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M - Logistics, Transportation, Supply Chain Acronyms & Abbreviations Reference Guide.


Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (Europe)
Master Air Waybill
Monetary and Financial Code France
Manufacturer Identification Code
Modes of Transportation
Memorandum of Understanding
Merchandise Processing Fee
Mobile Resource Management
Movement Reference Number (EU)
Material Requirements Planning
Malaysia Countering Financing of Terrorism
Marks Letters, numbers or characters placed on a package for the purpose of identification.
Memorandum Bill of Lading
Memorandum Bill of Lading The third part of a multiple set of bill of lading.
Minimum Charge The least charge for what for which a shipment will be handled.
Motor Carrier 1) A for-hire motor carrier or a private motor carrier of property, including a motor carrier's agents, officers and representatives as well as employees responsible for hiring, supervising, training, assigning, or dispatching of drivers and employees concerned with the installation, inspection, and maintenance of motor vehicle equipment and/or accessories. 2) An employer firm that is primarily engaged in providing commercial motor freight or long distance trucking or transfer services.
Motor Freight Freight carried by motor transportation.
Mileage-based User Fees A user charge based on miles driven in a specific vehicle. Often cited as an alternative to collecting an excise tax based on fuel consumed.
Manufacturer's Certificate (or Statement) of Origin A document certifying the country of origin of the merchandise required by certain for tariff purposes.
Motor Carrier Management Information System
Motor Carrier Services The government unit in a jurisdiction that is primarily responsible for administration of the International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA. This unit may also oversee the Unified Carrier Registrations program and collection of the federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.
Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program
Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act (of 1999) The purposes of this Act are to: a) Improve the administration of the Federal motor carrier safety program and to establish a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in the Department of Transportation. b) Reduce the number and severity of large-truck involved crashes through more commercial motor vehicle and operator inspections and motor carrier compliance reviews, stronger enforcement measures against violators, expedited completion of rulemaking proceedings, scientifically sound research, and effective commercial driver’s license testing, recordkeeping and sanctions.
Miles per Gallon The fuel economy of a vehicle based on the relationship between the distance traveled and the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle.
Motor Cycle Safety Foundation An organization that actively participates in government relations, safety research, public awareness campaigns and the provision of technical assistance to state training and licensing programs related to motorcycle use
Motor Vehicle A vehicle propelled otherwise than by muscular power, excepting such vehicles as run only upon rails or tracks and motorized bicycles.

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