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Truck Parking

They just have one shower but very clean shower..nice people
I frequently visit this store, usually in the morning or early afternoon around lunch time! The two ladies working around that time are always so sweet and friendly, no matter how busy it is, they’re always friendly and talkative and helpful! However I was in yesterday around 4-4:15 and the service was horrible! The lady working was so rude and not friendly at all! She was on her phone most of the time and it seemed to inconvenience her that she had to help anyone, she was so wrapped up in whatever it was on her phone! I was pretty disappointed seeings how I always and greeted and treated so kindly! I know to just stick to my normal times now, I won’t go back in there later in the day!
4 months ago
Stephanie Rogers for Monday's Stop and Shop
4 months ago
Adam Morey for Monday's Stop and Shop
James dale hunter says that place doesnt support truckers. They also are rude and horribly unprofessional
4 months ago
Michael B for Pilot Travel Center
This Pilot has showers with too much water softener. This results in not being able to rinse soap off your skin no matter how hard you try. I imagine this is why drivers are taking long showers. Way more than usual for me. As I write this my skin is dried out because I couldn’t wash the soap completely off. I told the cleaning lady so hopefully next time I’m back this issue will be resolved. Pilot needs to use less water softener or do something to make the water harder.
4 months ago
Renata Torrez for Pilot Travel Center
This is a difficult review to write because I actually enjoy coming through here. I like the folks inside and I think that they're great. But I'm real tired of these steering wheel holders who can't park coming through here and clogging up the exit. Fellas did you know that there's three other truck stops right near here? Grab your Taco Bell and then go park there. If you can't hack it, you need to move on. Y'all are costing me my clock.
4 months ago
Jamee Sandlin for Sunrise Inn
good affordable place to stay ... no bugs
Nice place here. Newly Remodeled... And the Spanish Cuisine here. Is Delicious... Great Job!
5 months ago
Ericka Akins for Sunrise Inn
This place was absolutely disgusting! The door alone had been kicked in. Shower had bugs in it. Will never recommend this to anyone
6 months ago
NLRSoldier for Monday's Stop and Shop
Place closes at 8pm, two men banged on my truck at 10pm out of nowhere while I'm trying to sleep saying it was $10 to park for the night and point at a "sign" that in the dark is just a white board with a light on it