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A CDL (Commercial Driver's License) traffic lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in representing commercial truck drivers who are facing traffic violations or other legal issues related to their CDL. These lawyers have a deep understanding of state and federal traffic laws and regulations, as well as the unique challenges that commercial drivers face in the trucking industry.

A CDL traffic lawyer can assist drivers with a range of legal issues, including speeding tickets, overweight or oversized vehicle violations, reckless driving charges, and more. They can also represent drivers in court and negotiate with law enforcement officials and prosecutors on their behalf.

Commercial drivers who are facing traffic violations or other legal issues related to their CDL may benefit from the services of a CDL traffic lawyer. These lawyers can provide legal guidance and representation to help drivers protect their CDL and avoid fines, penalties, or even job loss.

Overall, a CDL traffic lawyer can be a valuable resource for commercial truck drivers seeking to navigate the complex legal landscape of the trucking industry and protect their rights and livelihood.

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2 months ago
JLW for Eskew Law, LLC
I brought a dramatic case to Nate and Yasmin. It was full of drama and crazy accusations. They listened, studied my case and presented a great defense for my character. I was satisfied with the judge's rulings as I was able to retain my character and most importantly, my rights as a father.

3 months ago
Kelly D for Eskew Law, LLC
I hired Nathan Hacker for my divorce in 2021. I received the poorest customer service that I have ever experienced in my life to his inability to properly handle the case that should of went my way. That was the reason why I hired him in the first place. Instead, I didn’t receive full dedication or commitment. There was no building relationship to get to know my family situation as is stated in his bio. His decisions were not what was best for my family and the outcome was not what was best for me. After paying out thousands of dollars out of my own pocket, I ended up homeless, no alimony when I hadn’t worked in 9 years prior to the divorce. Still haven’t received the settlement. My father is an attorney, I know from personal experience how attorneys should conduct themselves. I am very dissatisfied with the work from Nathan Hacker and I would recommend anyone not to use his services. I only game him one star because they was no place to put 0 stars.

Simon Joo is great! I feel that he is very knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with legal disputes and he knows how to communicate with clients and others effectively to achieve excellent results. If you are looking for a lawyer, you will not regret calling Patrola and asking to meet with Simon!

3 months ago
Pamela Sharp-Wheeler for Eskew Law, LLC
Didn't help my family member as I thought they would, i was really depending on them. I'm really disappointed. Will find someone else maybe to help finish up his case as neither of the two attorneys will help finish up the case. Also, don't plan on a phone call, they only email. I'm just broken hearted

4 months ago
Carly Warner for Eskew Law, LLC
These people are actually here to help you in the most reasonable and logical way. Yasmin was great communicating with me and helping me understand the IPTG Laws. These people are nice and again reasonable, thanks Eskew.

5 months ago
Austin McDonald for Eskew Law, LLC
I worked with Yasmin Abdelhak. She did a great job. Managed to settle out of court with what I felt was a well done negotiation with difficult counterparties. Excellent communication throughout (most important aspect imo). Nathan Hacker did a did a good job backing her up on the more technical aspects since she is a newer attorney. Highly recommend.

“Bruce Blumberg” I cannot express the gratitude I have for him and team. He is a lawyer that I would recommend in a heartbeat. I am forever in debt with Bruce. He has help me with my brother, husband and brother in-law and other family members. There are no words that can describe how professional, well knowledge and educated when it comes to Criminal law. Bruce is worth every penny, and I can vouch for it as he has help me and my family. In my brother’s case I let Bruce down and regret it every day. If I could bring back that time, I would make sure that he got what he deserved, but unfortunately when you are a family and others let you down, you cannot get out of the debt alone. I am embarrassed for the situation, but Bruce ended up and completing the case for my brother regardless of the situation we were in. I am very grateful for what he has done. Other lawyers would have dropped this case and Bruce with the kindness of his heart kept fighting for my brother til the end. My husband has been with Bruce since his teenage years. He has helped him in all his prior cases and is currently completing a case for him on a DUI charge. My husband had 9 counts and has ended up with 2. When your family is need of justice to be served Bruce will be the first person I would recommend. If anyone needs a lawyer “Bruce Blumberg” is the man that knows his laws. I love that when you’re explaining the situation, he is very calm. I always say he is calm because he knows his laws. Again, thank you Bruce for all you do in defending the rights of a person in the justice system. Josephine Angulo

