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A CDL (Commercial Driver's License) traffic lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in representing commercial truck drivers who are facing traffic violations or other legal issues related to their CDL. These lawyers have a deep understanding of state and federal traffic laws and regulations, as well as the unique challenges that commercial drivers face in the trucking industry.

A CDL traffic lawyer can assist drivers with a range of legal issues, including speeding tickets, overweight or oversized vehicle violations, reckless driving charges, and more. They can also represent drivers in court and negotiate with law enforcement officials and prosecutors on their behalf.

Commercial drivers who are facing traffic violations or other legal issues related to their CDL may benefit from the services of a CDL traffic lawyer. These lawyers can provide legal guidance and representation to help drivers protect their CDL and avoid fines, penalties, or even job loss.

Overall, a CDL traffic lawyer can be a valuable resource for commercial truck drivers seeking to navigate the complex legal landscape of the trucking industry and protect their rights and livelihood.

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2 months ago
Graham Phillips for Law Office of Mark Young
Great lawyer, highly recommend if you find yourself needing one!

3 months ago
Daniel Weber for Law Office of Mark Young
Mark is extremely skilled in his profession. Focused and straight-forward. Entirely sensible. Concise and trustworthy. Definitely like talking to your brother. If you need advice and professional representation in a court of law, you will be very blessed to have Mark standing beside you.

3 months ago
Priscilla Komlofske for Flores-Komlofske Transportation Inc.
Excellent service provided by Patrick Orneales, hesitant at first but overall friendly.

3 months ago
Priscilla Komlofske
Thank you! He strives for making everyone else happy!
3 months ago
sergey y for Daly Law, P.C.
DA was looking to lock me up . Didn’t budge for over a year. Back and forth in and out of court , finally got the matter resolved ( continuation without a finding ) with NO jail time and NO felonies on my record. He represented me the way I feel he would have represented his own family ( am a convicted felon ) absolutely the most competant lawyer I’ve ever dealt with! 20 out of 10 stars!

4 months ago
Tami Moran for Gilbert McGloan Gillis
Rodney Gillis and Melissa were fantastic to work with. Highly recommend them!

5 months ago
Jasper Jones for The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC
Steve was very nice and easy to work with, was great with deadline and time sensitive matters. 10 out of 10 would suggest to everyone because he really tries his best to go that extra mile, his whole team does, doing everything they can to help those who come to Steve for assistance.

6 months ago
Maria Nascimento for Daly Law, P.C.
I am from New York City and recently needed an attorney to represent my case in Massachusetts. I desperately searched online for an attorney, and I'm so fortunate that I found and chose Daniel Daly Law. I couldn't be happier with my choice. Mr. Daly was extremely thorough, easy to talk to, very responsive, and highly professional. Mostly, he made you feel at ease with his demeanor. He thoroughly explained in detail what would happen from beginning to end. I would give him 10 starts! Thank you, Mr. Daly. I know you insist on Dan! Without hesitation I highly recommend him.

6 months ago
Erika Jimenez for The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC
Stephan was extremely helpful, affordable & overall so nice. He communicated everything that was going on and i was never left unanswered. He got my case dismissed & i can say i enjoyed the experience and working with him! 10/10 recommended

6 months ago
Jack Nascimento for Daly Law, P.C.
Dan handled everything smoothly and got my case resolved as quick as possible with the best outcome. My family and I were really glad we found him for the peace of mind he gave us when we were all worried. Thanks Dan!

6 months ago
bryan cratty for Eskew Law, LLC
Eskew law has been amazing and very attentive. They always respond and take care of matters diligently. I recommend them to anyone dealing with family or criminal law

Stephen was very thorough in explaining the process and details about my case. I am very glad I chose him as my lawyer! There is care in his work and you can tell- I would recommend him to anyone.

6 months ago
Camille Christian for Daly Law, P.C.
My fiancée was racially profiled by a particular police department and arrested innocently for 12 hours. After contacting Att. Daly, he took the case and fought for my boyfriend. Attorney Daly kept in constant communication with my boyfriend because he was in college and was going through serious depression. A month ago Attorney Dan Daly won the DA office and got my boyfriend a NOT GUILTY in a police misconduct matter. If you need a good attorney please use Dan Daly.

