Rest Areas

Rest areas, sometimes referred to as rest stops, are typically located every hour or so along highways in the United States. Congress passed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 which created the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways and included a provision for the construction of safety rest areas along the highways.

Given that the areas in which highways were constructed tended to be in remote and previously lightly traveled areas, facilities for motorists were frequently sparsely located so drivers needed safe places to take a break along the newly constructed highways.

Two years later, in 1958, the American Association of State Highway Officials released a policy document that outlined site guidelines and national standardization requirements for rest areas.

15 days ago
Zach Croft for Welcome Center Rest Area
Kinda cool
a month ago
William Olson for Welcome Center Rest Area
Very nice area
a month ago
Cailyn Pan for Albert Lea Travel Information Center
good rest station no one was at the desk when we stopped by but nevertheless we did not need anything the bathrooms were mediocre but fine for a rest station there were vending machines i believe and also lots of magazines and handouts labeled for different places to check out def recommend stopping by if you are looking to rest or looking for info enjoy photos of the pink duck
a month ago
Stoic Trucker for Albert Lea Travel Information Center
It's a rest area. Clean restroom. Parking when available. Ever been to a nice rest area before? It's like that one is
a month ago
Billy Warenskjold for Albert Lea Travel Information Center
Great spot to stop for a pit stop and to rest and eat our a snacks. They get really clean.
a month ago
C A for Rest Stop 26
Wonderful Rest Area! I have always found it to be clean and inviting. I use it everytime I pass thru the area. There is plenty of parking, a separate lot for RVs and trailers, plus an semi-truck lot. Also provided are covered picnic areas and a playground. This is also a Welcome Center. There are vending machines
a month ago
JD Mutchie for Rest Stop 26
Great place to stop and walk the dog. And have a quick snack.
a month ago
Eric P for Rest Stop 26
Clean, friendly, well maintained, easy in and out, plenty of tourist information and vending machines. A nice safe spot to break up your journey.
a month ago
Kathy Banas for Rest Area (I-65 North Bound)
Alabama has some nice rest stops to stop at. Lots of shelders with picnic tables.
a month ago
Randy Wightman for Dortches Rest Area off I-95
Just stopped to get out of the rain. Great covered picnic tables.
a month ago
Ricky Phillips for Rest Area (I-65 North Bound)
Nice area. Enjoyed a picnic lunch there while traveling back home.
2 months ago
John Rejchrt for CDOT Rest Area Vail Pass
Good rest stop. A lot of snow and icicles hanging off the roof, but pretty clean inside and surprise of hot water out of faucet! 👍
2 months ago
Red Gonzalez for Welcome Center Rest Area
If you get here before it’s close it’s nice I don’t know why they close this place if that have nothing to steal it’s dead inside you can tell they reduce the funding of this place
2 months ago
TheDawnTreader for CDOT Rest Area Vail Pass
Fabulous views. Had lots of snow and the temperature there was 19 degrees Fahrenheit at 3PM in the afternoon when I stopped there in early April. The road had a lot of potholes and such due, I assume, to the freezing weather.
3 months ago
Chaz Runner for Rest Stop 26
Big, beautiful Rest Stop near Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. It has loads of parking, as well as a lot of open area to enjoy during the warmer months. Inside you'll find large, clean restrooms, as well as an array of vending options. You'll also find tourist info for all of the major areas of Wisconsin.
Was stranded here for 12 hours during a blizzard. Only thing I wish they had was better vending machine options. Very clean, and well stocked bathrooms.
3 months ago
Vincent Romano for CDOT Rest Area Vail Pass
Pssst. bring ur sled.... lovely area good spots. 👍
3 months ago
Adrian Nagle for Ogallah, KS Rest Area I-70 Westbound
This is a standard rest stop. Bathrooms are well used. It's a good stop if necessary. Restrooms are not very large, but the parking is not much either. It is easy access on/off the interstate, so it is convenient.
4 months ago
Bethany LaLoge for Ogallah, KS Rest Area I-70 Westbound
Good, clean rest area. Warm inside and safe at night. Plenty of car parking.
4 months ago
Gregg Pugliese for Dortches Rest Area off I-95
Nice clean rest stop, and room to take the dog for a walk.