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Weight Stations

5 days ago
Ric Smith for Truck Safe Haven
Had port a John's for bathroom clean well lighted
8 days ago
Dr Edward Risinger for CMV Weigh station
I give it. 001 stars. How much money did we tax payer put in to that #$%% up disaster. Just saying.. Not very well thought out. One pit ,really. Let me know what you ? about it.
11 days ago
G Rasar for Truck Safe Haven
Safe place to sleep if outta hours
23 days ago
Chris Cole for CMV Weigh station
Wonderful cmv service
Don't follow your GPS, it will take you thru Sentri Lane and it is a $5,000 dll fine. Entrance is either on the west or east side of the Port thru Colon St. México signs like everything else are confusing and misleading.
a month ago
Terry Russell for Flying J Travel Center
Congratulations on the filthiest Flying J in the USA. Employees fairly dull-witted and non helpful also.
a month ago
Marco Gomez for Flying J Travel Center
Clean, convenient, accessible. Conveniently located along i70 corridor, plentiful amenities around including lodging and restaurants. Good service and plenty parking space.
a month ago
Carlos Luis Fernandez Ortega for U.S. Border Patrol Alpine Station
a month ago
matt pollard for Maverik
They never have anything in stock ever no fresh food salads nothing.
a month ago
A B for Weigh Station (Westbound)
I can't speak jive. Hire real Americans.