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Weight Stations

a month ago
Kentucky Blue for Finzel Scalehouse
There hammering us today,both bays got a truck,looks like 2 or 3 in line.Yet a beat up f250 rolls down the road with a trailer barely staying together,obviously overloaded.Nothing to see here.
2 months ago
Elmer Hart for Weigh Station: Cortez
Outstanding the lady was so cool
2 months ago
Chris Acton for CMV Inspection Station
Not going to lie I respect the DOT & DPS and the Troop was very professional and polite understanding a few hiccups I had with ELD and paperwork. But on a level 2 inspection I got a written violation on a license plate light. Knowing it was working on my pre trip that I do at 1am in the dark outside so... Now I'm not saying the Troop lied (the sun was on the backside of the truck and he had shades on) but when I took the truck to the leasing yard (it's a lease and we are not allowed to work on it) they come back and said the light was illuminating. Safety Manager sent in paperwork and got it squashed,,, but being it was not a CLEAN report I didn't get a check for $75.00 ! Thanks Trooper well you know who,,, keep up the good work y'all... SMASH PEDAL out, WE GONE...
2 months ago
Matt Dwyer for Westbound Weigh Station I-70 MD
Easy in and out hot inspected officer couldn't had been any nicer and polite
2 months ago
Glamdring for Weigh Station: Cortez
Used to get pulled in to show mein papiers every time I went through Cortez. Got tired of it so now I just go through Arizona to go around the state. I'm sure local businesses appreciate that cdot harassment encourages probably a thousand trucks a day to avoid their town.
3 months ago
avon battles for I-35 OK Southbound Weigh Station
I think I might have start going around on because every time I come through here for the last year I'm always pulling in and I'm starting to think it's true about what they say about black people always getting pulled at the scale 😢😢😢😢😢😢 now listen to this I didn't get no ticket for overweight and I'm not get no point on my CDL mmmm and what they told me was it's a different agency now that you have to pay $200 for bond amt and I only was 100 pounds overweight wow ... See everyone thinks that driver have lots money and are money free to have away it not we have family to
3 months ago
Scott Copes for CMV Weigh station
I love this place!! Looks like I've lost 8 pounds since last visit.
3 months ago
Ronnie Lopez for Weigh Station: Limon East
3 months ago
Kent Baxstrom for Weigh Station: Cortez
Really nice people, very helpful and answered all my questions.
3 months ago
Miss April for I-35 OK Southbound Weigh Station
Sorry guys no pictures. So I was stopped and I had to go into the expection Bay for a DOT inspection for my semi. Police Mr. Carpenter was very kind and considerate. At times people in his position are not very nice. If his manager sees this post please know that Mr. Carpenter was a very nice and stand-up-type of gentleman.