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Weight Stations

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19 days ago
PriMo En tu casa mama lolz for Ocala Southbound Weigh Station
No parking at the truck stop or rest area ??? Then c'mon on down to the weigh scale ⚖️ house and enjoy your 10 hours break or sleeper berth quiet and peacefully for your sleep 😴 💤 enjoyment 😉 😴 😀 😜 😄 😊

a month ago
Roger Cozine for NCDOT Truck Weigh Station I-40
My DOT inspection went well. The officer performing the inspection was courteous and friendly. Also very informative. This facility also has a restroom avaliable for use in the rear of the building. Though it's never fun to hit a weigh station, this was not a bad experience.

a month ago
Craig Jackson for Ocala Southbound Weigh Station
Safe haven parking with clean restrooms.

2 months ago
Sean Hiatt for Ocala Southbound Weigh Station
Seemed pretty clean and well maintained , and got snacks...

2 months ago
Shannon Rayborn for Ocala Southbound Weigh Station
Not gonna lie, this lady is a stickler..BUT..she didnt just write a ticket she took the time to explain and train us on the tandems laws and even gave us a spreadsheet! Overall not bad even though we got fined. Previous scale let us roll but she had a line of us in her net lol dont F with Florida 🤣

3 months ago
Dan Torres for Weigh Station, Columbia County EB
Overnight parking

3 months ago
Scott Tice for Westbound Weigh Station
My work van was overheating and I needed water, the woman working was nice to offer help. Thank you for your kindness!

4 months ago
David Duenas for Peotone I-57 Weigh Station NB
police officer it was pretty cool

4 months ago
Joe Tavares for Texas DOT Weigh Station
Great place for rest nobody there

4 months ago
William Stepanyuk for Antelope Weigh Station EB
Terrible, try to avoid if possible.