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CDL Schools

The people for the school in ft Pierce are nice. But for Sage company itself it’s garbage. I attended the first week then had to leave for VA complications which I wasn’t allowed to return. Now Sage is making me pay for all 8 weeks tat I didn’t get to go too. Don’t waste your time or money with them. They will rip you off and screw you over
Spent $5000 just to walk away with nothing, they definitely should lower the price to $2000. Due to lack of training few good instructors. Favoritism is big out here, do yourself a favor and go else where. I’m couple months late writing this but I did get my CDL.
Everyone from the office at registration Kathy & Jeniffer to the instructor Lenny were great, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They have companies come in to give you an idea of whats out there for work right after school. After the classrom part you go out to the yard for real behind the wheel training. I'm a female and had never been on a truck prior to Sage and with the help of all the instructors at the sage truck field I was able to not only properly learned how to drive the truck but I also pass my cdl-A exam on my very first try. Thank you all for all if your patience and hard work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
Over all Great school. The instructors, teacher and tester were all very good... I graduated today because of them... Thank you all ...
4 months ago
Jeremy Montoya for NNCT CDL Training
This is one of the most disorganized places I’ve ever seen. It was supposed to be a 4-week course and ended up being 7-weeks long. There was no set schedule, I didn’t even know if I’d be going in to class each day until the morning of. MANY times we couldn’t go out driving because there wasn’t enough fuel or the truck was broken down. 0/10 would absolutely NOT recommend this school. Big red flag when they prefer cash for everything. I paid my $200 to secure my testing spot and didn’t get a testing date for 4 or 5 weeks, not even sure my $200 went to that right away or they used it for something else first.
5 months ago
ADOG 94 for Agape CDL Training
Great teaching and very professional. I completed my CDL course back in December of 2021 and I passed my Road Test. Agape is a awesome trucking school!
5 months ago
Sylvia Nettles for Agape CDL Training
I took a dispatching class with Mrs. Rudolph and when I say it was more informational than I expected she didn’t miss a beat. I can honestly say I’ve successfully completed the course and I feel comfortable with what I am doing. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph for extending their business to do a dispatching class.
I toke the CDL class almost five years ago and they were great instructors, worked with my full time job, and passed my test, and got a job with a major carrier, good money and sign on, and paid back my tuition.
5 months ago
mohamed ali ahmed for JFRO Truck Driving School LLC
JFRO school is good and works with your flexible time. Thank you my teacher ( Mubarak) for teaching me well. Also thank you Fraol for opening the school here in SD.
5 months ago
Bicki M for JFRO Truck Driving School LLC
Selam I Hurd about this school from Yoniy magna’s media page . I immediately looked it up and it turned out to be one of the best trucking school and teachers! The reviews are Amazing. I live in Atlanta Georgia and I used to own trucks but it was hard to find drivers so I gave up on trucking business and very hard for women in this business. Anyway I want go back at it .again Cuz it been always my Dream business. So I’m coming to get my CDL Maybe that will make it easy for us to run the business as a women. So when your driver leaves your truck On the side of the road , no problem you go get it.. lol I wish you guys have the school down here in Atlanta.. Anyway signing up soon ..I’m very excited cuz the owner sounds very helpful and Friendly.. trucking business needs a lots of support and information!