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Rest Areas

29 days ago
Harrison Rice,Jr for Northbound I59 Rest Area
Nice pit stop. Scenic and restrooms. Nice rest area and folks to be friendly
a month ago
vernon zoller for Northbound I59 Rest Area
Mississippi by far has the most upscale travel stops . Clean and they have security.
a month ago
DARREN SCHWEITZER for Kaycee Rest Area
It has a bathroom and it was dirt when I was there so can't complain. But you are supposed to wear a mask in there
a month ago
BEST RESULTS for Rest Stop Ogallala
This is a rest stop. It has bathrooms and vending machines. I smoked there just the other night. It's a good place for waiting out storms.
a month ago
Karin Citroen for Southern Nevada Visitors Center
Great rest stop. Unfortunately it's been blocked off and marked closed for a few weeks now.
a month ago
Doug Taylor for TA
Went to Ta Walton for shop work few days ago, the girl that is the manager needs to be fired or re trained on customer communication immediately. She screamed across the outside area yelling at the shop workers, treating her so called employees like dogs. Then yelled at a driver right in front of me and a few others waiting because the man didn’t understand his bill apparently she needed to take her daily frustration out on him and others around her. The profanity and disgrace of the other parts counter girl were a clear lack of management, they see the general manager acting that way towards paying customers so it must be ok to do it, WRONG! Never coming back and the other guys that were there waiting as well agreed. Couldn’t believe the words she used to employees and customers, just disrespectful.
a month ago
Theresa Lindley for Alcoholics Anonymous Saint Paul Intergroup
a month ago
Colby Cross for Parking Area - Eastbound 40
This is basically just big version of the shoulder just to stretch your legs or let your pet do its thing no shade or any services of any sort so it is a parking area not a rest stop but there is services not to much further going east and a decent size rest area before leaving Oklahoma
a month ago
quincy unknown for 290 Travel Plaza
Great job on the dorito casserole!
Clean and I do recommend stopping. Toilet paper was soft and no smelly interior bathroom. Picnic and pet area clean and open. During winter month the main lobby was clear but not the area leading to pet are. They should get the custodian I saw shoveling a blower so he doesn't have to break his back and is more effective.