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3 days ago
Carefree Movers INC has outdone themselves. They are the NO.1 in my book. A stress free move! They came in. packed like nothing you have ever seen and then they were gone. And when they arrived with my belongings, it was all there! Plus they helped me unpack and rearrange the furniture. No damages, no hidden fees and they were very punctual. What else do I need?
3 days ago
These guys were very professional, efficient, caring and energetic. They were not late; they actually came a little early which I appreciated. They were careful not to scratch the walls or damage any of my things. They delivered on time and they were very nice and polite. I would definitely use them again and shall tell everyone how well Carefree Movers INC moved me.
5 days ago
Thank God I hired them, because if not I might be crying now like my friend who used another moving company who originally would also be my moving company. But I backed out at the last minute when they sent people who tried scamming me as soon as they arrived. Carefree Movers Inc was different from them. They provided me with legal documentation such as contracts (given and emailed to me before the booking started), receipts, inventory list, evaluation forms, etc. My move was almost perfect and I could jump high in happiness. Thank you so much for the great service.
9 days ago
Vincent Haynes for CAREFREE MOVERS INC
My journey with Carefree movers started a month ago when I called just to see if it would be worth it to have someone move me or if it was cheaper to move myself. When I talked to them it was just a couple hundred more dollars but with all the services that I got with the price, it was well worth it! And the best part was I got a binding not to exceed the quote so my price actually dropped lower at delivery because I did not have as many things as expected. Great job guys. Shall highly recommend you to all Thanks!!
12 days ago
Maram Farhat for Maramfarhat 0593822875
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12 days ago
Maram Farhat for Maramfarhat 0593822875
Maramfarhat 0593822875
12 days ago
If you need a good moving company, try calling Carefree Movers INC! That's what I did when I was searching for a moving company. Someone gave me their number and I inquired. The next thing I knew was, they were on my doorstep humbly packing up all my valuables and securing all the fragile furniture. Impressive! That's how I can describe the level of professional work they showed. They work fast but never sacrifice the quality of the work. I never had worries since they left after pick up. This was justified when they brought back everything in-tact and nothing was dirty, damaged or missing. Thumbs up!
14 days ago
Weston Hendrickson for LTZ HAUL TRUCKING LLC
I took a ride with the driver, it was an amazing experience. You should definitely use this company to deliver materials within the western half of the USA, this company is not getting enough recognition for how awesome it really is. This is definitely a five star rating in my book.
16 days ago
Lucas Castillo for CAREFREE MOVERS INC
This was a very organized move and it definitely helped us big time when we were setting the new house. After checking the inventory I was amazed because I didn't even see a single scratch. This was again because of the excellent packing and additional care the company had taken to make sure that there was no compromise on the packing quality. They accomplished the job without a single error! I am happy like anything with such a timely, smooth, stress free and affordable move. Hats off to Carefree Movers INC. They are surely a company one must consider if wanting to move comfortably.
16 days ago
After a mishap with aaa Bala motor towing couldn’t have been better! Great customer service!
18 days ago
Brent Franklin for CAREFREE MOVERS INC
I just wanted to say that our move went outstanding and thank them once again for all of their help. We are highly glad with the way our possessions were handled. The customer service agent was always available to answer questions. The moving folks did a great job and were very skilled and courteous. I was worried about this move as I have a 1 year old son and could not focus on the move, but they were fantastic! They worked so smoothly, they didn't even wake the baby up. I will definitely recommend Carefree Movers INC!
21 days ago
Wilbur Leonard for CAREFREE MOVERS INC
After a lot of disappointments I no longer wanted to move but this time my job betrayed me and I had no other option in hand. After a long research I finally came up with Carefree Movers INC and they impressed me all the way! I moved to a four-room house including many full sized appliances, big furniture and what felt like a zillion framed pictures and boxes with fragile stuff. It was a LONG day for all of them but they didn’t make a single complaint! The guys were super careful, courteous, respectful and good-natured. They were exceptionally competent. They managed the entire move all the way without a hitch! And I would not hesitate to recommend them again!!!
24 days ago
Roland Mckinney for CAREFREE MOVERS INC
We booked this company after being impressed by the reviews we read on this website. The sales rep was a very nice person to deal with. On the move day, the guy who was packing our kitchen was also a pleasure to deal with and he has done a very professional job in packing our breakables. The only complaint here is that he used too much tissue and bubble wrap, but I guess that is why we had no damage. They were all very polite and knew what they were doing. I recommend hiring Carefree Movers INC to anyone looking to move on a good budget and quickly.
27 days ago
If you’re in need of a moving service but you have a low budget, then I will advise you to work with Carefree Movers INC. Although they have cheap prices, they are also offering quality when it comes about movement and settling someone in a new house. I did not even pay much for such great service! But they also helped me to put my furniture inside my new house. That was something that really amazed me. Excellent job!
29 days ago
Rolando Jensen for CAREFREE MOVERS INC
These guys did a fantastic job for our move. I spoke with their sales rep to start things, and he was great to work with. I explained our situation, what we had to move, etc. and he walked through the process, recommending how many guys we should use, etc. Their rate is lower than others out there, but totally worth it. They helped move our aquariums and many potted plants with no problems whatsoever. I had a great time with Carefree Movers INC overall.
a month ago
Robert Chapman for CAREFREE MOVERS INC
I booked Carefree Movers Inc based on the recommendation of a friend. He hired them for a number of moves so eventually I went with them. They arrived on time. They were skilled and worked diligently at a prompt pace. The delivery was wonderful within the window. It was really great to have a company do exactly what they promised. Moving is not a funny matter, but if I have to move again I would not hesitate to use them.
a month ago
My family and I did a long distance move last month. At first we thought that we wouldn’t need professional help but it turned out that moving to a three story house was a bit too much for us. Carefree Movers INC did a great job with our moving and helped us move everything very quickly. We definitely wouldn’t make it without their perfect organization and professional work. They have really low prices too!
a month ago
Great team, great people and great moving company. They helped me with my move recently and they went above and beyond to get me what I needed. They were very professional and very nice. They explained the process fully and I had no surprises since the sales rep explained in detail to me what was going to happen on the moving day. I did add in a few items and some packing so my price went up a little but I did know that was going to happen. I would definitely recommend Carefree movers inc to my friends and family.
a month ago
It's rare that I take the time to write a review for services that I have reached out to, but if anyone deserves a recommendation for moving services it would be for Carefree Movers Inc. This is my 2nd time using them now and I couldn't be more pleased with their service. Each team member knows how to be useful. They made my move super smooth and easy! They are professional, polite, hardworking, diligent, and fast. I would recommend them to anyone for all long distance moves.
a month ago
Love, Peace and Hope for BALA MOTOR SPORTS INC
These people are awesome, & very respectful even though I was upset for them not coming when they said. The driver took his time to explain to me, even showing me what went wrong. He must be used to a woman nagging him because he has so patient. I would definitely do business with them again if needed.