7 months ago
Connie Phillips for Persaud Law Office
We appreciated Mr. Persaud's knowledge and attention to detail when we were clients of his. He was generous with his time, and made sure that we understood every detail of the documents before we signed them. Highly recommend his excellent work.

7 months ago
Denna Thayer for Liberty Law
We received prompt informative excellent service with the outcome we hoped for. I highly recommend this law firm.

Michael and his team are absolutely amazing! Amongst other great people in my life, The Sabbeth Law team respected my decisions and stood by me every step of the way. They never gave up on me and they never let me down (i was probably one of their "difficult" clients). I feel relieved to know that people like Michael believe in others, respect them, and treat them as human beings. He knows what matters most to his clients, how can you not appreciate that? Thank you everyone, you are doing great things for people who need you! AK

7 months ago
Cynthia Su for Patrola Law Corporation
I sent an inquiry to Patrola Law in June 2021 inquiring about their litigation services because they had phenomenal reviews, but I never heard back. Today, July 13, 2022 (over one year later), Patrola Law followed up to my inquiry. Edit: Patrola Law called again on July 28, 2022 to apologize and explain that their "system" accidentally got me mixed up with another lead. I'm unfortunately still unimpressed with this law corporation's professionalism and follow up processes.

7 months ago
Holly Kavetu for Legally Canadian Immigration Law Firm
Hi Jenny and Leo I would love to this opportunity to thank you and Leo once again for all your help and inform you guys that I am now fully Canadian, took my oath on the 5 of this month, and it's all because of your good work forever grateful. Your expertise and ability to see around the corner have turned around what was once a doomed and gloomy case into a success and I am truly grateful thanks a million.

7 months ago
Penny Johnson for Greg Gouner, Attorney at Law
He was very nice when I went into his office begged me to take my case. He was so sure I could win it. Sent me txt messages asking to take the case. Heard nothing from him from him after I left his office. Finally a month and a half later he sends me a certified letter stating he could not win this case saying there is no proof the cabinet struck me. I stated him I had pictures proving that the cabinet struck me. He got quiet and still said he could not prove it. Never want to see this attorney again.

7 months ago
leonard olim for Attorney Scott Fortas
Smart Attorney! Gets the job done everytime for his clients...

7 months ago
Fred M for Krenis Law
I was very pleased with the consultation. Mr. Krenis was very professional, patient, and through. He answered my questions and provided some sound advice. His fees were less than I expected so that was a bonus. I would certainly recommend his service to anyone in need of legal counsel.

7 months ago
Jack Hornbeck for Garza Law Firm
To say this firm is the best is an understatement. Always fast to pick up the phone and direct your call with a friendly attitude. This team of great lawyers wouldn’t be complete without Michael Clement. He has always been up front, hard working, and charismatic. I have the up most confidence in his ability to make your situation better too. Thank you all for your hard work and ability to over deliver every time. God Bless

7 months ago
Nick Dingwall for Banks & Brower, LLC
I was in a tough spot and Adam got me out. He and his team were very communicative, kind, and a pleasure to work with. I felt good knowing Banks&Brower was representing me. I hope to never need their services again, but I would recommend them to any and every person that needs an attorney.

OTT was able to withdraw my vehicle speeding ticket received. Process was easy and worry free. Thanks OTT!

7 months ago
IVIG Trucking Co. for Chambers Law Office, LLC
Great representation for CDL Licenses!

7 months ago
Rachel Bridges for Red King Law
So grateful to have Mike work my case. He’s amazing!