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In the My garage section, the user can add their vehicles to the system, upload files to the added vehicle, and keep a history of vehicle repairs.

If it is a commercial vehicle, you can keep the entire history of inspections, accidents, and tickets that were associated with this vehicle.

If there is information about inspections and accidents of this vehicle in official public sources, it will be displayed in the Safety section.

Also, if the system has information on the VIN code of the vehicle, it will be displayed on the VIN tab.

In order to add a vehicle to the garage, you need to click on the Add new vehicle button. The following form will open:

It is necessary to fill in the necessary information and click on the Save button. The vehicle will be created and will appear in the list below.

Clicking on the vehicle field will open a form with information about the vehicle.

The Details tab displays basic information about the vehicle

In the Files tab, you can upload the necessary documents or images for this vehicle.

The History tab stores the history of all changes that occurred with this vehicle in the system.

You can leave a note in the Notes tab.

The VIN tab displays information on the VIN code of the vehicle, if this information is available from official sources.

Added inspections and accidents will be displayed in the Safety tab.

In the Maintenance tab, it is possible to add repairs that have been carried out on this vehicle.

In order to add maintenance, you need to click on the Add Maintenance button, the following form will open:

You can indicate the vendor who repaired the vehicle or indicate that it was a self-repaired vehicle by checking the Self Service checkbox, indicate the date of repair, the odometer reading or engine miles, indicate the type of service that was performed, as well as the price.You can also leave a note if necessary. After filling in all the necessary data, you need to click Save.

If you use the Dispatch module, all trucks and trailers that will be added to the garage will have the Show in Dispatch function available, if it is turned ON, your truck or trailer will automatically be displayed in the dispatch module. So that the truck or trailer is not displayed in the dispatcher module, it is enough to turn off this function (OFF)

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