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Pilot Flying J is the largest operator of travel centers in North America with more than 750 locations in 44 states and six Canadian provinces. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, the company employs more than 28,000 people. CEO Jimmy Haslam has embraced technology and moved Pilot Flying J in new directions, leading the company's growth from 1.1 billion fuel gallons sold in 1996 to more than 7 billion sold annually today. Pilot Flying J serves more than 1.6 million guests a day and is committed to connecting people and places with comfort, care and a smile at every stop.

Introducing Southern Tire Mart at Pilot Flying J

Through a partnership with Southern Tire Mart, we are now proud to offer Southern Tire Mart at Pilot Flying J! Our truck care centers offer key maintenance and repair services at over 35 locations nationwide! In addition to facilities at Pilot Flying J locations, customers will also have access to the 130 Southern Tire Mart locations across the US.

Truck Care Centers

Southern Tire Mart at Pilot Flying J’s state-of-the-art facilities is staffed with certified technicians equipped with the right solutions to get you back on the road quickly, safely, and feeling like you made the right choice.

Roadside Assistance

Southern Tire Mart at Pilot Flying J’s Call Center is committed to providing timely, professional assistance when you need it most. We offer dependable customer service 24/7, reliable roadside assistance and best-in-class service.


2 months ago
Daniel Turner for Pilot Travel Center
It’s very unfortunate that store clerks treat customers rude because they didn’t come in the store with a mask on as I witnessed here today. Very sad
2 months ago
JOSH S for Pilot Travel Center
Alexis is a very nice employee at this establishment. I appreciate you being kind and considerate of us truckers. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves
2 months ago
Scott Evans for Pilot Travel Center
Walk in to get a hot shower after driving all day only to be told by the associate she isn’t allowing drivers to take showers she’s the only working working until 7am. There always seems to be a issue with this location. The Pilot and Flying J Corp office could care less
2 months ago
Julia Kendrick for Pilot Travel Center
Love the fresh ground coffee. Make it one cup at a time!
2 months ago
Igor A Panteleyev for Pilot Travel Center
Nice and clean place with plenty of parking👍🏻
2 months ago
Courtney W for Pilot Travel Center
Horrible all around! Employees are flat out mean to guests & talking across the store to one another about how fun last night was. One cashier had a loud arguement with a customer & explained that she was hungover. The fuel pumps don't work! Dirty facility ,dirty attitudes!
2 months ago
Andrewcapo for Pilot Travel Center
Truck parking full at 5pm. Lots of dropped trailers and bobtails taking up spots. It's hard enough finding a spot to park as it is, dropped trailers should absolutely not be allowed.
2 months ago
Boris Schwarz for Pilot Travel Center
I'm visiting this place almost 10 years ( even more ) at least 3 times per week. Last year I see how quality level going down and down. To compare to its newborn here is underground. For example, on truck lanes more than 2 years the holders for roll paper - all of them - are damaged.
2 months ago
Rachel K for Pilot Travel Center
Came in last night(Saturday) to fuel up and start my 34. The two ladies and gentlemen working were exceptionally nice and very helpful. Now today (sunday).. I've been waiting all day to take a shower and the tall black young man working is not cleaning the shooters... instead he's outside hanging out with a couple other guys. Unacceptable! Do your job... it's not that hard.
2 months ago
wingin IT 44 for Pilot Travel Center
Employees are all awesome!!. Parking is all straight back in. They have 6 mens stalls. Most of which need help. 20 dollars a night for parking. Normal local begging. All 3 stars are for employees. And to CUSTOMERS it is much your responsibility to keep restrooms clean as theirs. Restrooms are a convince.
2 months ago
Albie Bonilla for Pilot Travel Center
I'd bypass this location if I could. The restrooms are not well maintained. Trash on the floor, towel dispensers were either empty or not working. Absolutely no hot food prepared and with no trays in the warmers you can tell nothing was gonna be cooked. And all of this is going on while 3 employees are stand in a huddle having a conversation. And by the look of other reviewers this is all common practice. The one bright spot is there's a security guard that helped direct me to an open spot. Thank you that was greatly appreciated.
