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11 days ago
Jennifer Hanna for NON-STOP MOVING INC
Non-stop moving is a sub-contractor for American Plus moving and storage. When American Plus originally has you sign a contract they quoted us 3-10 days for delivery. When Non-stop moving came to pick out items up not only did they upcharge us for packing materials, they packed items that we specifically asked needed to be packed or not. They specifically told us not to pack my husband's weight set, but then on pick up day told us it needed to be packed and charged us an extra $300 for packing materials. They also failed to mention that there was an extra charge for a "long carry" which is anything over 50 feet distance. When we originally signed the contract there was NO mention. We told them we had our stuff in storage, we told them what floors that units were on and they mentioned nothing about an upcharge. It is now day 10 from the pick up day and our items are still in Chicago. Both companies blame it on the other with zero resolution. Eli from non-stop is saying that I need to contact american plus because they promise a date of 21 days after the date that delivery would be available. They never informed us of any such date. There was zero communication with non-stop movers. Non-stop blames the misinformation on American Plus and American Plus blames is on Non-stop. No one can give me a straight answer as to why I was given misinformation. Both companies seem like total scam companies.
12 days ago
Best service
16 days ago
Jeffery Little for J & M TRANZPORT INC
The owner Kevin Powell was very disrespectful to my wife over the phone when we contacted him about work. I would never worry with this company they way he was rude to us
19 days ago
Dustin Michell for J & M TRANZPORT INC
Owner is disloyal and treated me like crap
a month ago
Evgenii Prudnikov for START CDL TRAINING INC
Excellent school, I recommend it to everyone! The learning process is very well organized. All the teachers are very good. They will always help and advise what to do. Many thanks to theory teacher Diana and all the driving teachers! I passed the exam the first time!
a month ago
Amber Cole for J & M TRANZPORT INC
Kevin Powell is a no good liar
a month ago
Amber Cole for J & M TRANZPORT INC
Please do not work with this company
a month ago
Amber Cole for J & M TRANZPORT INC
Do not trust Kevin Powell he will not pay you when he promises that he would . He is a Scammer
a month ago
Natasha Haughton for UNITED MOVERS INC
BEWARE, SCAM, THIEVES, AND MAY BE USING MORE THAN ONE NAME, NUMBER AND ADDRESS! KNOWN NOW AS UNITED MOVERS or UNITED MOVING AND STORAGE I spoke with Jasmin to book a move for the 26th-27th of May from Florida to Kansas. Nobody called me to tell me when the driver would be coming. Finally on the 26th when I called them they said the driver would be there on the 27th. When the driver didn't show up on the 27th I was told that he had a move that took up 3/4 of the truck when it was supposed to only take up half the space and that he could come at 10 PM that night or on the 28th in the morning. I opted for the morning. The driver did show up in the morning. After he fully packed the truck, he said that he had to take pictures of my items on the truck to show the office and they would tell him if I would be charged more money. READ YOUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES GUYS (I'll share the link below). On page 6 it says: If the mover does not give you a new binding estimate in writing, or agree in writing to convert the binding estimate to a non-binding estimate before your goods are loaded, the original binding estimate is reaffirmed. Under these circumstances, your mover should not charge or collect more than the amount of the original binding estimate at delivery for the quantities and services included in the estimate. Anyway, the driver said that my price of $1,250 is now going to change to $1,650. I told him that's insane and I would give him $1,000 via zelle and dispute the rest with the company. With that, he drove off with my stuff and said that my items should be delivered within the week. According to the attached contract, the company legally has 2-12 business days to deliver my goods based on the mileage of my move. However, Adam and Alex continue to say that they legally have 21 business days to deliver said items. As of today, June 24th, my household goods still haven't showed up and after reading the reviews for these people this seems to be very common for them. If you look at the links below you'll see that they are not BBB accredited and on the transportation website they already have 22 complaints this year. Three days ago, Adam said they don't want my things because they wouldn't get that much money for it, he even explained the process he would have to go through to sell it (which tells me he does this often). We have no idea where my things are. I've been told a bogus address in Miami by Alex, and Adam told me it's in some warehouse in Georgia but he won't tell me the address. We even told him that we'll go pick the items up from Georgia ourselves and Adam said he can't do that because there's nobody at the warehouse to open up for us. He said that he's working on getting my stuff to me and he'll call me back to let me know if we can pick it up or if he'll be able to deliver it soon. He never called back (it's been 3 days since that conversation). Pray that these people get caught, and are prosecuted, and never do this to anyone else. Also pray that we get our things back. I have 5 children that would like their items to come home My contract
a month ago
Price was increase without sending me any letter or calling me as well as the times they pick up my waste. They come every month and over charge me. I usually look at reviews but this company is really good on hiding them because they're all bad.
