite. It's an inconvenience to travel the distance to the items you need.
2 days ago
Justin Flores for Jetro/Restaurant Depot
Long lines. But they got good prices
2 days ago
Gwynlee Wms for ALDI
Large Aldi good selection of organic fruit and vegetables. Easy check out. They are using brown paper bags now which I think is a good thing
2 days ago
Justin Case for Lineage Logistics
Plenty of overnight parking on surrounding streets but not on property. Make sure your trailer is pretty cool to at least 20° or you will be told to leave the property and cool your trailer and possibly face a late fee even though you have already checked in. Do not check in more than a couple hours early or you will be charged a work in fee. Other than that the place is to be as expected 2 to 4 hours loading time
2 days ago
Cara Harvey for Giant Farmers Market
This Market is amazing! So clean and everything is top notch! One of the wonderful staff members noticed we were looking for a (very obscure) item that they did not have. He asked us to write it down on a pad of paper he was holding so he could try to order it. Highly, highly recommend this market!
2 days ago
David Danh for GIANT Food Stores
Omg that cashier was beautiful not just physically but she was definitely doing more than her share.. i dont know her name but she deserves a raise asap
2 days ago
Jackie Williams for ALDI
One of my favorite grocery stores. .good selection of cheeses and fish... The trail mix selection is one of the best
3 days ago
Newgirl Ramsey for ALDI
It was nice ☺️ that was my first time going there so everything was new 🥺 to me but everything is great 😄
3 days ago
Leslie Grover for Restaurant Equipment & Supply
Every time I've shopped here, they have exactly what I'm looking for. The staff is nice and helpful. Everyone was wearing a mask. Their prices are inexpensive. I love this store. The best thing is, it's open to the public not just restaurants. 5 stars😊
3 days ago
Khalid W for Lineage Logistics
The best place. Shipping ladies were fun, professional and fast.