Americold DC
Americold DC

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1331 Civil War Road ,
Carthage, MO, 64836

+1 417-358-9027


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Hours Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Categories storage

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Latitude: 37.1924003 Longitude: -94.3253986

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16 reviews

27 days ago
David Martin for Americold DC
A cold storage/distribution center inside of a small mountain. This place is pretty neat. Lots of space for trucks, plenty of parking up front, friendly staff and security. Probably my favorite place to deliver to thus far.
a month ago
Alien: Covenant for Americold DC
This underground facility is undoubtedly incredible. Well I say that because that was my first time delivering to that amazing place. I absolutely have no complaints about anything. We got there ahead of time, we did our check-in. The employees working at the guard shack were very nice, friendly and polite. We had to wait for a call so we could head out to the caves and talk to the lady at the driver's check in, so she could tell us which door we would get to get unloaded. She told us exactly where to go and thank god we don’t get lost on the way. Unloading time was extremely fast.
2 months ago
David Jackson for Americold DC
They overnight parking. You are going into a cave dont freak out. Showed up at 1815 for a 1900 appt started loading at 1855 finished by 1938 had paperwork at 2000 no complaints. My only advice be nice to security that check you. They will call into the cave an your process will be slowervi saw it happen.
2 months ago
Bobby Holt for Americold DC
Fast and easy in and out every time I'm here
2 months ago
Ivan Dashenych for Americold DC
Have overnight parking 👍 unloading in 45 min
4 months ago
C Amparan420 for Americold DC
This place is awesome. Totally underground in a cave. I hope I get to go back.
5 months ago
Melissa Hicks for Americold DC
This place was so cool. Was there with my husband who was picking up a delivery. I've never been to a place like this that was totally Underground. Whoever designed and built this was a total genius. Was the coolest thing I've ever been to with him on the road and I'll never forget it
5 months ago
Michelle Diehl for Americold DC
Very quick to door and to load. Less than an hour. However it's extremely dark inside work no posted arrows telling you where to go once in.
5 months ago
Jonathan Rawls for Americold DC
Interesting place. That was my first time going there. They get you unloaded pretty quick if u go on appointment time.
6 months ago
Ken & Apple for Americold DC
Such a cool experience, i just feel bad because it was night that we got here, this is really amazing, i've never seen like it before.
10 months ago
Great place, little bit scary for first experience, but not to complicate, what you have to do is to slide the tandem all the way to the front, making easy to go around the the huge posts. Quick load and unload.
a year ago
Michael Wise for Americold
Finding out where to go can be a bit frustrating, however, going down into the caverns is really interesting. It is also paved inside the the cavern which is great. I guess that years years ago it wasn’t paved and it would be a muddy mess down there.
a year ago
E T for Americold
Picked up and loaded here. Charges a late fee for making us late to pickup up the load there after delivering there. What a bunch of BONE HEADS. Truck has to be off which is very annoying. I cant cook food or do much which is obnoxious because it's the only time I get to eat. O well. They told the driver the wrong doors also...not sure why people are so disorganized but not much surprises me anymore in this industry.
a year ago
A Girl her Dog and A Truck for Americold
One of my favorite places to go to. I love the challenge of docks #7,8,&9. And no I'm not being sarcastic. Nice people...well most if them. Overnight parking if you need it.
a year ago
Wicked Kitten for Americold
My first time here and I had a great experience. The employees at the guard shack are super friendly and a blast to chat with. Tunnels are numbered and easy to maneuver in. Docks are great to back in to. There is parking near the guard shack if you need to take your break here.
a year ago
Victoria Smart-Patterson for Americold
Well they at least don't stink!! Lol Everyone there seems really nice. They were our 90 and our 01. Unload and load was fairly quick. Area 4 is super tight!! Area 9 however has more room to move in.

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