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The people for the school in ft Pierce are nice. But for Sage company itself it’s garbage. I attended the first week then had to leave for VA complications which I wasn’t allowed to return. Now Sage is making me pay for all 8 weeks tat I didn’t get to go too. Don’t waste your time or money with them. They will rip you off and screw you over
Spent $5000 just to walk away with nothing, they definitely should lower the price to $2000. Due to lack of training few good instructors. Favoritism is big out here, do yourself a favor and go else where. I’m couple months late writing this but I did get my CDL.
Everyone from the office at registration Kathy & Jeniffer to the instructor Lenny were great, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They have companies come in to give you an idea of whats out there for work right after school. After the classrom part you go out to the yard for real behind the wheel training. I'm a female and had never been on a truck prior to Sage and with the help of all the instructors at the sage truck field I was able to not only properly learned how to drive the truck but I also pass my cdl-A exam on my very first try. Thank you all for all if your patience and hard work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
Over all Great school. The instructors, teacher and tester were all very good... I graduated today because of them... Thank you all ...
4 months ago
Jeremy Montoya for NNCT CDL Training
This is one of the most disorganized places I’ve ever seen. It was supposed to be a 4-week course and ended up being 7-weeks long. There was no set schedule, I didn’t even know if I’d be going in to class each day until the morning of. MANY times we couldn’t go out driving because there wasn’t enough fuel or the truck was broken down. 0/10 would absolutely NOT recommend this school. Big red flag when they prefer cash for everything. I paid my $200 to secure my testing spot and didn’t get a testing date for 4 or 5 weeks, not even sure my $200 went to that right away or they used it for something else first.
6 months ago
ADOG 94 for Agape CDL Training
Great teaching and very professional. I completed my CDL course back in December of 2021 and I passed my Road Test. Agape is a awesome trucking school!
6 months ago
Sylvia Nettles for Agape CDL Training
I took a dispatching class with Mrs. Rudolph and when I say it was more informational than I expected she didn’t miss a beat. I can honestly say I’ve successfully completed the course and I feel comfortable with what I am doing. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph for extending their business to do a dispatching class.
I toke the CDL class almost five years ago and they were great instructors, worked with my full time job, and passed my test, and got a job with a major carrier, good money and sign on, and paid back my tuition.
6 months ago
mohamed ali ahmed for JFRO Truck Driving School LLC
JFRO school is good and works with your flexible time. Thank you my teacher ( Mubarak) for teaching me well. Also thank you Fraol for opening the school here in SD.
6 months ago
Bicki M for JFRO Truck Driving School LLC
Selam I Hurd about this school from Yoniy magna’s media page . I immediately looked it up and it turned out to be one of the best trucking school and teachers! The reviews are Amazing. I live in Atlanta Georgia and I used to own trucks but it was hard to find drivers so I gave up on trucking business and very hard for women in this business. Anyway I want go back at it .again Cuz it been always my Dream business. So I’m coming to get my CDL Maybe that will make it easy for us to run the business as a women. So when your driver leaves your truck On the side of the road , no problem you go get it.. lol I wish you guys have the school down here in Atlanta.. Anyway signing up soon ..I’m very excited cuz the owner sounds very helpful and Friendly.. trucking business needs a lots of support and information!
6 months ago
Mikey Horn for AAA School of Trucking
I was a little confused on my first day but then I got to meet all the teachers and they told me what I had to do I stayed focused and got it done got out of there within five weeks Troy Is the Best instructor Love working with him he taught me a lot when I started there I knew nothing about a truck I would recommend this place for anyone that is looking to get their CDL I had a great time it was a laid-back it worked out great for me and I think it will work out great for many people
6 months ago
William C. Hardy for Agape CDL Training
6 months ago
LOVE FOR ALL for JFRO Truck Driving School LLC
5 stars was not enough for Fraol ! He deserves more! He has excellent customer service and his school is emaculate! I highly recommended Go this school and get your license I definitely will be sending my friends JFRO school Thank you
6 months ago
shanita jackson for AAA School of Trucking
The quality of work that goes into teaching full blown adults of ALL ages is not an easy task for anyone regardless the industry or field. It takes a dedicated and determined instructor that cares for their work and outcome. AAA has that in their instructors. These guys/an gal are there to give you the knowledge you need to get you to your next level of driving career in trucking! Troy , Ives, Abel and Lee all go over and above to make sure you leave with your CDL SO LONG AS YOU PUT IN THE WORK TO LEARN , demonstrate comprehension and applied knowledge.. It is not an easy task if you have never driven or moved such a large combination vehicle of tractor and trailer however it is an achievable one with instructors that have the experience to teach new beginners to advanced operators how to maneuver and become knowledgeable that tractor and trailer . I am not saying you will not have very frustrating days but again you can get what you need out of this school if you remain determined dedicated and willing to learn because these instructors are there to assist you in achieving your dreams of becoming a CDL CLASS A driver!!! They mean well and want to see students succeed.. Thanks you all. I am very glad I choose AAA.
