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Weight Stations

a month ago
Curt Green for Texas DOT SCALE
Good people.
2 months ago
Rusty Williams for NCDOT Truck Weigh Station I-40
No hassle great D.O.T. Officer no problems everything went great.
2 months ago
Michael Grooms for Eastbound Weigh Station I-70
Overnight parking!! was cool calm and quiet got up and kept on trucking.
3 months ago
CTs Finest 860 for Weigh Station
Extra Friendly great service
3 months ago
Ronald Poor for NCDOT Truck Weigh Station I-40
Well I would Never go in while they are open, but a safe place to rest when they are closed, 😆
3 months ago
Joe Kralich for NCDOT Truck Weigh Station I-40
I was able to do the new 7 hour reset.
4 months ago
Joshua Greer for NCDOT Truck Weigh Station I-40
Made life heck of a lot easier with a flat tire
4 months ago
marzo 1981 for Weigh Station
Love this scale never get in about 10 years
5 months ago
Dunne Hagen for Weigh Station
I'm not exactly sure how to rate a weight station... it was open, so it gets 3 stars. If it was closed it would definitely have gotten 5 stars, so good luck
5 months ago
Dou Mara for Eastbound Weigh Station I-70
Very bad experience You know what you isn’t right man