7 months ago
Mandi Blackburn Photography for The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC
Stephen was amazing handling my expungement from start to finish. He kept me informed every step of the way and was easy to reach. His fee was very affordable compared to other lawyers. I can't thank him enough for giving me a clean slate and a second chance at life.

7 months ago
Michael M for Daly Law, P.C.
If you are looking for a dedicated, confident, transparent and passionate attorney; Attorney Daly is the right person to go to. I was a victim of police misconduct and racial profiling. The day that I contacted Atty. Daly he was immediately invested in my case and recognized all the flaws within the police department testimony. He kept an open communication throughout the process and always provided me with updates. On February 2, 2023 I was found NOT GUILTY because of the work Atty. Daly did and justice was served. I had a pending charge for one thing but they accuse me of something else, which did not add up. After a year and a half dealing with this knowing I was innocent all along, Atty. Daly is the one who helped me get through the case and fight for what he believe in, which is justice. This impacted my life mentally, emotionally, financially and physically but now I can finally live my life and pursue my dreams with a clean record. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great criminal lawyer because you will not be disappointed. Thank you Atty. Daly for everything and believing in me!

7 months ago
Fred Hutton for Allan F. Friedman Criminal Lawyer
If you are on the fence about hiring a lawyer there is no need to look any further. Mr Friedman is an excellent lawyer, I hired him to defend me in a very serious case that could have caused alot more stress and anxiety in my life. I was looking at serious fines, loss of drivers license, countless hours of community service etc. This man is a miracle worker and got all of my charges dropped with no loss of license no points against my license no more worries and stress, for a 100$ fine. Absolutely incredible. He also did this via remote hearing, I live and my court was not even close to his jurisdiction and he handled my case. I can't thank him enough and hate to say that I hope to never have to use him again, but if anything ever happens to me or anyone close to me again he is 1 million percent recommend. Thank you Mr Friedman for saving a very difficult time in my life.

8 months ago
Courtney Weglein for The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC
I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone needing legal assistance. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and we achieved the best possible outcome. I was extremely pleased with his services!

8 months ago
maddie redmond for Eskew Law, LLC
Eskew Law helped me tremendously and I can not recommend this firm enough. As soon as I filled out a request to speak with one of their attorneys, I was contacted that same day. They were fully attentive and understanding and made this whole process so easy. I had the pleasure of working with both Raeanna Spahn and Cristian Carreon and each of them explained everything to me in terms that I could easily understand. They both took their time to answer all of my questions, going above and beyond to ensure that I received the compensation that I deserved. I am so grateful for their help and they really exceeded all of my expectations!

8 months ago
If there were six stars available to give Eskew Law I would. I had a unique case that seemed overwhelming and frustrated to deal with when it presented itself. My lawyer and especially her paralegal took care of everything making it surprisingly stress free. I also want to stress their presence in the court room. They are very respected! And professional. I would recommend this law firm to anyone in need of legal representation. Thanks again Eskew Law!

8 months ago
Cristina Sarno for Allan F. Friedman Criminal Lawyer
I am so grateful for my experience with my lawyer, Allan Friedman. This firm gave my case all the time and attention that was needed to be successful in court. They were calming, sincere, and a confident presence during incredibly difficult court proceedings. I never once was treated as anything other than a valuable client by Mr. Friedman. I immensely much appreciate the knowledge and support I received. These people know their craft and walk the extra mile for you. I was handled with utmost care and professionalism. I also appreciated working with people that care for you on a personal level instead of just handling you as a "case". I Highly recommend them.

9 months ago
JLW for Eskew Law, LLC
I brought a dramatic case to Nate and Yasmin. It was full of drama and crazy accusations. They listened, studied my case and presented a great defense for my character. I was satisfied with the judge's rulings as I was able to retain my character and most importantly, my rights as a father.