6 months ago
Aron Tann for AAA School of Trucking
You are guys are the best. I went to three other schools and AAA is the GOAT of trucking. I gained more knowledge and hands on training than at any other school. You guys took your time and made sure all students understood what to do as far as maneuvers. Pre Trip, In-Cab, and airbrakes all of the instructors made sure we knew it and understood. I can’t tell you the countless times Troy, Yves, Abel, made sure we knew them. OMG! You better know your pre-trip before you can move those trucks. They were always willing and available to help whenever you need them. My only wish was I wish I would have found them first. My experience at the other schools were terrible. The instructors didn’t take their time with us, they didn’t make sure we understood what was going on. Not AAA. They were always there for me, they worked with me, they made sure I understood what was expected of me and them. If you work hard and are willing to come to school everyday and listen without talking back and be disrespectful, you will pass. They have a system. Trust it. At the end YOU WILL HAVE YOUR CDL! TROY, ABEL, YVES, are all GOATS in trucking. Trust them. I love AAA and always will.
6 months ago
Eugene Webber for Agape CDL Training
After being off the road as A CDL-A Class A driver fire 20 years, I needed a Refresher Course to get back out there. I attended and completed the courses at AGAPE TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL, I felt confident that the rust was knocked off, that I could function safely and effectively as a professional driver again. The instruction was on point, and my instructor, Roderick was a friend and mentor. I cannot say enough to encourage you to attend. I was employed at Hyundai Glovis within a week, making excellent money. Thank You Roderick. 5 stars all day... Excellent!!
6 months ago
Mukeshimana Silvia for NNCT CDL Training
7 months ago
Rufino Watson for AAA School of Trucking
Excellent school with a great group of instructors. Best experience ever I was allowed to come in early & stay late to get more practice with my maneuvers when I was struggling Mr.Troy is the goat Michael Jordan I would also like to mention Yves also he played a major part with getting my shifting & clutch control down pack I can’t forget Abel.. The staff is great I highly recommend AAA school of trucking just be patient & they will take care of you & prepare you for the road. I graduated December 3 2021 on my first attempt thanks to them guys.
7 months ago
Charryse N. Wright for AAA School of Trucking
AAA School of Trucking is a great program. I spent 2 weeks learning in the classroom and 4 weeks practicing on the range. My two weeks in the classroom were a great experience preparing me to take my tests for my CLASS A permit. My classroom instructor TROY, emphasized the importance of not just "doing our job, but knowing our job". Not only did I learn skills to successfully pass my tests for my permit, I also learned additional skills that will carry me through my career and hopefully help me to avoid some trucking mistakes. My time on the range was also a great experience. It was cold, windy exhausting and dirty but I learned a lot. The trainers are a wealth of knowledge & more than willing to share. TROY is a hardA-- on the range, but he knows what he is talking about & his ability to help you understand is unparalleled. YVES' ability to use diagrams to explain concepts is life-changing. ABE's attention to details is mind-blowing. They really are the BEST! They are funny, knowledgeable and there to help you, let them. Like most places in today's society, they are short-staffed. On the range, you spend a lot of time waiting, be prepared. My advice - LISTEN, PAY ATTENTION, ASK QUESTIONS, MINIMIZE SIDE CONVERSATIONS, AVOID CLIQUES. BE PATIENT, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE your pre-trip, in cab and air brakes EVERYDAY. That is your responsibility. Yes, Your instructor will assist you, but it's your responsibility to learn it & make it yours. No one else can do that for you. I can't stress enough PRACTICE YOUR PRE-TRIP, IN CAB & AIR BRAKES EVERYDAY. You will get thrown out of the truck, it is OK. Listen to the critique, regroup and try again. Don't take it personal, you are learning. Be gracious and kind to yourself. Drop your ego! Everyday you will get better! If you do your part, they will go above and beyond to help you. And before you know it you will be passing your skills test & on the road with your CDL. Good Luck!!
7 months ago
Bereket Teka for JFRO Truck Driving School LLC
I can thank you enough to say fraol and jfro truck school I recommend for everyone if you have too plan get cdl driver licenses go to jfro truck driving schools 100%🚛🚛🚚