Carrier dispatch short guide

With carrier dispatch you can control all your company's shipping, add your fleet and employees to the system, create loads in the system and assign them to drivers, control the entire transportation process, from loading to the last stop.

With the built-in file manager, you can save your files on the system, create folders of any level of nesting, and share files with drivers.

The system also has a built-in accounting module, with which you can keep all your income and expenses, and bill your customers.

The dispatch control system also has a separate module for the driver, through which the driver will see which loads were assigned to him, and will be able to read detailed information on the load - all stops, appointment date and time, pickup and delivery instructions.

To start using the dispatch control system you need:

1. Add your company's trucks to the Trucks section (more on the Wiki - Trucks section)

2. Add your company's trailer to the Trailers section (more on the Wiki - Trailers section)

3. Create driver accounts in the Employee section. (more in the section Wiki - Employee)

4. Add your customers to the Contacts section, they will be needed later when creating a load.

5. In the Locations section, add the main locations (origins and destinations) where loads are often transported, in the future this will speed up the process of creating a load.

6. In the Loads section, you will need to create the loads you plan to transport. (more in the section Wiki - Loads)

7. In order to assign a load to the driver, you need to create a Trip. After you create a trip and specify the driver, he will be notified and he will be able to see the load in the driver interface. (more in the section Wiki - Trips)

At this stage, the process of creating a trip is completed.

You can learn more about the driver module in the Carrier dispatch - Drivers module section

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