How to add a new truck in the system

To add a new truck to the system, you need to go to the trucks section in the left menu

When you click on the Trucks section in the menu, a table with all the added trucks of your company will open, if you do not have any added trucks yet, click on the button - Add new truck

The truck addition form opens.

You can try to find data about your truck in our system by entering the vehicle VIN in the VIN field. If your truck data is in our system, the basic truck information will be filled in automatically. Required fields for creating a truck are the Nickname and Status field, all other fields are optional and are filled in by the user if necessary.

After filling in the required fields, click the save button. The data will be saved, the form will be closed, the added truck will appear in the list of trucks.

The added truck will automatically receive the active status.

There are a total of four truck statuses:

Active - this status the truck receives immediately after creation, this status is required to use the truck in the system.

Repair - when the truck is under repair, it needs to be assigned this status.

Terminated -this status is assigned to those trailers that are no longer used in the system

Deleted - when a truck is deleted from the system, it will automatically receive this status.

The counters of all active trucks and Repair trucks are also displayed above the truck list.

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