2 months ago
Gedney Howe for Pilot Travel Center
Had a very sudden flat tire and I was not in a position to be able to change it myself. A couple of boys saved my hide and got me back on the road in a skinny minute. Carlton and Tye and a manager who's name I didn't get. Helped me out and had a smile while doing it.
2 months ago
Natalie Fallbach for Pilot Travel Center
Careful. We went inside for a quick stop to get sodas for the road and someone stole my iPhone from my pocket while in the checkout line. I went out to the car and immediately noticed it was gone. It happened so quick. I was talking on it and put it in my pocket to pay for the drinks. 45 seconds later I’m back in the car missing my phone. Check out lady said sorry you got brushed and it happens all the time. I realize that isn’t her fault but thought you should be aware that if you go inside you better know where your wallet is, and your cell phone
2 months ago
Bob B for Pilot Travel Center
Great place for gas and food. Dunkin and Subway are both right there. Good fuel prices and very clean restrooms!
2 months ago
Paul Horton for Pilot Travel Center
I noticed the high rating and all the recent bad reviews one after another so thought they were fake or fixed. My mistake, it really is that bad! Shower 4, black mold all over and dust cakes on the fan I can live with, but blood on the seat? They really just don't clean this one. I didn't look, but there was a very bad smell coming from the little trashcan.
2 months ago
Christina Ford for Pilot Travel Center
Staff is nice but sodas are pricey here
2 months ago
Judy Milton for Pilot Travel Center
Inside was clean as was the restroom. Employees very friendly and helpful. At 12:30 p.m. the donuts looked really dried out. Went to the Arby's inside. Looked pretty clean, but the employee at the register acted totally irked because I couldn't hear him. It was noisy, and obviously we both had masks on and the plexiglass was between us. He needs some customer service retraining. The sandwich and fries were good, typical Arby's stuff, but when I went to use the napkins...🤢...yuck. I don't know where they are stored, but they reek of dampness, wet cardboard and mildew. Makes me wonder about the sandwich I ate.
2 months ago
Murat Kar for Pilot Travel Center
This pilot is like oasis at the desert, especially after get loaded from Stratas Packaging. Employees are so kind and helpful. Thank you early morning shift lady 😉
2 months ago
Manny A J for Pilot Travel Center
Don't take too long of a shower here. The employees and management will start talking about you not knowing you're down stairs with them. Even at 1am with 8 other shower available like if you're holding people up. What they don't understand is we driver don't always come by shower as we like to and so when we do some of us take a detailed shower since we don't know when the next opportunity will be. We all can't take a daily shower like we'd like to.
2 months ago
Trese Doll for Pilot Travel Center
I went into this gas station after a long and exhausting day and car on E to stop and get gas. I was using a prepaid card at the moment because I use that for travel and I swiped my card inside for $15 worth of gas. I went to the pump later and NO Gas came up or showed as Prepaid on the pump. I later went inside to let them know and the person behind the counter explained to me that I had to swipe my card AGAIN! AFTER I CHECKED ON MY PREPAID ACCOUNT, THE $15 was already gone! I THEN ASLED THEM TO JUAT REFUND ME MY MONEY AND THEY COULDNT REFUND ME MY MONEY! I They told me to come back the Next day. I then told them that I wasn't leaving until I get my refund. The other rep told me that she was going in the office to check on my refund. Amd 5 mins later the police showed up and told me to get on the ground. That ended up being another story for the police department. I later checked back to get my refund, ended up having to get gas from another store! And later found our 2 weeks later that the Woman who checked me out had me swipe my card for Snacks that were for her! RIDICULOUS! I SHOULDNT of had to go through any of that! They didw wrong just ro find our that their rep was stealing from customers and to give me $15 back. After going through all of that and especially with the police dept I feel as if I am owed more money!

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