a month ago
Calvin Saunders for YORGEA INC
My company address is incorrect
a month ago
Marina Ivanova for Nova Poshta №43
The branch operator refused to accept the parcel because I didn't allow him to open it and look. At other branch accepted the parcel without problems. I changed the office for another, although it is near the house
a month ago
Christina N. for D A A LOGISTICS INC
Good company!
a month ago
MyFirstPs Gaming for Nova Poshta №43
1 зірка роботи нової пошти в цілому, платиш гроші за доставку повітря, перепаковують самі посилки в більші коробки, хоча вартість доставки і так в рази вище ніж у конкурентів, посилки кидають бють навіть коли замовлене обрештування, і найгірше що биті посилки просто перепалетовують в плівку і клеють нову етикетку, добитись потім в них нічого неможливо! На фото посилка вартість доставки якої 100 грн., НП - пошта майбутнього, навіть повітря платне!
a month ago
Danny cook hauling. Please re route the driver's from using Wagstaff Rd fuquay varina. The drivers carrying heavy large loads leaving your facility are driving over the speed limit (35mph). This stretch of road is a high volume residential roadways with a community park along this road. We having many children that use this road to commute to and from the park. If they could use the next street over from wagstaff to 401 is Judd parkway. It is a larger roadway with (45mph) speed limit. We have already had a vehicle carrying large load of gravel that flipped over onto my neighbors front lawn. If another vehicle or pedestrian had been in it's way it would have been fatal. Please stop using Wagstaff Rd the residents are complaining and want it stop stop. They will be pushing further to stop this. Contacting (dcontrol Corp) along with insurance company's that carry these companies for hauling and supplying. Want to reach out so others are aware of the interruption using residential roadways for construction/vehicles. Thank you for your cooperation.
a month ago
Full of broken promises, Gibco is not 100% transparent with the load pay they the broker agreed on. Gibco is very stingy and cheap when it comes to getting fuel, I often run out of fuel on the side of the road not only because they get stinger and cheap when it comes to fuel but also because then fuel gauge is not accurate, which they said they was gonna have it fixed a couple months ago but never happened. Just like they promised me they will install an inverter, microwave, refrigerator and toll tags and still waiting on that to happen till this day. I’m very unhappy here. Gibco is a Nigerian company and can barely speak English. I’m a current employee soon to be resigned. Not to mention Gibco Global is very cheap and neglectful when it comes keeping the maintenance on their equipment in order for it to function properly and sadly on the road
a month ago
Apache Junction switched from RAD to Republic less than a year ago and the service at our business has been terrible. We have to call almost every week as the miss our pickup. Trying to run a business with trash overflowing and spending time calling every week is beyond ridiculous. Have asked many times to speak with a supervisor and have been put on continuous hold or no call back. Currently filing a complaint with Apache Junction as I am on hold.
a month ago
Great school to start your truck driving career! Their instructors are always willing to help you on every step of the way. I would recommend.
a month ago
Great school! I'm from Brooklyn, but chose this school and didn’t regret it. There guys study even from the west coast! A lot of trucks for practice and useful online and paper book for study. Thanks to all the staff at Super Serge Skills! Best wishes, Aziz
a month ago
Where to start apparently there a WalMart supplier under and don't honor a price that WalMart has posted by sending the wrong item to fix someone else screw up thanks